America’s foremost bankruptcy lawyer dies

Adversarial practitioner who shepherded Lehman and GM failures

Edward McMillan, banker, 1919-2015

Merrill Lynch pioneer who helped to shape institutional market for equities

Władysław Bartoszewski, Polish survivor of Auschwitz, 1922-2015

Hero of the resistance protected Jews during the Holocaust and later rebuilt relations with Germany

Elio Toaff, spiritual leader, 1915-2015

The former chief rabbi of Rome who pursued the cause of reconciliation between Catholics and Jews

8th March 1974: Roy Mason, the Labour Minister of Defence in the Wilson administration. (Photo by Ian Showell/Keystone/Getty Images)
©Hulton/Getty Images

Labour peer Lord Mason dies at 91

Former Barnsley MP was Northern Ireland secretary at height of the conflict in the province

Alfred Taubman, mall developer and auction house owner, 1924-2015

King of upscale suburban shopping whose Sotheby’s takeover ended in jail

margaret rule

Margaret Rule, archaeologist, 1928-2015

Director whose determination lifted a sunken Tudor treasure

Eduardo Galeano dies in Uruguay aged 74

Author of ‘Open Veins of Latin America’ had disavowed his best-known work

German author Günter Grass dies

Nobel-prize winning writer was best known for his critical view of his country’s Nazi past

Moira Gemmill, guiding light of V&A revival

Patron who believed good design could change society

Fredric Brandt, cosmetic dermatologist, 1949-2015

The man who was once dubbed the ‘Baron of Botox’

Richie Benaud, cricketer, 1930-2015

Omnipresent figure in global cricket and father of the modern game

John Makin, economist, 1943—2015

Old-fashioned US conservative who warned of deflationary forces buffeting world economy

Andrew Porter, music critic, 1928-2015

Organist who laid foundations for the FT’s arts coverage

Providencia Paredes, Presidential aide, 1924-2015

Confidante of the Kennedys whose solace eased tragedies

Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore’s former PM

Pioneer of ‘authoritarian capitalism’ who led his country for more than 30 years

Malcolm Fraser, former Australia PM, dies

Leader who came to power amid controversy and evolved into elder statesman and activist

Daniel Topolski: Sportsman, coach and commentator, 1945-2015

Dandy who delivered a decade of Boat Race wins

Michael Graves, architect and designer, 1934-2015

Creator of the Alessi kettle seen as a leading figure of postmodernism

Sir Terry Pratchett, author, 1948-2015

Hugely popular writer of fantasy novels, including his Discworld series


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