Father walking with his son on walkway

Working fathers stand to benefit

From Ms Kelly Jean Kelly. Sir, Michael Skapinker pays tribute to Carlos Slim’s worthy proposal that we all work a three-day week

Caste has adapted itself to new social realities

From Dr Hugo Gorringe. Sir, Devesh Kapur is wrong to emphasise the role of capitalism in emancipating the former untouchables in India

Reviewing moral leadership regarding air passenger safety

From Mr Siyoung Choi. Sir, Amid the furious international public opinion toward pro-Russian forces in the MH17 crash lies a more important recurring question

How wrong were those opposed to Nafta 20 years ago

From Mr Neil McMillan. Sir, Thanks to Adam Posen for his level-headed article ‘The errors of conservatives obscure the case for trade’

Protectionism as seen from France

From Prof Eliza Patterson. Sir, I agree completely with the thrust of Adam Posen’s article that US trade liberalising agreements more often than not increases domestic employment

Competition is a threat to stability

From Mr Rod Price. Sir, John Kay makes some good points about problems with competition in the banking industry

Interpreter had a mind of his own

From Mr Malcolm Levitt. Sir, The correspondence on translators brings to mind the interpreter at a conference in Rome at which I was one of the speakers 30 years ago

Kaufman knows of what he speaks

From Mr Jonathan P Kahn. Sir, Henry Kaufman states: ‘Every report, speech or commentary from the US Federal Reserve is under the analyst’s microscope.’

Women in the FT: the mix looks good

From Ms Anne Haack. Sir, I’ve never had letters published in the FT although I had one published in GQ and one in Vogue

Opposition has not discredited Gove’s reforms

From Mr Andreas Wesemann. Sir, John McDermott really cannot make his mind up

De Niro Sr paints, sings and reads his own poetry in my film

From Mr Henry David Canter. From Mr Henry David Canter. Sir, ​I thoroughly enjoyed Liz Jobey’s article on Robert De Niro’s movie about his artist father

Nuffield added its dreaming spire before St Cat’s

From Prof Chris Rowley. Sir, Your article in the Design Classic series on the great Arne Jacobsen was interesting, but I think incorrect

Early editors who should have looked beyond grammar

From Sir Mark Moody-Stuart. Sir, Lucy Kellaway’s comment brings to mind a case where sloppy punctuation has perhaps resulted in more serious consequences

Lack of formality may have delayed the Chiang Mai accord

From Mr Patrick Dransfield. Sir, Gillian Tett’s call for more ethnographic research into organisations such as the International Monetary Fund certainly struck a chord with me

What an infliction on one’s beloved

From Mr Yang-Soon Lee. Sir, Peter Wynne Rees states that London is the ‘love of my life’

Missed chance for the Mekong river

From Mr Anthony F Griffiths. Sir, I write in response to Pilita Clark’s ‘Troubled waters’

Landlords – your house is our home

From Ms Nicola Burnside. Sir, I agree with Katie Morley that renting is often an unpleasant experience that makes young people think that they must instead get on to the housing ladder

Ballot proposal will make for even more engagement

From Captain Mark Searle. Sir, I believe George Shaw has missed the point in his letter ‘Comparison of a strike vote with elections fails to work’, as a majority of members who return their ballot paper should always be in favour of any proposed action for it to proceed

Does Tory proposal on strike vote apply to EU referendum?

From Mr Robert Sewell. Sir, George Shaw says there was no comparison between strike votes and that of a general election

Whiplash cover well worth 8p a day

From Ms Deborah Evans. Sir, Car insurance should help people when things go wrong – that is the point of having cover

US visa process is infinitely worse

From Mr Pranab Kumar Naik. Sir, Lisa Pollack seems to be making too much out of the UK visa process

Big swear words

From Mr Jonathan Fell. Sir, Would you consider establishing a swear box for those of your journalists tempted into affixing ‘big’ to an industry whose dynamics they are discussing?

GDP obsession

From Ms Jessica J Cassey. Sir, John Redwood laments the falling population in Europe as this ‘limits growth, and indirectly can damage competitiveness’

Say that again?

From Mr Steve Lemon. Sir, Surely the euphemism of the week must be attributed to the EasyJet CEO, in your report ‘EasyJet profit forecasts fall short of expectations’

Internship programme asks us to pay to work for nothing

From Ms Sarah-Jane Sewell. Sir, Last week I read your article about businesses flouting the law on paying interns for ‘valuable tasks’

Make broadband part of new build

From Mr Tom Mockridge. Sir, Virgin Media strongly endorses your editorial ‘Britain’s need for broadband speed’

The whole world needs a pay rise

From Mr Philip Jennings. Sir, The Bundesbank has joined a growing list of the great and the good calling for a pay rise for workers

US and Canada beat Cuba too

From The Earl of St Andrews. Sir, Brian Groom cites Sir Michael Wilshaw’s observation that Birmingham has a worse rate of infant mortality than Cuba

If these are ‘the best’, I’m even better

From Mr Andy Serrano. Sir, I read Dan McCrum’s story ‘Hedge funds: one in four lose some more’ with great amusement

Governments are morally responsible

From Mr Will Podmore. Sir, Wartime atrocities may be the unintended consequence of government policies


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