China must prove Silk Road is serious

Beijing has tired of buying up endless volumes of US bonds, writes George Magnus


Supreme Court to hear HMRC bonuses case

Tax authority to pursue UBS and Deutsche over employee schemes

BofA moves to head off investor rebellion

Shareholders to be given say next year on board structure changes

Regulators shift focus to risk and conduct

Fears grow that banking scandals could create new ‘systemic risks’

Irish sovereign wealth fund relaunches

ISIF holds bank stakes and will invest in property and food

Haitong plans to double overseas business

Chinese securities group to hire hundreds in Europe and the Americas

Italy and Spain defend bank tax credits

Sector acts to avert probe on legality of deferred asset schemes

Barclays to sell £2bn of risky loans

Improving economic conditions provide opportunity to offload books

Insurers should be supervised at scale

Berkshire Hathaway ought not to evade too-big-to-fail rules

The bank of England, City of London.
©Charlie Bibby/FT

Precarious prospects of London finance

UK’s next government needs a clear vision for the financial services industry, writes Philip Augar

Lloyds Banking Group: public good

The Tories have a crazy idea to sell Lloyds shares via a public offer — should the public buy?

The assault on austerity

Days before the UK election, an effort to win history's verdict

Small funds struggle to find big backers

Wall St’s largest banks are focusing on their biggest clients

Virgin Money bolsters mortgage lending

Challenger bank estimates it has carved out a 3.6% share of gross home loan lending

Lloyds ups profit forecasts after TSB hit

Bank says net interest margin will stay above 2.55% for the year

Carr’s defence skills handy for Fairhead

BAE Systems chairman persuaded to take up BBC role

Revenue challenged over HSBC tax scandal

Avaaz campaigners push for judicial review of amnesty

ECB’s Irish aid ‘totally unprecedented’

Ex-central banker in sometimes testy exchanges at Dublin inquiry

RBS: McEwan goes Forth

Lender battles to end its saga of big writedowns and provisions

Balls seeks to reassure sceptical City

Shadow chancellor in pledge not to pursue ‘heavy-handed’ regulation


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