UK election 2015: Labour strains

Party faces internal tensions as it tries to convince sceptical business leaders it is not interventionist

Lex in-depth: Universal banks

One-stop banks always have an excuse for lacklustre performance, but it is time for them to make bold changes

Singapore: Life after Lee

The death of its founding father has triggered questions over the future of the tightly controlled city-state

Japan: Abe bids to end economic burden

Prime minister says Tokyo deserves more credit for its progress

An oligarch brought to heel

Kiev acts on fears that Igor Kolomoisky amassed too much power as a regional governor

Hanergy: The 10-minute trade

FT analysis highlights unusual trading patterns over the past two years

Holcim and Lafarge: A merger of egos

A clash of cultures clouds the €42bn deal and raises questions about tension in the boardroom

Euro dollar graphic

Exchange rates: Transatlantic divergence

There are signs Europe’s economy is turning a corner, but will dollar strength curb the US recovery?

Brazil: At breaking point

With Petrobras mired in a corruption scandal, Rousseff hopes an economic boost will lift flagging ratings

Libya: A divided land

Faltering peace talks to resolve civil war take on new urgency as jihadi groups spread through the state

US ports: Gridlock on the waterfront

Unless terminals modernise, American importers and exporters face higher costs than their rivals

China: With friends like these

Beijing has lent billions to spread its influence, but as defaults loom its approach is shifting

Craft versus Kraft

Big US food groups are struggling to adapt to the diverse tastes of younger generations and immigrant populations

Gazprom: Keeping the taps open

The EU’s antitrust case threatens to sour relations between Moscow and the west further

Chinese internet – Commerce and control

Beijing wants to harness the economic potential of online services while still censoring content

David Cameron interview: A job half-done

PM keen to resolve country’s divisions and settle the issue of Britain’s role in Europe

Finland: In search of the sunny side

After advocating austerity for others, Finland is now pondering cuts of its own to deal with years of recession

Outsourcing: Trading places

A proprietary trading firm has clawed its way into the big leagues using recruits from India, Kenya and China

The big drop: Riyadh’s oil gamble

For years Saudi Arabia acted as a safety net in the market, but as prices fell the game changed, writes Anjli Raval

Bonds: How firm a foundation?

Regulators question if corporate debt could withstand a sudden reversal