China: Overborrowed and overbuilt

Its economy has become the world’s largest but a credit-fuelled construction binge threatens growth

Bonds: Caught in a debt trap

The markets’ verdict on central bank policies is that they are failing on inflation and growth

Lex in-depth: Glut feeling

The oil industry is struggling to cope with lower prices so what would happen if $50 per barrel became the new normal?

The making of a French jihadi

Since the Paris attacks, France’s jails are under pressure to find ways of tackling Islamist extremism

Qualcomm chip. The company is contesting an anti-trust case brought by Chinese authorities
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China: Monopoly position

Architect of Beijing’s antitrust laws says they are being used in a turf war between regulators

Alexis Tsipras: radical or realist?

As Syriza leader eyes election win, everyone wants to know what really motivates him

Argentina: Strange death of Alberto Nisman

The mystery surrounding the fate of the country’s state prosecutor has rocked the government

Amazon: A very modern media mogul

Jeff Bezos is shaking up film and newspapers, but both sectors will test his customer-first, profits-later strategy

Congo: ‘Katumbi will decide election’

Support grows for popular governor of Katanga to enter presidential race against Kabila

Tunisia: Pointing ahead

The election of President Sebsi is a chance for the country that triggered the Arab uprisings to fix economic disparities

The eurozone: A strained bond

The ECB’s debate with Germany threatens to lessen the impact of the expected asset-buying plan

France: Show of leadership

Hollande wins praise for his determination after the Paris attacks but faces tough tasks

Healthcare: Counting the cost of cancer

The cost of new drugs is pushing health budgets to the limit

Poland: One-way traffic

Known as an exporter of labour, now the country’s population is flatlining and the economy could falter

US energy: Off the grid

Utilities fear ‘death spiral’ as more businesses and homes produce own power with solar and wind

US healthcare: Diagnosis fraud

Data mining helps to claw back billions stolen by doctors and clinics

BNDES: Tycoons’ lender of first resort

The bank faces scrutiny as Brazilians assess the role of state-backed development

Europe: Deflation decoded

As the eurozone slips into deflation, will lower prices be a good thing or create a dangerous cycle?

Russia: Dangers of isolation

Cracks appear in Putin’s dream of building a Eurasian economic powerhouse

Sri Lanka: Test for triumphalism

Rajapaksa’s expected victory in the polls is now uncertain in the face of a resurgent opposition