Fleet Street: Rewriting the story

UK newspaper groups are re-evaluating what they produce and how to promote content

US immigration: Workers wanted

Construction sector fights to retain foreign-born employees with citizenship schemes and other incentives

US military: Robot wars

More money must go to technology to confront China and Russia, say some people in the Pentagon

Technology: The rift with reality

Investment is pouring into virtual reality products but their effect on society is up for debate

Oil: From boom to bailout

Cheaper crude means many developing countries will take longer to catch up with advanced economies

Conservatives: the party of business?

The chancellor’s policies raise doubts over the UK government’s claim to be pro-business

France: The short seller vs the supermarket

A US investor has gone into battle with Casino, over its valuation. Are other European companies now targets?

Terror: The globalisation of extremism

A surge in Isis-claimed attacks suggests the ideology is extending its influence to Asia

From left: Laura Ingraham, Rush Limbaugh, Rupert Murdoch, Megyn Kelly and Roger Ailes

Trump and the race for broadcast ratings

The Donald’s campaign has gone down well with conservative media, but not with everyone in the GOP

Federal Reserve: Credibility on the line

Last month’s rate rise is drawing criticism. Some say it should abandon plans to increase again soon

US election: Trumped by ‘The Donald’

The true test of the Republican candidate’s staying power will begin in Iowa

Hong Kong: Beijing opens a new chapter

The disappearance of five booksellers fuels anxiety that China is tightening control over the city

Israel: Oil secrets to spill

The country’s worst environmental disaster from a leak in 2014 raises questions about accountability

Cyprus: Crossing the divide

Split along ethnic lines for four decades, there is fresh impetus to resolve this seemingly intractable dispute

Wall Street’s battle of the bankers

Legal case could draw attention to the industry’s hiring and retention policies

Oil: Shale’s big squeeze

The downturn brings a sense of reckoning to the industry

France: Hollande’s travails

After reinventing himself as a ‘wartime’ leader the president has to revive the economy to win a second term

Fintech: Search for a super-algo

Investment groups race to create a thinking, trading computer. But will AI machines become the Warren Buffetts of the future?

China: When big data meets big brother

Companies are using online activity to determine credit ratings adding to fears about privacy

Markets: High anxiety

Bourses are suffering their worst ever start to a year but investors are discounting the risk of a recession