Yevgeny Primakov, politician, 1929-2015

Moscow insider who switched between stern upholder of politburo orthodoxy and avuncular, intellectual charmer

Ludvík Vaculík, Czech writer, 1926-2015

The dissident joined the ranks of eloquent critics of communism, such as Havel and Kundera

Chris Woodhead, chairman of Cognita and former Chief Inspector of Schools
©Charlie Bibby/FT

Chris Woodhead, educationalist, 1946-2015

Watchdog head branded many schools as failures

Ralph Roberts, Comcast founder, 1920-2015

Child of the Depression who built cable empire

Jimmy Lee, investment banker, 1952-2015

Wall Street dealmaker was among the first to ‘capture the power of the buyout’

Former Turkish president Demirel dies

Old-style populist was prime minister seven times and derived support from conservative peasants

Kirk Kerkorian, investor, 1917-2015

Elusive billionaire who bought and sold his way to wealth via the airline, hotel, film and car businesses

Doris Hart, tennis champion, 1925-2015

Tennis ace who turned limb limitations into a way to win

Ornette Coleman, jazz musician, 1930-2015

Musical pioneer whose search for ‘an idea that has not been played before’ continued to the end

(FILE PHOTO) British Actor Sir Christopher Lee has died at 93. Lee was best known for roles in Count Dracula, Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. 1948: Christopher Lee (1922 - ), the distinguished British 'horror' actor. (Photo by Baron/Getty Images)

Christopher Lee, actor, 1922-2015

From Dracula to Jingle Hell — a master of horror and star of great stature

Tariq Aziz, Iraqi politician, 1936-2015

Loyal foreign minister and deputy prime minister was the public face of Saddam Hussein’s regime

Alan Bond, Australian tycoon, 1938-2015

Brash businessman who scaled corporate heights but suffered a dramatic fall from grace

Charles Kennedy, politician, 1959-2015

Son of a crofter who entered parliament at 23 combined principle with affability, humour and charm

Philip Rawstorne, FT journalist, 1932-2015

Wise writer on politics and consumers’ shifting tastes

David Sackett, doctor, 1934-2015

Statistician physician who evinced wider uses for aspirin

John Nash, economist and mathematician, 1928-2015

Master of game theory who changed the way we look at seemingly wasteful choices

Jacob Jensen, product designer, 1926-2015

Products such as the iPhone are hard to imagine without Jensen’s vision of smoothness

Hikma founder Samih Darwazah dies at 85

Palestinian who built group into Arab world’s biggest drugmaker, joining blue-chip FTSE 100 index

Théodore, architect of Euronext, dies at 68

Frenchman combined the Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels markets, and beat London to Liffe deal

Maurice Flanagan, aviation executive, 1928-2015

Briton who taught Dubai a profitable way to fly



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