Luis Curi wants deeper Brazil-Lebanon ties

©Paulo Fridman

The businessman says Brazil’s auto market crisis is an ‘embarrassment’ to be overcome

Chart: VW settlement data

VW emissions scandal far from over

New US settlement does not resolve several investigations, and bill for the affair could rise

VW agrees $15.3bn settlement over scandal

Deal includes up to $10bn to buy back 475,000 affected cars

Sunderland fears for Nissan after Brexit

Carmaker stays silent over future of Britain’s largest car plant

Volkswagen: less fuming, more drive

A settlement in the US is just the end of the beginning for the German carmaker

Light trails

Industry tests limits of telematics data

Drivers’ information is being used to confront fraud and respond to emergencies

SolarCity committee to study Tesla move

Overlap between companies raises potential conflicts of interest

VW in $14.7bn US deal over rigged cars

Group to buy back or fix 475,000 vehicles and help fund tech push

Brexit uncertainty weighs on global groups

Markets struggle to assess full impact of referendum on multinationals

Aston Martin losses double to £128m

UK carmaker steps up spending on new model line-up

Brexit: Japan carmakers weigh UK options

Non-EU levy could prompt exodus of automakers, analysts warn

Japan: swimming against the currency

Yen strength is a key outcome of Brexit

Overseas groups weigh Brexit challenges

Many companies put investment and hiring plans on hold

Ford considers UK job cuts after Brexit

Country produces 1.6m autos annually, mostly for export

Norway’s oil fund votes against VW board

Move reflects concerns over carmaker’s corporate governance

Formula E to race electric cars in NYC

Authorities agree to set up a circuit against Manhattan skyline

Investor groups propose VW legal action

Push to have independent expert investigate emissions scandal

Musk’s $1tn goal seems out of this world

Wall St not convinced by Tesla boss’s solar dream

Musk moves to unify his energy groups

Founder calls on shareholders to support his bid to buy SolarCity

VW shareholders vent anger at chairman

Several investors at annual meeting demand shake-up of supervisory board after emissions scandal


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