Royal Bank of Canada’s US drive pays off

Canadian lender has won success amid a hiring spree

Banks pull out of dozens of benchmarks

Withdrawals in wake of rate scandals could leave investors blind

Japan Post IPO blow for BoA and Deutsche

Four banks chosen as global co-ordinators

Fink blames regulators for heated markets

BlackRock chief says tight regulation and low interest rates reward debtors

IMF urges shake-up of top bankers’ pay

Fund says bonus packages should include debt as well as equity

US banks: stress reduction

Wall Street banks say they have plenty of capital. The Fed might differ

Myanmar opens doors to foreign banks

Japan groups scoop three of nine trading licences awarded

Chinese banks shun month-end deposits

Lenders scramble to comply with new rules to limit window-dressing

Asset-backed securities: Back from disgrace

The ECB is pinning its hopes on a discredited symbol of pre-crisis financial engineering to kick-start growth

Deutsche Bank withholds bonuses

Executives will not receive latest instalment of 2011 pay

Royal Bank of Scotland: conference season

RBS is enjoying the UK’s economic recovery

ECB pushed to take ‘junk’ loan bundles

Relaxation of rules likely to face staunch opposition in Germany

Kenya sees GDP grow 25% after revision

East Africa hub economy may be able to apply for commercial loans

Local authorities turn to capital markets

Investor appetite for public sector debt has increased

RBS buoyed by better economy

Improved economic activity and property prices help recovery

Developing countries challenge dollar

The new currency contingency could see a rebalancing in global governance powers towards China

Financial centres vie for slice of the pie

Rivals aim to establish trading infrastructure for fast-growing sector

Greenberg suit claims AIG was penalised

Opening day of trial hears US government charged insurer an ‘extortion interest rate’

Bonus clawbacks will burnish City prestige

Test will come when banks try to recover incentives

PNC buys advisory boutique Solebury

Deal provides US regional lender with foothold in IPO market


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