CD6MEW Jan. 16, 2004 - New York, New York, U.S. - K34971RM.DR OLIVER SACKS ADDRESSES CROWD AT BOOK SIGNING AT BARNES AND NOBLE BOOK STORE..UNION SQUARE, NEW YORK New York..1/16/2004. / 2004(Credit Image: A© Rick Mackler/Globe Photos/
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Oliver Sacks, neurologist, 1933-2015

Popular books illustrated the workings of the human mind through vivid case studies

Om Prakash Munjal, transport industrialist, 1928-2015

India’s benevolent poet who ran Hero Cycles, the world’s top bicycle maker, writes Victor Mallet

Khaled al-Asaad, archaeologist, 1932-2015

Guardian of the Syrian city’s ruins strove to save his ‘Venice of the Sands’

Frances Kathleen Oldham Kelsey PhD MD (24 Julie 1914 – 7 August 2015) wis an Canadian-American pharmacologist. She wis a reviewer for the U.S. Food an Drug Administration (FDA). She refusit to authorize thalidomide for market because she had concerns about the drug's safety.

Frances Kelsey, drug regulator, 1914-2015

Diligent doctor who averted an American child calamity

Jerome Kohlberg

Jerome Kohlberg, senior founder of KKR, 1925-2015

‘First K’ who defied hardball at takeover triumvirate

Abdul Kalam, Indian aeronautical engineer and president, 1931-2015

Rocket science hero who soared to head of state

LONDON - SEPTEMBER 14: Designer Elio Fiorucci arrives at the Canon's 'The Other Side of Fashion' event at Old Truman Brewery on September 14, 2006 in London, England. (Photo by MJ Kim/Getty Images for Cannon)

Elio Fiorucci, designer and retailer, 1935-2015

A creator who made fashion an everyday fascination

Juli Soler, restaurateur, 1949-2015

He brought global fame to elBulli and to Ferran Adrià, its head chef

Sir John Buchanan, 1943-2015

Down-to-earth BP veteran known for his board diplomacy

B7W72C LAWRENCE D ARABIE Lawrence of Arabia Annee 1962 uk Omar Sharif Realisateur David Lean

Omar Sharif, actor, 1932-2015

Scene-stealer of Lawrence of Arabia became epic cinema’s go-to romantic male

Prince Saud al-Faisal, 1940-2015

Colossus of Arab diplomacy held influential position for four decades

Ajit Singh, economist, 1940-2015

Academic who argued that modern companies do not really try to maximise profits

Charles Pasqua, politician, 1927-2015

Gritty Gaullist who decried a dual danger to sovereignty

Yevgeny Primakov, politician, 1929-2015

Moscow insider who switched between stern upholder of politburo orthodoxy and avuncular, intellectual charmer

Ludvík Vaculík, Czech writer, 1926-2015

The dissident joined the ranks of eloquent critics of communism, such as Havel and Kundera

Chris Woodhead, educationalist, 1946-2015

Watchdog head branded many schools as failures

Ralph Roberts, Comcast founder, 1920-2015

Child of the Depression who built cable empire

Jimmy Lee, investment banker, 1952-2015

Wall Street dealmaker was among the first to ‘capture the power of the buyout’

Former Turkish president Demirel dies

Old-style populist was prime minister seven times and derived support from conservative peasants

Kirk Kerkorian, investor, 1917-2015

Elusive billionaire who bought and sold his way to wealth via the airline, hotel, film and car businesses



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