Calls for change could apply to medical and law schools

From C G Pradeep Kumar. Sir, Prompted by students, the economics curriculum is now poised for change

Today’s economics courses have less history, more abstruse mathematics

From Lord Horam. Sir, Your editorial on the teaching of economics is right

Economics books are quite the opposite of what the FT thinks it teaches

From Mark Harrison. Sir, You write that economics courses too often begin with ‘how rational agents interact in frictionless markets’

Banks and speculators caused Ireland’s collapse

From Paul Sweeney. Sir, Your very positive editorial on Ireland’s recovery has been greatly welcomed here

Where Latin America’s true brand value lies

From Sujesh Thalavil Veedu. Sir, I write in response to your Special Report on Latin American Brands

Only the FT suits my garden seedlings

From David Doig. Sir, Assisting in beekeeping is not the only unorthodox use for the FT

Ask new commissioners some tough questions

From Simon Walker. Sir, In the relief that followed Jean-Claude Juncker’s decision to give the UK’s Commissioner, Lord Hill, the substantial Financial Services policy brief, we are concerned a more worrying development has been overlooked

Gross began to believe that the power was his

From Peter Navarro. Sir, Gillian Tett astutely notes that Bill Gross was one of the first to recognise what would be the longest-running bull market in bonds in history

Clubs’ wage bills don’t explain everything

From Dan Altman. Sir, John Burn-Murdoch and Gavin Jackson are wrong to state that 80 % of the variation in final positions in the English Premier League ‘can be explained before the season even gets under way’

Reality is all too much to bear for abstract economic models

From Louis Brennan. Sir, Your editorial ‘Economics needs to reflect a post-crisis world’, arguing that there is too much abstraction in economics

There’s been progress in igniting students’ interest in economics and finance

From Ira Sohn. Sir, Your editorial offers sensible advice to academics hoping to ignite the interest of current and future university students in the study of economics and finance

Your editorial reminds me of a Yogi Berra quote

From John Gilbert. Sir, Your pithy editorial reminded me of an aphorism generally attributed to Yogi Berra

Please, show sensitivity towards Azerbaijan

From Mr Tahir Taghizadeh. Sir, Further to your article, I am writing to raise my concern about the mentioning of Nagorno-Karabakh as a disputed enclave

A dark purpose behind Putin’s interventions

From Albion M Urdank. Sir, Geoffrey Roberts and Tony Brenton are each wide of the mark in their respective criticisms of Martin Wolf’s column ‘Russia is our most dangerous neighbour’

Quebec separatist cause has never recovered

From Henry D Fetter. Sir, Anticipating a further drive for Scottish independence, John Kay writes that ‘votes of 55 per cent to 45 per cent do not resolve issues for very long’

UK’s executive and legislative branches need ‘adjustments’

From Charles L M Horner. Sir, The debate about the possible exclusion of Scottish MPs from voting on legislation often envisages a situation in which a British government controlled by the Labour party has to deal with a Tory-controlled bloc of English MPs

We British do indeed have the leaders we ‘deserve’

From Adrian Danson. Sir, I question your use of the word ‘deserve’ in the headline ‘Britons deserve candour from their leaders’

The corporate republic has no chance in amonarchy

From Mark Bogard. Sir, Sarah Gordon is, of course, right about how Emilio Botín’s successor at Santander should have been chosen

It’s quite uncanny how Lex foretells the future

From Graham O’Neill. Sir, I have long been impressed by the predictive powers of the Lex column but ‘Pimco & ETFs: a fairytale’ topped the bill

Italy’s debt situation is far from idyllic, but not so desperate

From Mr Juan Ignacio Crespo. Sir, I usually enjoy Wolfgang Münchau’s articles but I found the most recent one a bit fallacious


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