Chief who pulled AIG back from the brink

Robert Benmosche, who led insurer’s restructuring, dies aged 70

Reformer who challenged Putin’s grip

Opposition leader was closest thing Russia had to a popular, western politician

Star Trek star Leonard Nimoy dies

Actor best known for his role as Spock dies after lung disease battle

Jon Jerde, architect, 1940-2015

Creator of the urban mall as consumer spectacle

Nutella creator Ferrero dies at 89

Publicity-shy confectioner built fortune out of hazelnuts

David Carr, journalist, 1956-2015

David Carr, New York Times media correspondent, dies at 58

Andre Brink

André Brink, novelist, 1935-2015

Novels laid bare the cruelty of a system imposed by the white Afrikaners from whose ranks he came

John Whitehead, banker, 1922-2015

Illinois native who helped transform Goldman Sachs into a global investment bank

Robert Pirie obit picture
©Mariana Cook

Robert Pirie, lawyer, banker and bibliophile, 1934-2015

Finance whizz at equal ease with tycoons and rare tomes

Carl Djerassi, father of ‘the pill’, 1923-2015

Polymath who gave chemistry a public face of warmth and humanity

Richard von Weizsäcker, German president

Constructive critic who called for honesty about individuals’ complicity in Germany’s Nazi past

He Zhenliang, IOC delegate, 1929-2015

Polyglot who persisted until he landed Olympics

King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz al-Saud, 1923-2015

Ruler who steered the world’s largest oil exporter through some of its most testing times

Leon Brittan, Conservative minister, 1939-2015

Thatcher loyalist who proved to be a valuable bridge between Westminster and Brussels

Peter Wallenberg, Swedish industrialist

Patriarch’s leadership spanned a period of great corporate change in Sweden

‘Union Jack’ Hayward dies at 91

Businessman, philanthropist and saviour of Wolves

Bess Myerson, TV personality, 1924-2014

Beauty queen who went on to gain New York political posts

Ulrich Beck, sociologist 1944-2015

Sociologist wrote about the risks posed by technological innovations

Ex-NY governor Mario Cuomo dead at 82

Democrat turned down several invitations to seek US presidency

Takeshi Taketsuru, Whisky distiller, 1924-2014

Heir who refined Japan’s regard forthe spiritof the glens


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