The Kremlin is struggling to restore calm

Moscow is facing its biggest economic crisis since 1998

Indian Ocean tsunami: Building blocks

A decade on poor governance is holding back Aceh

Air travel: the long-haul gamble

Can Norwegian carve out a business model that makes a profit from long-distance routes at low fares?

Arab-Israeli tensions: Jerusalem tales

Violence in the holy city has stirred fears of a religious conflict

The Big Read: Oil’s winners and losers

Inflation and strong dollar could curb global economic impact

Afghanistan: ‘This is not over yet’

The Taliban’s threat and Kabul’s weakness make full disengagement unlikely

The CIA and torture: Breaking the rules

Confirmation of the CIA’s use of torture on terror suspects is exposing political divisions in Washington

Person of the Year: Apple CEO Tim Cook

The technology group’s chief executive has faced criticism but he turned things round in 2014

lidl ad

Supermarkets: Day of the discounters

No-frills grocery stores grab market share from rivals in Europe and prepare to do battle in the US

China: Turning away from the dollar

Questions remain over the global economic impact of Beijing’s efforts to reduce its financial reliance on the US

Six solutions to a water shortage

The role of new technologies in easing chronic problems

Syria’s stolen childhoods

The refugee crisis has left the IRC and other aid groups trying to rebuild lives

Letter from the editor

Lionel Barber on FT staff’s choice of International Rescue Committee as seasonal appeal partner

Auction houses: Troubleshooters

New chiefs must draw up plans to reinvigorate both Sotheby’s and Christie’s

Banking: Financial firefighters

Recent leaks have renewed questions about the ‘revolving door’ between the New York Fed and Wall St

Japan: A ballot on Abenomics

Abe took a gamble in calling a snap election, but he hopes to win enough support to continue his economic policies

The Arab spring idealist who died for Isis

Egyptian’s radicalisation a story of despair, say friends

The migration numbers game

Heated political debate obscures economic impact of immigration

China: Fear of a deflationary spiral

Falling prices for manufacturers plagued by overcapacity present a problem for Beijing’s policy makers

After Ferguson: Missouri burning

Hopes the Obama presidency would herald a ‘post-racial’ era are in ashes