Cuba: Showtime in Havana

Dance troupes excite audiences but reforms are urgent in the Caribbean island to boost the economy

Europe: The British question

David Cameron must balance pursuit of a reformed EU against the anger of his party’s eurosceptic fringe

Great Barrier Reef: Battle under the sea

Environmentalists wage a high-profile campaign against Australia’s mighty coal industry

Turkey: A flagging growth story

Erdogan has blamed the central bank and political opponents for the slowdown, while critics blame him

Narendra Modi: One direction

A year after he became prime minister the economy is growing, yet business is restless

Digital currencies: The bitgold standard

Bitcoin-like currencies backed by the yellow metal show promise for crisis-scarred libertarians

Brazil: Oily mess

A multi-billion dollar bribery scandal at Petrobras has shaken the ruling Workers’ party and former president Lula da Silva

Central Asia: After the strongmen

The succession question of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan grows more urgent

Jacob Zuma: Power failure

South Africa’s president is mired in scandals that have tarnished his and the ANC’s reputation

GlaxoSmithKline: Out of step

In an interview, Andrew Witty, GSK’s embattled chief executive makes the case for his new strategy

Middle East: The Iran conversation

Gulf leaders are fearful that a US nuclear deal with Iran presages a wider rapprochement

UK election: How Cameron killed his coalition

Lynton Crosby, the Conservatives’ blunt strategist, never strayed from his campaign plan

India: Learning a hard lesson

While billions are spent on new schools to boost literacy and growth, teaching standards lag behind

Energy revolution that shook the world

Scientists say shale boom to blame for Oklahoma’s earthquakes, prompting calls for industry crackdown

Middle East: Taking liberties

A lack of belief puts citizens in greater danger than belonging to a religious minority

China migration: At the turning point

A shrinking labour force from rural areas is driving huge economic change

Indonesia: No more Mr nice guy

Critics say Widodo is using executions to look strong but he is focused on remaking the economy

Volkswagen: Gear change

Company has leadership void to fill as chairman Ferdinand Piëch’s bid to win a power struggle fails

Executive pay: The battle to align risks and rewards

Companies are being pressed to reform the complex compensation structures and high pay levels of top managers

Ireland: Embracing change

Does a vote to legalise same-sex marriage show a liberal spirit taking hold in the Catholic nation?