Libya regime’s oil group defies UN ban

Tanker barred from Malta drops anchor in international waters

Ingram Pinn illustration

Egyptian satire and slim propaganda text

The country is more repressive than during the rule of Mubarak

Malta turns back illegal Libya oil tanker

Eastern authority’s attempt to sell crude seen as threat to unity

Atlas Mara weighs up Barclays Africa deal

Bob Diamond’s investment company in talks over potential merger

Nairobi, KENYA: An advertisement billboard for a bank showing a woman talking on a phone is displayed on the side of a building in downtown Nairobi, Kenya 04 April 2007. According to the World Bank, the Bank has approved financing worth $164.5 million for Kenya, Burundi and Madagascar for high-speed internet connections, the bank said the previous day. The region is the only place in the world not connected to the global broadband infrastructure, making telephone calls and Internet access very expensive, the bank said. 'Businesses are unable to compete in the global economy, university students suffer because they cannot access the Internet, and government agencies cannot communicate effectively with each other and their citizens because they are not connected,' the bank's statement said. AFP PHOTO/ Roberto SCHMIDT (Photo credit should read ROBERTO SCHMIDT/AFP/Getty Images)

KCB chief warns over Kenya banks sprawl

Joshua Oigara predicts change in wake of crisis of confidence

Carlyle joins Diamond for Africa bid

Pair to target Barclays’s banking operations on the continent

Nigeria oil output forecasts drop sharply

Promised overhaul of state-owned oil group remains unclear

SABMiller Plc. Nigeria. Credit: Tom Parker/OneRedEye
©Tom Parker/OneRedEye

SABMiller delivers in Africa for AB InBev

Continent the best-performing region in quarter and year for brewer

Nigerian banks suffer from oil exposure

Five lenders have issued profit warnings in the past 3 months

Kenyans on Thursday flocked at different branches and ATMs of Chase Bank following the announcement by the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) that the bank had been placed under receivership.
©Kenya Today

KCB to manage opening of Chase Bank

Lenders told they cannot hide behind ‘fuzzy numbers’

Egypt puts hopes in a ‘supergiant’

The Mediterranean’s largest gasfield will be a source of power and money for Egypt

Start-up stories: WorldRemit

Founder Ismail Ahmed spied a gap in the remittance market

Islamic banks seek Mauritanian depositors

Many consumers are uncomfortable with western banking practices

Gas find comes with challenges

A new discovery could be significant if neighbouring state co-operates

Miners hit by commodity price fall

Some large projects have been put on hold following a drop in demand from the Chinese market

Mauritania’s fishing plans run aground

The country has just one port capable of catering for large catches

AB InBev strikes South Africa jobs deal

Brewer commits to no involuntary job losses and $70m funding in effort to smooth SABMiller takeover

Guptas commit to S Africa despite scandal

Holding company Oakbay plans to complete Glencore mine deal

Kenya Airways to seek fresh capital

Chief executive Ngunze eyes new route to success after troubles

Libyan businesses eye economic revival

Industry pins hopes on fledgling unity government to end chaos


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