Businesses and savings are leaving Greece

From Philip Ammerman. Sir, While reports on Greece have been dominated by Yanis Varoufakis’s plans to hack the Greek tax system, a far more damaging phenomenon is taking place

If Germany abuses its momentary power, it invites its own destruction

From Daniel J Aronoff. Sir, Greece’s former finance minister Yanis Varoufakis rails against the infringement of sovereignty imposed by the ‘troika’ of lenders

That explains everything

From Richard Portes. Sir, So the troika has excluded the Greek ministry of finance from the software needed to access tax files in its own IT system

Appraisals are to tell you you’re not worth a pay rise

From Bruce Mathers. Sir, I’m afraid that, for once, Lucy Kellaway has missed the point

A simple issue of fighting for their ‘salt’

From Gautam Pingle. Sir, Victor Mallet casts some light on the soldiers of the British Indian empire

I paid my £3 in the hope of helping counteract the organised boost of Corbyn

From Miranda Green. Sir, It may well be that the Labour party has decided to ‘weed out’ some of us who became £3 supporters to obtain a vote in the party’s current leadership election

Military service and a case for keeping quiet

From Paul Bloustein. Sir, Donald Trump’s disparaging remarks about John McCain’s Vietnam war experience are a triumph of narcissistic self-adulation over realism

Trump has tapped into a large reservoir of anger

From Robert M Sussman. Sir, Political pundits who dismiss Donald Trump’s campaign should watch the movie ‘Network’

FT will always be pink

From John O’Byrne. Sir, Douglas Ivor-Smith seeks assurance that the colour of the FT will not change

We could not agree on the nature of the game

From Thomas Mayer. Sir, Playing by the rules requires that the players clearly understand what game they are playing

German view can be interpreted as defence of the rule of law

From Patrick Barron. Sir, Wolfgang Münchau concludes by saying that ‘Germany does not want to grant Greece debt relief for political reasons, and is using European law as a pretext’

Corbyn is much more like Senator Sanders

From Murad Qureshi. Sir, Philip Stephens makes completely the wrong comparison between Donald Trump and Jeremy Corbyn by suggesting they are two of a kind

Golf relies on integrity in and out of the clubhouse

From Fergus Horkan. Sir, With reference to Andrew Hill’s article: my experience is that lots of young people want to play golf and do play golf

Be careful not to raise false hopes over Alzheimer’s

From Arnold Holtzman. Sir, Your front page headline ‘Alzheimer’s breakthrough hopes add to promise of pharma revival’, brought back memories of trying periods

How ‘fake owners’ persuaded Pearson to part with prize assets

From Nicholas Berry. Sir, The biggest mistake Pearson has made in the past 25 years occurred in the early 1990s when the representatives of the original owners retired

Send Bracken home to Dublin

From Trevor White. Sir, Brendan Bracken wonders what will happen to the bust of his uncle now that the Financial Times has been sold

UBS has invested in even greater future efficiency

From Tom Naratil. Sir, I was disappointed to see that, in its reporting of UBS’s results, Lex has chosen to overlook the investment bank’s underlying improvement in efficiency

Nikkei’s respect for the FT is cause for hope

From Takashi Ito. Sir, I have been reading both the Nikkei and the FT since I entered the financial industry in the 1990s

‘Exactly the same values’? I’m not so sure about that

From Yu Iguchi. Sir, I am a bit suspicious of Nikkei chairman Tsuneo Kita’s comment that ‘the philosophy and values of the FT are exactly the same as ours’

Tips for western managers dealing with the Japanese

From Jeremiah J Sullivan. Sir, I can offer some useful advice for western managers in their relations with Japanese managers overseeing Japanese foreign direct investments in Britain and the US



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