Johanna Weber, mathematician and aerodynamicist, 1910-2014

Wing woman whose sums let Concorde take to the skies

The Core Planning Team (CPT) from the Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence in Tallinn, during Exercise Cyber Coalition 2014
©Stefan Hass/Nato SHAPE photography

Nato holds largest cyber war games

Scenario addresses threats – such as Ukraine – confronting the alliance

Defence deals fortify Babcock’s position

Outsourcing group reinforced with military contract wins

Generic pictures of airplanes including the A380 and Boeing 747 queuing at Heathrow Airport to go with Colin Mathews, CEO of Heathrow Airport I/V.Slideshow selection
©Charlie Bibby/FT

Choice of airport divides London’s skies

The future of civil aviation in the UK’s capital city hangs in the balance

Space junk or Russian satellite killer?

Mysterious object launched by military perplexing astronomers

UK military switch to smartphones and iPads

MoD plans shake-up of unwieldy digital security


Faster is the focus for Gulfstream

Company boasts quicker long-range journeys

Japan’s Toray signs $8.6bn Boeing deal

Group to become sole carbon-fibre supplier for new 777 aircraft

Airbus looks to future with ‘flying doughnut’

Experimental design could redefine widebody aircraft

Mystery mini-sub pic vindicates Swedish army

Military relief at blurred image of craft off coast

Virgin America makes $1bn-plus debut

Shares climb 17% to $27 as trading begins

Airbus warns on military plane’s costs

Troublesome A400M programme takes shine off upbeat results

Philae ‘happy’ but precarious on comet

Probe is sending data and images back to Earth via Rosetta

Comac’s C919 a twist on 1960s technology

Chinese aircraft project to use structural aluminium

China shows off its new stealth fighter

J-31 aims to break foreign ‘monopoly’ on latest jets

China accelerates passenger plane project

State-owned manufacturer aims to take on Boeing and Airbus

Week in Review, November 8

Virgin crash impact; tech spies, Alibaba and bank clean-up also in the news

All eyes on Rishton amid Rolls-Royce woes

Time is not on chief’s side amid profit warnings and job cuts

Virgin safety regime under scrutiny

Crash of spacecraft raises questions about safeguards

Virgin faulted for safety precautions

Expert says SpaceShipTwo had too few safeguards


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