Nato censures Russia’s Turkey air breach

Ankara’s allies alarmed by rise in tensions with Moscow

Sink or swim: competition is hotting up in the battle to replace Australia's Collins class submarines

Bidders battle for Australia subs contract

Odds have swung from Japanese pitch to French and Germans amid new climate after Tony Abbott’s exit

©Gary Marshall

Rolls-Royce to cut 400 marine jobs

Push to boost confidence in strategy challenged by investors

Hundreds rescued in South Carolina floods

Emergency declared after rain deluge ‘not seen in 1,000 years’

Moscow scuppers Syria no-fly zone plan

Ramping up of coalition efforts may have precipitated Russian intervention

Boeing to lead $4bn F-15 fighter contract

Ageing warplane’s life extended by US after replacement delays

Ex-Boeing finance head joins Apple board

Tech group bolsters manufacturing and operational experience

Toray’s carbon fibre ambition gains pace

Japanese specialist to bring strong material to mass-market cars

Amazon accused over air transport rules

Retailer faces court over transport of lithium ion batteries

Alcoa splits into mining and metal groups

Move is intended to appeal to two different types of investor

Boeing touts China orders and plant plans

Change of strategy will see group’s first facility outside US

BBA’s Prycey purchase

Aviation group banks on transformative synergies with Landmark

Egypt to buy French Mistral warships

Doubt over cost of deal for vessels at heart of diplomatic row

Spy fears threaten US data sharing with EU

ECJ adviser says regulators can suspend transfers to US

Car parts maker Schaeffler prepares float

Group plans big listing to pay down debt from Conti takeover

Cumbria mill an unlikely aircraft supplier

Family business shifts from paper to ‘carbon veils’ to survive

Dogfight over UK’s Nimrod successor

Rivals fight Boeing for £2bn maritime patrol aircraft deal

GE steps up campaign over ExIm Bank

Company plans to set up turboprop centre in Europe

GE hits back hard in export credits fight

Axe to fall on US jobs after ExIm Bank closure and state tax move

US space sector takeover battle heats up

United Launch Alliance rebuffs $2bn Aerojet offer amid tussle for control of the nation’s rocket industry


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