David Murray, FT music critic, 1937-2016

Wide-ranging writer and philosopher who sought to be constructive in his criticism

Rodney Leach is introduced into the House of Lords as Lord Leach of Fairford, of Fairford in the County of Gloucestershire. Photo Shows: Lord Leach of Fairford in the Queen's Robing Room in the House of Lords, Westminster, London. Date:22.06.2006 Ref: UGL023378_0004 COMPULSORY CREDIT: Gary Lee/UPPA/Photoshot

Rodney Leach, merchant banker, 1934-2016

Cerebral peer who envisaged a looser kind of Europe

Jo Cox, MP and activist, 1974-2016

Labour politician who was born and slain in the Yorkshire town she represented

Viktor Korchnoi, chess player, 1931-2016

Grandmaster whose gritty game outlasted opponents

Tom Perkins, venture capitalist, 1932-2016

Outspoken figure who was part of new movement in finance

Muhammad Ali, 1942–2016  

First truly global athlete and a vivid symbol of the turbulent 1960s

Roger Enrico, ex-Pepsi chief, 1944-2016

Risk-taker who enabled the brand to stand out in the battle for top spot

Denys Henderson, ICI chairman, 1932-2016

Pugnacious Aberdonian whose chairmanship freed the chemicals group’s pharma side

Marco Pannella, radical leader, 1930-2016

Crusader who secured civil liberties for a secular Italy

The Plains, VA - May 18, 2015: Bill Backer, who worked an advertising executive in the so-called "golden age of advertising", is seen at his horse farm and home in The Plains, Va. on May 18, 2015. Backer created the 1971 Coca-Cola "Hilltop" commercial with the jingle "I'd Like to Buy the World a Coke." Credit: T.J. Kirkpatrick / Redux / eyevine For further information please contact eyevine tel: +44 (0) 20 8709 8709 e-mail: info@eyevine.com www.eyevine.com
©TJ Kirkpatrick/Eyevine

Bill Backer, advertising executive, 1926-2016

Ad man whose work wafted into consumer consciousness

Margot Honecker, East German minister, 1927-2016

Purple-tinted power behind the Berlin Wall she wanted built

Tony Cozier, cricket commentator, 1940-2016

Master of every journalistic medium for over 50 years chronicled the highs and lows of West Indies cricket

Daniel Berrigan, campaigning priest

Jesuit pacifist whose passions spanned justice and poetry

Bill Campbell, tech executive, 1940-2016

A coach whose counsel was valued by Apple and Google alike

Lord Peston, economist and Labour peer, 1931-2016

Lifelong Keynesian was a proponent of the idea that economics ‘shouldn’t stay in an ivory tower’

Prince, singer-songwriter, 1958-2016

Music poured from the prolific virtuoso with scant regard for record company release schedules

Arnold Wesker, playwright and author, 1932-2016

The playwright had a gift for bringing the texture of lived, working life to the stage

Joe Medicine Crow, historian, 1913-2016

American Indian who studied before fighting in the second world war and then became an author

Gillian O’Connor, investment editor, 1941–2016

Matriarch of London financial reporting who nurtured many writers

Hans-Dietrich Genscher, politician, 1927-2016

Statesman who strove for unity in his nation and beyond



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