Brexit: A risky experiment for science

Can the UK craft new policies to keep its lead in research and development?

Pensions: Low yields, high stress

In the first article of a series, the Financial Times examines a creeping social and political crisis


Pharmaceuticals: Staying power

An FT analysis shows big pharma still makes billions from drugs after patents lapse

Cyber espionage: A new cold war?

An online ‘auction’ signals a build-up of tension between Russia and America


Energy: Generating criticism

The UK’s ambitious plans to build six nuclear plants are raising concerns that it is losing control over critical infrastructure

Goldman Sachs: A play for the 99%

As executives hunt for income streams, can the bank be a friend to the consumer and small business?

Dan Houghton at Chilango. Big Read: Trader with two jobs. 16/8/16
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Investment: Rise of the DIY algo traders

Will tech-savvy amateurs be able to beat the market?


Male, stale and frail

American directors are older, serving longer and more likely to be men

Donald Trump and Tevfik Arif attend the Trump Soho Launch Party on September 19, 2007 in New York. (Photo by Mark Von Holden/WireImage)
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US election: Trump’s Russian riddle

The Republican nominee became the face of Bayrock, a developer with roots in the Soviet Union

Duke of Westminster: a £9bn stress test

His death creates uncertainty for the Grosvenor Group as the title passes to his 25-year-old heir

Commodities: The milk industry cowed

Dairy farmers adapt to tough times as demand for milk in China slows, hitting New Zealand and the EU

India tech: Reality call

Funding fervour has cooled but the battle for users in a market of 1.2bn people still lies ahead

German angst over Chinese M&A

Germany is a top target in China’s search for innovative engineering groups — but some see a threat

Surveillance: Taking liberties?

The UK is set to legislate to allow security services to hack phones and trawl browsing histories

EM investing: Why it is back in fashion

Switch into emerging markets is less about potential growth and more to do with stagnation at home

1MDB – High flyer brought Low

Jho Low, a businessman with Hollywood ties, is at the centre of an alleged money laundering scheme

US economy: Decline of the start-up nation

As new business formations wane, can the country of Ford and Jobs get its capitalist mojo back?

WhatsApp – Let’s chat

The app acts as an alternative internet hub in many emerging markets — but can it make a profit?

South Africa: Losing faith in the ANC

The ruling party’s once strong support is weakening as it faces a serious election challenge

Insurers: Forced to dig deep

The industry is overhauling its business model after being badly affected by low interest rates