SocGen commits to the UK

London will remain financial hub, according to French bank

EU headquarters

English is about to lose its crown in Europe

A business lingua franca can be undermined by political regulation, writes Nicholas Ostler

Monsanto in talks with Bayer and others

US agribusiness eyes strategic options after German group’s bid

Chart: China M&A data

China’s megadeals fail to offset slowdown

M&A activity falls in US and Europe amid political instability

M&A hit by Brexit and Trump uncertainty

Advisers say companies have pressed ‘pause’ button on deals

Brexit — trading the longer-term outlook

Investors watch for political impact on gilts and the wider EU

Nestlé: health kick

Strategic change at a company this big is a major challenge

UniCredit pressed on chief executive move

Investors and government complain about uncertainty over future

The long goodbye, Istanbul attack and the post-Brexit diet

EU summit continues today without UK at the table, after David Cameron bids emotional farewell in Brussels

Kuka wins concessions in Midea deal

Chinese suitor commits to hands-off approach

FirstFT: the long goodbye; Istanbul airport attack; VW deal

Deaths prompt record Ikea recall

Furniture retailer takes action amid US push to prevent child fatalities

Siemens puts UK wind power plans on hold

EU vote makes exports of turbine blades from Hull plant uncertain

France reassures on Hinkley Point

Brexit will ‘have no consequences’ for planned UK nuclear plant

German regulator casts doubt on LSE-DB deal

Planned London headquarters ‘hard to imagine’ after Brexit

VW agrees $15.3bn settlement over scandal

Deal includes up to $10bn to buy back 475,000 affected cars

Nestlé signals willingness to adapt

Appointment of outsider from medical group underscores ambitions

Soros bet on fall in Deutsche Bank shares

Hedge funds look for ways to profit from market turmoil following UK referendum

Norway oil fund drops Cairn investment

Exploration off Western Sahara seen to violate ‘ethical norms’

Nestlé appoints Fresenius head as chief

First outside appointment to top of 150-year old group since 1922


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