Hard to extract any great sum from a young person on £21,000

From Laurie Elks. Sir, I am intrigued that the answer you propose to the university tuition fees funding gap is to freeze or even cut the £21,000 salary threshold from which loans are repaid upon graduation

Scottish and Welsh students get better deals than English counterparts

From Colin Petter. Sir, Your editorial ‘Miliband’s misplaced move on tuition fees: UK university funding is still imperfect. Labour would make it worse’ is itself imperfect

Links with the Russian people are important

From David Slinger. Sir, Firm resolve and severe sanctions are justified in our response to the actions of the Putin regime

Sad day for investment banking in Britain

From Gareth Sutcliffe. Sir, I read with much sadness about the retreat of Royal Bank of Scotland and Barclays, two of Britain’s investment banks

Ice-cold Cokes in the Miombo woodland

From W T W Morgan. Sir, the global reach of Coca-Cola was evident in 1957 as we drove through the apparent emptiness of the vast Miombo woodland en route from Nairobi to Cape Town

Royal Parks were given to the nation for all citizens

From Peter Brown. Sir, While I understand Jane Owen’s view, I think it is elitist to criticise the Royal Parks for financing a significant percentage of their expenditure from activity income

Assassination shares date with Reichstag Fire

From Thomas Niles. Sir, It will be interesting to see whether the murder of Boris Nemtsov could be Putin’s version of the Reichstag Fire, used by Hitler to vilify and pursue communists

Accounting concepts and the behavioural sciences

From M B Athreya. Sir, Gillian Tett writes thought-provoking columns, blending her background in anthropology with business issues

Opportunity here for a bloke like you, Tyler

From Robert Marriott. Sir, Tyler Brûlé had fun with the new dress code rules that apply in Qantas lounges. Fair go, mate

Those who enjoy the gardens already pay

From James Astor. Sir, Jane Owen makes an important point about the dependence of the Royal Parks on tawdry entertainment for revenue and the loss of amenity to the many users

Cheap, plentiful housing will ever be impossible

From Trevor Pateman. Sir, Nicholas Wigdahl is right that the UK would be a better place, economically and socially, if decent housing was plentiful and cheap and in the right places

Domicile, IHT and the consequences for revenue

From George S Hatjoullis. Sir, Your editorial can be summed up by the sentence: ‘Liability to taxation should be solely based on residence.’

Another collaboration for you, First Great Western

From Fiona Cooper. Sir, It’s good to hear about chef Mitch Tonks’s collaboration with First Great Western for its Pullman menu

The only question to answer about Trident

From David Angluin. Sir, How much of the UK’s defence budget should be dedicated to creating a reasonable doubt as to a first mover’s advantage in an all-out nuclear strike against Britain?

Isis displays all the flaws of a badly run retail business

From Alan S Nagle. Sir, Erika Solomon’s report on Isis neatly describes a flawed multi-line retail enterprise

Don John of Austria led forces at battle of Lepanto

From Charles Giovanni Vanzan Coutinho. Sir, Jackie Wullschlager, in her article on a new exhibition at the Bozar Museum in Brussels, commits an erratum which stands correction

Historical analogies can only go so far — Putin is no Hitler

From Helge Vindenes. Sir, Wolfgang Munchau is right, certainly with regard to Ukraine

Hurdle rate should apply to hedge fund industry as it does in private equity

From Ian Prideaux and others. Sir, Sir John Ritblat makes a good point regarding hedge fund fees

Even if bound, ECB can achieve price stability

From Richard Barwell. Sir, Olivier Garnier is right to highlight the constraints on bond purchases in the ECB’s QE programme, but he reaches the wrong conclusion

All for the sake of a good argument

From Oliver Corlett. Sir, Sam Leith contends that argumentum ad crumenam is an argument expressing the belief that people with money are more likely to be correct


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