João Havelange, football chief, 1916-2016

Fifa president who became tainted by bribery findings

Ivo Pitanguy, cosmetic surgeon, 1923-2016

Stylist whose scalpel and syringe honed celebrity looks

Robert Mabro, energy expert, 1934-2016

Trusted sage who sought to smoothe oil price volatility

George Cyriax

George Cyriax, economist and journalist, 1935-2016

Writer who helped to set the FT’s 1960s agenda

WELLESLEY, MA - 1999: Karl Case, Wellesley College Professor. (Photo by Barry Chin/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

Karl Case, property economist, 1946-2016

Professor with a prescience about ‘crazy’ house prices

Richard Budge, mining entrepreneur, 1947-2016

‘King Coal’ who battled to turn round a dying sector

Pat Summitt, basketball coach, 1952-2016

Leader who won greater recognition for women’s sport

Elie Wiesel, Holocaust writer, 1928-2016

Author who kept alive the memory of Hitler’s horrors

Abbas Kiarostami, film director, 1940-2016

Realist film-maker who depicted the lives of ordinary Iranians and antagonised the regime

Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel dies aged 87

Romanian-born Holocaust survivor whose book ‘Night’ became a testament to Nazis’ crimes

Michel Rocard, French politician, 1930-2016

Reforming Socialist prime minister who drew Mitterrand’s displeasure

Anthony Harris, FT commentator, 1929-2016

Brilliant eccentric who could hold his own in argument on almost any topic

David Murray, FT music critic, 1937-2016

Wide-ranging writer and philosopher who sought to be constructive in his criticism

Rodney Leach, merchant banker, 1934-2016

Cerebral peer who envisaged a looser kind of Europe

Jo Cox, MP and activist, 1974-2016

Labour politician who was born and slain in the Yorkshire town she represented

Viktor Korchnoi, chess player, 1931-2016

Grandmaster whose gritty game outlasted opponents

Tom Perkins, venture capitalist, 1932-2016

Outspoken figure who was part of new movement in finance

Muhammad Ali, 1942–2016  

First truly global athlete and a vivid symbol of the turbulent 1960s

Roger Enrico, ex-Pepsi chief, 1944-2016

Risk-taker who enabled the brand to stand out in the battle for top spot

Denys Henderson, ICI chairman, 1932-2016

Pugnacious Aberdonian whose chairmanship freed the chemicals group’s pharma side



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