Russia has little to lose from arms embargo

French warships are only substantial order

Lockheed earnings climb despite US cuts

Military contractor boosts profits outlook

Warship row dominates EU sanctions talks

Hollande shows signs of backing down on warship supply

Russia challenges US accusations on MH17

Moscow produces radar plot it says shows Ukrainian jet

Babcock lifts order book after deal

Pipeline now £13.5bn, including £2bn from Avincis

Evidence mounts on how MH17 was downed

Ukraine and US say analysis points to pro-Russia separatists

Airliner was flying in approved airspace

Regulators confirm jet was outside no-fly zone

Majority of MH17 victims were Dutch

Country’s leaders call for full independent investigation

Russian media blame Kiev

Broadcasters avoid suggestion separatists were involved

MH17 was flying in approved space

Airliner was above altitude banned by Ukraine authorities

Missile claims deepen Ukraine fears

Separatists have become more effective at downing aircraft

Airbus trumps rivals at Farnborough

Group secures deals worth $75bn for passenger jets

Q&A: Latest sanctions on Russia explained

US now targets big companies such as Gazprom and Rosneft

US warned over satellite launch bill

United Launch Alliance says provision could subvert contracts

Nato must focus on western ‘hybrid wars’

Foes think the political will for military action has weakened, writes Robin Niblett

Aerospace industry wins £154m for research

The price of aerospace innovation is too high

Risk-avoidance makes the industry a target for newcomers

Airbus calls for united EU drone project

Emirates calls on Airbus to revamp A380

Largest customer wants more efficient engines

Low-cost airlines struggle to fly further

It will be hard to replicate short-haul success on longer routes


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