Tying up the internet

Advocates of a free and open internet warn that efforts to protect citizens from foreign surveillance will Balkanise the digital world

Europe strikes back

While the backlash against US technology dominance is spreading across the continent, nowhere is it stronger than in Germany

Big Tech at Bay

Silicon Valley’s era of untrammelled global expansion is over, as backlash grows against the power and reach of US technology companies

Apple wages war on the wallet

Apple Pay is poised to do for payment companies what the iPod did for the music industry

Banco Espírito Santo: Family fortunes

Bank chief Ricardo Espírito Santo Salgado faces allegations that his group engaged in a fraud

Catalonia: Another country

Spain faces a bitter political crisis amid mounting calls for independence from the region

Lex in depth: Alibaba

The hugely profitable group enjoys a dominant position but needs to cut a better deal with shareholders

Australia: Culture clash

The government seems preoccupied with policies that critics say amount to an ideological war

Hong Kong: Voting with their feet

The fight to elect the next chief executive exposes the tension between the territory and Beijing

Allegations of dirty tricks blur picture

Critics say China is dismantling the ‘one country, two systems’ model

Scotland: From No to borderline

The Yes campaign evolves from traditional nationalists to a broad movement of community groups

US midterms: At arm’s length

Republicans see the election as a referendum on Obama and even Democrats are distancing themselves from him

Financial reform: Call to arms

Post-crisis efforts to bolster economies and create safer banks have only preserved a flawed system

ECB: Draghi’s eurozone deal

The central bank president’s call for a fiscal and monetary pact has won a mixed reaction

The fight for ‘China’s sorrow’

Can Beijing prevent the Yellow River running dry, asks Lucy Hornby

Germany: In a spin

With growth slowing, the problems facing the economy – from the Ukraine crisis to rising energy costs – will have an impact beyond its borders

France: Rock bottom

Hollande’s travails highlight the difficulty of trying to put an end to a chronic economic crisis

Russia’s new art of war

Nato has struggled to counter Moscow’s tactics in conflict where traditional might is only a part

Free schools: Lessons in store

The merits of Sweden’s friskola are being questioned after the country plunged in the OECD rankings

US shale: What lies beneath

An innovation boom is bringing lower costs and higher productivity, but how long will it last?