The clear light of Attica would have counted too

From Rosemary Ind. Sir, At the time of the Athens Olympics I made here the same point: that Phidias’ exemplary use of foreshortening cannot be perceived when the sculptures are shown at eye-level

Promotion, purgatory and the office party

From David Boorer. Sir, I see that office parties are meant to be some sort of reward for hard work

BrightHouse is a responsible lender

From Leo McKee. Sir, It would seem that Merryn Somerset Webb has some misconceptions about BrightHouse

Blacks are mistreated by white policemen in most US communities

From Mark M Spradley. Sir, It was disingenuous to state, as you did in your report ‘NY prepares for weekend protests’, that ‘demonstrators are pushing on with fortnight-long protests over the policing of black communities in America’

Exit charges exist so that offices can recoup outstanding costs

From Keith Billinghurst. Sir, With reference to Neil Collins’ article ‘FCA leak has taken the heat off hugely profitable exit fees’: exit charges exist on regular premium long-term savings contracts because, at the time they were sold, independent financial advisers were paid upfront commission by life offices

Four PMs missed out on Butler reforms

From John C Boothman. Sir, Whatever other advantages may have been conferred on Jonathan Farrington by a grammar school education, it seems to have left a gap in his mastery of historical facts and figures

CIA torture story began rather earlier than 2001

From Paul Justison. Sir, Reading ‘Breaking the rules’, Geoff Dyer’s article on CIA torture practices, leaves me feeling I’ve started a book in the middle

Where was the outcry at Erdogan’s statement?

From Joe Darby. Sir, It was extremely disconcerting to read that Recep Tayyip Erdogan, as president of Turkey, reportedly proclaimed that men and women are ‘naturally unequal’

Divine intervention

From Margaret Cund. Sir, It comes as no great surprise to learn that the Pope was involved in brokering the recent thaw in American-Cuban relations

Bankers see nothing from the client’s perspective

From Alison Mason. Sir, Brooke Masters was correct in all she wrote but tone deafness is only part of the problem for bankers

The power of giving birth and nurturing

From Themis Dimon. Sir, The desire for a child can often have been determined by positive and/or negative cultural or familial expectations

Having it all

From Paul Drexler. Sir, You report that Denmark has laid claim to the North Pole

A real danger to global financial system from oil price collapse

From Peter Lewis. Sir, Gavyn Davies considers whether the collapse in oil prices could lead to a larger financial shock and concludes that it is unlikely

Lending money has its own non-fatal risks

From Luis Arenzana. Sir, Jonathan Ford argues that Lending Club ‘can now be expected to accelerate its online expansion to capitalise on its first-mover status in the US market’

Climate challenges for Royal Dutch Shell

From Bob Ward. Sir, Ben van Beurden, the chief executive of Royal Dutch Shell, shows a welcome willingness to engage in the debate about ‘a sustainable energy future’

Currency tactic may yet rebound on Japan

From Steven Hix. Sir, Peter Tasker’s Comment purports that the primary driver of the Japanese economy is the intentional weakening of the yen as part of the government’s reflationary ‘Abenomics’ policies

True comparison with ox-weighing contest

From Philip Broadley. Sir, John Kay, in ‘Crowd-pleasing theories are no substitute for wise regulation’, provides an important reminder as to what market prices of traded securities actually tell us on any given day

Look elsewhere for model behaviour

From Arnold Packer. Sir, Interestingly, Martin Wolf and John Kay write in the same edition (December 17) about the unreality of the ‘Homo economicus’ so relied on by economists as the model of human behaviour

Old stories with a familiar ring

From Lynne Gardiner. Sir, I recently celebrated a significant birthday and happened to be given a present of an FT newspaper published on the day of my birth

Redaction is a euphemism

From Roger Turff. When did censorship become redaction?


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