Crédit Agricole nears US sanctions deal

French lender reports strong performance across all lines

A torn Greek national flag flies from the roof of a building in Athens, Greece, on Tuesday, July 21, 2015. Greece's sweeping tax changes, passed as part of a deal with creditors to receive additional bailout funds, increase the value-added tax rate from 13 percent to 23 percent. Photographer: Yorgos Karahalis/Bloomberg

Greek banks fall a further 30%

Sector makes heavy losses as pace of wider selling eases

UK starts process of selling RBS stake

Initial tranche of £2bn of shares to be placed with institutions

Lending crackdown threatens refinancing

Healthy but very leveraged companies at risk amid rules shake-up

Osborne runs out of patience with RBS

Chancellor takes political risk by selling at a loss for taxpayer

RBS fortunes rose and fell under 3 chiefs

Goodwin built empire, Hester led turnround, McEwan sees sell-off

Gulliver plays down pivot to Asia strategy

HSBC chief denies market volatility in China has affected plans

Promontory suspended over StanChart work

NY regulator challenges consultancy over Iran sanctions review

RBS: about time, too

The UK government is selling some of its shares in the bank. It should have done so years ago

HSBC: being picky

Bank becoming more choosy about deploying money as chief needs to put excitement into share price

Hayes conviction a big victory for SFO

Agency risked reputation in pursuing Libor case against trader

Libor verdict: key quotes from the case

Tom Hayes stood trial for nine weeks at Southwark Crown Court accused of rigging Libor rates

Tom Hayes: ‘The Machiavelli of Libor’

Ex-trader had near-legendary status among fellow expats in Tokyo

Hayes found guilty of rigging rates

Ex-trader sentenced to 14 years for conspiring to manipulate Libor

Europe’s banks need coherent business mix

Libor: Rainman’s excuses fail to wash

Conviction is a triumph for SFO boss David Green in a case ‘he could not afford to lose’

HSBC agrees Brazilian sale as profits rise

Increase of 10% in pre-tax first-half profit comfortably beats analyst expectations

China suspends Citadel brokerage account

Regulators seek to curb trading practices fuelling market plunge

Commerzbank profits driven by retail unit

German lender touts turnround and reiterates dividend pledge

China online payment rules criticised

Payment limits are 'not even enough to buy one iPhone'


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