I thought Uefa was formed to protect the game

From Jan van Veelen. Sir, I was shocked by your report “Uefa urged to reform Champions League” (August 22)

Bulk discount plan would slash the benefits bill

From Cllr Vaughan Thomas. Sir, It is hardly surprising that the housing benefit bill for private tenants has doubled when there is so little council housing being built along with that for housing associations, as well as truly affordable houses to buy

Swiss model is hardly even suitable for Switzerland

From Vernon Bogdanor. Sir, You write (report, August 19) that “the City has decided that a deal emulating Norway’s relationship with the EU is politically and practically very difficult” since Norway has no say in how the rules of the single market are set, must accept free movement of people and make budget contributions to the EU

Berkshire directors eat their own cooking

From Liam O’Keeffe. Sir, Professor Louis Brennan argues (Letters, August 16) that managers need to be “provided with approaches that in practice ensure a focus on the long term” rather than shareholder value per se

Fear-based strategy didn’t work in Britain

From Richard Nottage. Sir, Edward Luce writes of Donald Trump planning to trigger every dark fear he can find over the coming weeks (“Trump’s dark inner Nixon”, August 22)

Serve the oglers right if we’d worn burkinis

From Sabine Liebherr. Sir, Further to “France torn over bans on burkinis” (August 20): when I was in my 20s, beaches were scattered with men armed with binoculars and long lenses, demonstrating their secular values and watching what they thought it was their right to watch

Keeping to the spirit of the Ventotene Manifesto

From Laszlo Bruszt. Sir, Tony Barber’s representation of the key idea of the Ventotene Manifesto about the future of Europe is, I think, misleading (“Brexit Briefing: No EU superstate leap on horizon”, FT.com, August 19).

Veterans may have a positive impact

From Richard Ginnaty. Sir, In “Male, stale and frail” (The Big Read, August 16) and “Alphabet and Berkshire boards targeted over veteran directors” (report, August 22), what is missing is the element of relative performance between companies having long-term serving board members and those that don’t

DVLA’s audited figures show reduction of £93m

From Oliver Morley. Sir, Regarding your article “Abolition of car tax discs cost more than £400m” (August 18): the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency publishes its accounts in accordance with international financial reporting standards

Self-driving cars need independent checks

From Antonio Avenoso. Sir, Carmakers may disagree over the future of driverless technologies, but recent collisions raise serious and urgent questions for regulators and the public at large (“Driverless tech arrives at fork in the road”, August 19)

Sale of Westinghouse was a huge mistake

From Mark Herlach. Sir, Kiran Stacey provides a comprehensive review of the history leading to the current state of affairs in which the UK must now rely on foreign suppliers to design and build its next general of nuclear power stations

Cost of capital matters in the nuclear business

From Leonard S Hyman. Sir, When assessing Hinkley Point (‘Generating criticism’), you might want to consider three points

Let Britain make a conditional withdrawal

From Peter Werdmuller. Sir, In response to Richard Thaler’s article, the UK government should honour the democratic process and proceed with the Article 50 withdrawal

Founders had no interest in making break-up easy

From John Staddon. Sir, Richard Thaler argues that the founders of the EU failed to make proper provision for break-up, procedures for which are insufficiently well defined

EU-Swiss trade deal on life insurance does not exist

From Prof David Howarth. Sir, According to your report, Anthony Browne is referred to as citing ‘Switzerland’s trade deals with the EU that give some sectors, such as insurance, full two-way access to the single market via a so-called passporting deal in return for keeping its regulation at an equivalent level to that in the bloc’

Substitute shareholder value with social value

From Richard Finn. Sir, Alfred Rappaport is pushing water uphill in ‘What managers misunderstand about shareholder value’

Put driverless cars to the test on the racing circuit

From D W Sutherland. Sir, Over the past 100 years, automobile racing has provided an arena in which to perfect innovations in automobile technology

A view of farming that is 60 years out of date

From Sheila Page. Sir, The reference to a ‘brave new world’ in the concluding sentence of your appeal for help for British farmers suggests that you wrote this as a parody of farming lobbying

Creative ways with negative rates

From Peter W Gerrard. Sir, I was amused to read ‘Note of caution as Europe’s banks seek to stockpile cash’ (August 17)

Outlook unsettled?

From Christopher Joubert. Sir, If the BBC has to stick with the Met Office as its provider of severe weather warnings, what does that say about MeteoGroup’s ability to forecast ordinary weather?



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