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Cyber insecurity: Going dark

US tech companies are shielding more data from government. But is it now harder to track terrorists?

Papaver somniferum. Seed pod of Opium Poppy.

Pharmaceuticals: Prescribing pain

Increasing abuse of painkillers in the US is putting the industry under pressure to make the drugs tamper-proof

Cyber insecurity: When 95% isn’t good enough

Banks have poured millions of dollars into securing their computer networks, but the number of hacks is rising

Cyber insecurity: Hacking back

Companies are seeking to use more aggressive tactics to neutralise hackers. But the law limits how far active defence can go

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Instagram: Retail’s holy grail

Millennial females’ anxieties about appearing too often in the same outfit are changing buying habits

Gold: Flight from safety

It is a traditional safe haven, so why have investors fallen out of love with the precious metal?

Sergei Pugachev: ‘I brought Putin to power’

Former Russian oligarch claims Putin is behind a campaign to ruin him

Hong Kong law: A trial for wig and gown

Territory is trying to preserve judicial independence despite interference from Beijing, while facing competition from Singapore

European tech: In Silicon Valley’s shadow

Money is flowing into start-ups, but tough EU rules could dash hopes of a Google or Facebook rival

FT Investigation: The strange tale of ticker ‘566’

How an obscure toy maker was transformed into Hanergy Thin Film, a solar group whose value touched $40bn before a dramatic fall back to earth

Pharmaceuticals: Brain power

It is seen as a ‘black hole’ for drugs spending, but there is fresh hope of a treatment for Alzheimer’s

Capitalism: Morality and the money motive

Growth’s guilty secret: the capitalist system is able to lift people out of poverty but struggles to create a just society

Iran: Oil and gas ‘candy store’

Lifting sanctions should open the way for major oil groups to return to the country, but negotiations will be tough

Samsung: The activist v the ‘owners’

Activist investors are intent on blocking Cheil Industries’ move to buy a sister business

Cyber insecurity: US losing the battle

US agencies responsible for vital interests lack basic IT defences

EU: Taxing times for multinationals

Test case rulings will cut to the heart of corporations’ arrangements and could lead to fines worth billions

Mexico: the big oil sell-off

Parts of the hydrocarbons industry are to be sold off to private investors. But at what cost?

Equities: A bull market with Chinese characteristics

China’s stock market turmoil has prompted policymakers to launch extreme measures

BP: Into uncharted waters

After oil group settles last big penalty for Deepwater Horizon, is it more nimble — or vulnerable?

Science and engineering: A new kind of space race

SpaceX has shaken up the defence establishment, but an explosion has raised concerns about the reliability of rockets