Big Oil: From black to green

Despite pressure to develop renewables, many energy majors see more money in traditional markets

Unicorns: Between myth and reality

Silicon Valley’s next phase is focusing on viable business models over rapid growth

Brexit: Haunted Europe

The UK vote to leave throws into doubt the EU’s survival as support for expansion evaporates

Brexit and the making of a global crisis

Britain’s exit from the EU threatens to undermine the globalised economy it fought to create

Advertising: Facebook and Google’s duopoly

Digital is set to eclipse TV as the main source of spending but online power is a concern

Latin America: Under new management

The region is rejecting populism even as the US and Europe flirt with it

Shane Bradshaw, a 34 year old financial adviser from Dublin and his 3 year old son Luke, at their home in Adamstown, a partially completed ambitious Celtic Tiger-era project of around 10,000 housing units in South Dublin.
©Paulo Nunes dos Santos

Ireland: Too many houses in wrong place

A country that once built more homes than it needed is now not building enough

EU referendum: Fight for hearts and wallets

A poll to settle Tories’ Europe issue has unleashed fierce passions Cameron is struggling to control

Volvo: Remaking the marque

Under Geely, the carmaker is back in profit and selling well in China. But is it big enough to compete with its rivals?

Japan: The dash to stash

Negative rates should be spurring country’s consumers to spend, but hottest-selling item is the safe

Finance: Blessed returns

Pope Francis has little good to say about capitalism but has championed impact investments

Commodities: Noble’s House of woe

Asia commodity trader brought low by weak markets after questions over accounting practices

Beam Suntory: A volatile Japanese-US blend

Combining the corporate cultures of the two drinks groups after $16bn merger has proved a headache

Britain: A time to lead or leave?

The European debate with its questions of history and sovereignty has not changed much since 1960

Russia: Magnitsky’s bitter legacy

The ‘established’ story of an accountant who died in police custody and a fraud is being challenged

BHS: No cash, no experience, no problem

MPs will ask Sir Philip Green why he had such faith in the group that took over the retail chain

US election: When the gloves come off

Clinton is now taking a more aggressive stance but Trump still appears immune to criticism

North Sea oil: The £30bn break-up

It will end one of the UK’s most successful industries but decommissioning also offers a silver lining

Sovereign debt: Curing defaults

The payout of $2.4bn from Argentina to Elliott Management spurred efforts to tighten the restructuring process

Wells Fargo: Branched out

With interest rates static, the San Francisco-based bank is tweaking its retail operation in a bid to lift revenues