Cocoa market hit by Ebola fear factor

Spreads on contract widen as traders hold on to their beans

Scientists unlock secrets of coffee DNA

Research may help produce higher-yielding disease-resistant crops

Miners rise despite iron ore price plunge

Could it only be a matter of time before investors fret about profits?

US judgment due on Iraq-KRG oil dispute

Texas decision could have major implications on KRG sovereignty

Banks muted ahead of new silver benchmark

Electronic replacement for the 117-year old fix goes live on Friday

Russia sanctions buoy long-term oil price

Little concern on immediate supply disruption but future in doubt

Aluminium gains industrial lustre

Lower price makes metal attractive for electrical applications

Credit Suisse’s commodities exit in focus

Like peers, the Swiss bank blames tighter regulation and lower profitability

Prepay deals in question after Rosneft sanctions

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Chocoholics prepare for more bad news

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Commodity traders and asset ownership

Patterns are diverse and generalisations are misleading

ICE at pains to take cotton global

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Base metals return to investors’ radar

Specialist funds increase positions after solid second quarter

Gold bulls deeply suspicious of hedging

‘Hedge book’ now at 87 tonnes, from 1999 peak of 3,000 tonnes

Rio Tinto looks to catch up in potash

Miner’s Canadian joint venture is latest in oversupplied market

Contenders line up for silver benchmark

Platts and ICE are among seven groups hoping to take contract

Surplus iron ore spells trouble for miners

Smaller producers are suffering as ore prices continue to drop

US oil exports spark policy debate

Condensate rulings do not change terms of export ban, lawyers say

Kurdish crude begins to hit oil market

Move to sell oil out of semi-autonomous region angers Iraq

Meteorologists shift tone on El Niño

Commodity investors hold breath over global weather