China’s Great Game: New frontier, old foes

FT series: Beijing’s attempts to tame the energy-rich Xinjiang region may be stoking unrest from its ethnic Uighur population

China’s Great Game: Road to a new empire

FT series: A modern Silk Road is Beijing’s signature foreign policy

Saudi Arabia oil: No gain without pain

Riyadh’s decision to maintain output, even as prices fell, has hobbled rivals but exposed its economic weaknesses

Herogram: Edward Snowden’s tweet to Max Schrems on Tuesday after his complaint against Facebook led to the scrapping of the Safe Harbour clause

Data protection: No safe harbour

Will ECJ ruling on a pact allowing the free flow of data across the Atlantic help or hurt Europe’s start-ups?


The human cloud: A new world of work

Scattering jobs into a virtual world raises questions

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Global economy: The case for expansion

Policymakers must abandon structural reform rhetoric and embrace fiscal stimulus

Canada: Tacking to the left?

The country is set to vote in a close election that could end the Conservatives’ nine-year hold on power

Sweden immigration: Don’t look back

While the nation remains pro-immigrant, officials admit many refugees from Syria and Iraq struggle to fit in

Emerging Asia: The ill wind of deflation

Falling prices hurt profits and spark job losses while fears mount over their effect elsewhere

Vladimir Putin and Silvio Berlusconi on holiday in Sardinia in 2003
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Berlusconi and Putin: the odd couple

In exclusive interviews, the two share a worldview, with the ex-Italian premier endorsing the Kremlin’s actions in Syria and Ukraine

Jerusalem: City of ruins

The Old City is overcrowded and its buildings suffering, victims of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Markets: Can they really be tamed?

Computer models designed to help investors navigate turbulence are accused of making things worse

Brazil: Rousseff in the firing line

The president faces impeachment in a move that could bring recession-hit country to a standstill

China data: Making the numbers add up

Scepticism about the accuracy of the official data has intensified. But what if the underlying figures are reliable?

US-Russia: The battle for Syria

Renewed support for Assad triggers alarm over Putin’s intentions, while Washington is under pressure to end the war

Volkswagen: Fuel for scandal

Amid the emissions testing controversy did the ambition to become the world’s top carmaker drive VW to cheat?

Pharmaceuticals: Value over volume

Outcry over a 5,000% price rise has rattled stocks and hardened opinion for change on pricing models

Poverty: Vulnerable to change

More than 1bn people still live on less than $1.25 a day and the drive to reduce the world’s poor looks difficult to maintain

Turkey: The price of Erdogan’s power grab

Critics say his bid for an executive presidency risks making the nation ungovernable

Japan: End of the rice age

As the nation eats less rice, can it afford subsidies that have kept powerful farmers in business?