Emmanuel Kriaras

Emmanuel Kriaras, academic and campaigner

Greek professor who pushed for democracy via demotic discourse

Richard Attenborough – face of British cinema

Oscar-winning actor and director, 1923-2014

Doyenne of Rothschild wine dynasty dies

Former actress widely credited with extending brands

Dabbler who switched from coffee to champagne

Nicolas Feuillatte, beverage merchant, 1926-2014

Calm force during Goldman’s darkest hours

James Schiro, ‘Brooklyn guy’ who led PwC

Ballerina Nadia Nerina & her husband Charles Gordon at champagne party on the last night of the ballet sea. (Photo by Gjon Mili/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images)
©Time Life/Getty

Footloose financier who lost every fortune

Charles Gordon, venture capitalist, 1927-2014

Lauren Bacall, film actress, 1924-2014

Stage and screen star from Hollywood golden age

James Brady, White House press secretary

Reagan aide who took a bullet and entered aggrieved battle on guns

John Edwards, Financial Times journalist

Reporter ‘put FT’s personal finance coverage on the map’

Dr Peter Williams
©Wellcome library

Peter Williams, charity chief with a mission

Physician and administrator, 1925-2014

Sir Peter Hall, man who conceived M25

Pre-eminent UK urban planner of his generation dies, age 82

Stephanie Gray, Financial Times stalwart

Editor on world news and New Zealander trusted by Maori activists

Richard MacCormac, former Riba president

Architect’s final years blighted by row over BBC headquarters

Wall Street legend ‘Ace’ Greenberg dies

Ex-Bear Stearns chief ‘epitomised the American dream’

Norberto Odebrecht, construction executive

Engineer whose vision helped build Brazil, 1920-2014

John Blundell, free-market thinker

Devotee of Hayek seldom missed an opportunity to spread free-market word

Karl Albrecht, Aldi co-founder

Low-cost model spawned one of world’s largest retailing operations

Master manager who loved God and golf

Alistair Hanna, consultant and crusader, 1945-2014

Nadine Gordimer: Nobel winning author

South African writer used her books to attack apartheid

Heir who relented after muckraking

Richard Mellon Scaife, publisher and political donor, 1932-2014


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