Digicel tunes Rdio in to emerging markets

US radio service reaches nearly 85 nations through local telecoms

Actavis lab Handout from Elisabet Hjaltadottir Executive Director Corporate Communications Actavis Turmstrasse 24, CH-6300 Zug Switzerland T: +41 41 462 7300 D: +41 41 462 7370 M: +41 79 909 7370 e: elisabet.hjaltadottir@actavis.com www.actavis.com

Actavis and Valeant eye more deals

Enthusiasm could herald further healthcare consolidation

Private equity sees profit in Brazil woes

Tight capital after Petrobras corruption scandal opens opportunities

Embraer dives on negative cash flow alert

Brazilian group revises estimate in light of delayed payments

Oil price hits Venezuelan petro-diplomacy

Caracas reconsiders controversial oil subsidy deals

Contractors caught in Petrobras scandal

Fitch cuts ratings for builders facing financing constraints

Global telecoms war rages in Brazil

Economic slowdown strengthens case for carrier consolidation

Detroit hails return of power and luxury

Carmakers aim to boost margins with sales of performance vehicles

SpaceX rocket narrowly misses landing test

Unmanned rocket fails unprecedented landing on earth

China’s courtship of Latin America tested

Falling commodity prices strain Beijing’s love affair with region

Fears grow over fallout from Petrobras

Analysts warn of impact on Brazil’s credit rating

Kroton: school of hard knocks

Brazil’s leader in private education has suffered a correction

Copper opportunities set to test miners

Complexity and expense of projects means expansion for many big operators is tricky

Argentina’s banking talent stays away

Émigré financiers carve out a niche on Wall Street

Petrobras finds itself in deep water

The national oil company is at risk of becoming a pariah

Raízen to spend $1bn on ethanol boost

Venture to invest in plants making biofuel from sugarcane waste

Theme parks: rollercoaster

Done right a theme park investment can cover the cost of a visit

Takeover volumes hit post-crisis highs

Global M&A volumes rise by almost half to top $3.3tn in 2014

Investors eye gains from US-Cuba detente

Easing of trade rules could benefit cruise operators and airlines

Carrefour sells Brazil stake for $672m

Deal with billionaire Diniz paves way for São Paulo listing


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