Week in Review, November 28

Week in Review

Barclays, Amazon, VW and Rolls-Royce featured

Motoring efficiency slips into reverse gear

Greater efforts are needed to force meaningful changes in the carbon footprint of car use

S Korea orders VW to recall 125,000 cars

German carmaker is fined $12.3m for cheating emission tests

Hyundai Motor factory network helps drive Czech economy

Post-crisis turning point yet to be reached in the Baltics

VW faces probe over suspected tax evasion

CEO says cost of emissions fix will be less than expected

JLR to put £450m into engine factory

Carmaker to double size of Wolverhampton plant

VW admits second illegal device in Audis

Admission raises question of how systematic the cheating was

SUV boom
©Matt Kenyon

America’s inconvenient SUV boom

Gas-guzzling models are back in vogue in the US, so why should poorer nations cut emissions?

Hyundai and Kia falter on CO2 targets

Korean carmakers’ suffer reverse in race to meet EU targets

MPs push for diesel car scrappage scheme

Committee keen to encourage less polluting cars

Model S recall is rare setback for Tesla

Glitch with one seatbelt leads to voluntary recall of 90,000 cars

Robots will enrich not replace us

The problem is that machines will not take jobs fast enough

VW cuts €1bn spending to pay for scandal

Analysts disappointed by size of reduction ahead of diesel emissions fines

VW brand choked by cost and complexity

Carmaker to cut expenses to help pay for emissions scandal

Cadillac to roll out four compact SUVs

GM reinvigorates luxury brand to compete with German market leaders

Johnson Matthey: catalysing growth

Growth prospects hinge upon the outlook for the diesel engine

GM ‘committed’ to electric future

Carmaker’s product development chief says planned Chevrolet Bolt will shake up market

Japan falls out of love with petrol

Oil refining industry pushed into pair of uneasy defensive mergers

LA auto show highlights market scramble

Carmakers are expected to focus on sport utility vehicles

VW warned of consumer backlash over CO2

Carbon problem could hurt sales more than nitrogen oxides issue


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