Tensions over migration: Barbed rhetoric

Nationalist and anti-immigrant sentiment in central and eastern European countries are threatening the spirit of EU unity

Isis: Boots on the ground?

Air strikes are unlikely to dislodge Isis in Iraq and Syria, so policymakers are looking at other options

Corporate tax: The $240bn black hole

Pfizer-Allergan merger is set to increase calls for the US to close inversion loopholes, and for the OECD to get tough on avoidance

Forbes: Selling the family jewels

A complex sale of the magazine to Asian investors quickly fell apart, prompting a messy legal dispute

Fifa: The fall of the house of Blatter

The inside story on the moves being made by football’s governing body to survive amid US and Swiss corruption investigations

Paris attacks: Notes from a wounded city

As ordinary Parisians struggle to process the horror of the assaults, politicians and pundits are talking tough

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Paris attacks: Belgium’s arms bazaar

Black market in guns has made the country an operational centre for jihadis, but officials are cracking down

Terry Duffy, who says he has testified before the government ‘close to 80 times’

CME Group: Political clout counts

The company is set to profit from a US rate rise but it must fend off regulators and jealous rivals

One-way traffic: children hold cloths over their faces as pollution covers New Delhi

Pollution in India: Gasping for air

Citizens turn to the courts amid claims the government is failing to clean up New Delhi’s toxic atmosphere

Emerging markets: Deeper into the red

Companies from Brazil to China are finding it harder to repay loans and raise fresh cash, hampering growth

Paris attacks: The treacherous path to defeating Isis

As assault on French capital shows Isis opening a bloody new front, impetus could build for Syria deal

Athletics doping scandal: Crossing the line

Allegations against Russian athletes leave officials scrambling to limit damage to the nation’s reputation

Climate talks: High pressure in Paris

As fears grow over the outcome of UN talks, the hard work will focus on how to hold nations to their pledges

Anxiety: the office fear factor

A growing number of days lost to absence are blamed on mental health issues. Can bosses help to lighten the load?

Technology: Unicorns face end of ‘steroid era’

Silicon Valley valuations may be seen as ‘marketing numbers’ in the face of the reality of an IPO

Infrastructure: Bridging the gap

Why is there still an annual $1tn shortfall in spending for public sector projects?

Central banks: Peak independence

After a post-crisis surge in central bankers’ power, some politicians want to rein in their role

Taiwan: China’s ever tighter embrace

Beijing’s softer approach towards Taipei could be an attempt to strengthen its grip on the country it does not recognise

Myanmar: Eyes on an election prize

Sunday’s poll is expected to trigger a fight for democracy in a country where the military looms large

Volkswagen: System failure

VW’s culture has been blamed for fostering dysfunction but the company’s politics may hinder change