Coca-Cola bottle with straw
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Coca-Cola: When less is more

Profits are slipping as changing tastes take the sparkle out of the company’s core brand. But can a new cost-cutting strategy succeed?

Left, people flee Saigon as the Communists take the city in 1975. Right, Ho Chi Minh City today
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Vietnam: Profitable return

Those displaced by the war are now being encouraged to play a prominent role in the emerging economy

Greece: Decision time

With creditors playing hardball and the leftwing of the ruling Syriza party determined not to compromise, Athens needs fresh help

World Bank: Stress test

Facing increasing competition and beset by criticism, what next for the institution?

Interview: Li on China’s challenges

The premier says Beijing is willing to ‘work with others’ to boost the global economy

US labour: High stakes on low pay

Social media becomes a battleground over raising wages for millions of low-income workers

Biotech: Making sense of the science

As big pharma bets huge sums on the next breakthrough drugs, some investors fear another bubble

Bangladesh: A dangerous rivalry

A bitter power struggle between the ruling and opposition parties has led to political violence

HUAIBEI, CHINA - APRIL 08: (CHINA OUT) Investors observe stock market at a stock exchange corporation on April 8, 2015 in Huaibei, Anhui province of China. The Shanghai composite index has rises 0.84% on Wednesday in Huaibei. (Photo by ChinaFotoPress/ChinaFotoPress via Getty Images)

China investors: Stock market fever

Retail money is pouring into tech shares and other ‘concepts’ — and the buoyant mood is spreading

La Caixa: Spain’s quiet powerhouse

Little-known abroad while influential at home, the Catalan group survived the financial crisis but must boost profitability at its bank

China: Projections of power

Double-digit increases in defence spending alarm China’s neighbours but budgets and troop levels only tell half the story

Art: A market laid bare

An arrest over allegations of price fixing has increased calls for tighter regulation of the booming sector

Iraq: The lesser of two evils

Shia militias have helped fight Isis, but many worry they are pushing their own brand of sectarianism

Poland: Barriers to business

With a string of legal disputes heading for the courts is Warsaw’s open-door policy towards foreign investment in reverse?

Connected cars: Tyred and wired

As the automobile becomes smarter, makers face a future where profits lie in technology more than metal

Emerging markets: The great unravelling

Developing economies are suffering their biggest capital outflows since the financial crisis

India: At the coalface

Failure to boost energy supplies will hurt Modi’s goal of turning India into a manufacturing force

UK election 2015: Labour strains

Party faces internal tensions as it tries to convince sceptical business leaders it is not interventionist

Lex in-depth: Universal banks

One-stop banks always have an excuse for lacklustre performance, but it is time for them to make bold changes

Singapore: Life after Lee

The death of its founding father has triggered questions over the future of the tightly controlled city-state