The No verdict is excellent news for all our livelihoods

From Mr John Barstow. Sir, The good people of Scotland have said: ‘No, thanks’

It was a peculiarly British referendum

From Mr Mark O’Hare. Sir, In the end, it was a peculiarly British referendum that came up with arguably the best possible outcome for all of Britain’s people

The union is saved, yet Scotland divided

From Mr Mark Peaker. Sir, what this independence referendum has shown is the power of the people to vote

The James’ are turning in their common grave

From Mr Monish Dutt. Sir, Amid high emotions, a vote of great and historic import took place in Scotland

Annual football match to let off steam

Mr John Davies. Sir, Could the football authorities please reintroduce an annual England versus Scotland football match

Perfect fluency can be learnt at any age

From Ms Nikki Karani. Sir, Simon Kuper claims that to achieve perfect fluency in a language, you need to start very young, preferably as an infant

Lunch dished out an Irish stew that’s hard to swallow

From Mr Hugh McDermott. Sir, Christine Lagarde states that she is ‘very impressed by how Irish politicians have managed to implement tough reforms in recent years while maintaining social cohesion’

More women need to be featured in Lunch with the FT

From Ms Natasha Simonsen. Sir, It was great to read the Lunch with the FT featuring Christine Lagarde , but why are there so few women for the Financial Times to have lunch with?

It takes three to make a political interview

From Mr Tom Carver. Sir, In his elegy on the political interview’s demise, Ian Katz discusses the role of the journalist and the politician but fails to do more than mention the third party at the table: the audience

Political interviewing has become an exchange between ego junkies

From Mr Roger Statham. Sir, Ian Katz very helpfully illuminated the dark arts of media spin and the sound bite culture that has increasingly come to dominate political exchanges

His own worst enemy

From Mr John C Boothman. Sir, I was intrigued that retired cabinet minister Peter Mandelson acknowledged that when in office he was sometimes ‘his own worst enemy’

Home decorator pines for a lost kitchen

From Ms Joan Wucher King. Sir, With reference to Lucy Kellaway’s yellow floor, I had a similar moment with pine

Level of support is inverse to the intensity of rhetoric

From Mr Trevor Hart. Sir, I was interested to read the implication that the Cabinet Office and Department for Business, Innovation and Skills are ‘backing’ social enterprise

Proms showed wilful neglect of Haydn

From Mr Andrew D Roberts. Sir, Harry Eyres says that the Proms ‘still hold to their original vision of introducing classical music to beginners and cognoscenti alike’

An arresting first line that needs to be put to test

From Mr Christopher Sexton. Sir, Roger Lewis is to be congratulated for what must be one of the most arresting first lines I have read in an article

A transparent Google search benefits no one

From Dr Rick McGeer. Sir, I see that some officials of the German government wish to make Google’s search algorithm transparent, to encourage competition

Swedish election result points to government policy failures

From Mr Carl Tham. Sir, In your editorial about the Swedish election you suggested that the fall of the prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt had to do with voters getting tired of seeing the same old faces in power

Too early to call incoming government unstable

From Lord Peter Mandelson. Sir, The FT is premature to describe an incoming centre-left government as unstable before it has even been formed

Bond market a better barometer than stocks

From Mr Willem Thorbecke. Sir, Discussing investors’ faith in central banks, John Plender mentions financial markets’ insouciance towards higher oil prices arising from the October 1973 oil price shock

Juncker’s second-best team may be good enough

From Mr Ronald Blasko. Sir, The economists Richard Lipsey and Kelvin Lancaster pointed out in the 1950s that the first-best policies applied in a second-best world result in third-best outcomes


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