Chișinău pogroms merit a mention in Moldovan tour

From Jean-Bernard Wurm. Sir, Am I the only one surprised that Mike Carter can write an article on Chișinău without mention of the pogroms in 1903 and 1905?

Scottish vote has important lessons for the EU referendum

From Peter Doyle. Sir, Jim Murphy misses the main point arising from Scotland’s referendum for the one that is forthcoming on the EU

Productivity malaise is a real worry for the UK

From Matthew Tillett. Sir, I would like to share John Redwood’s view that the UK’s productivity puzzle is nothing to worry about

CEOs would pay attention to bonus clawbacks

From Erika Kelton. Sir, Brooke Masters suggests that unpredictable, ‘lightning strike’ fines will scare big banks straight

Norway: not such a social democratic model society

From Professor Harald N Røstvik. Sir, In Tim Harford’s search for ‘A Scandinavian solution for tax’, he ponders how tax evasion is difficult because ‘Norwegian tax returns are published for all to examine’

Magic in High Wycombe

From Michael Ashfield. Sir, Your review of ‘Tomorrowland’ said: “ . . . such is the chaos of the script, I may have missed a left turn at High Wycombe’

Prestige and pedigree that please Manhattan elite

From Alice Bray. Sir, Gillian Tett writes: ‘A private high school full of privileged kids tends to provide a more supportive background than a public institution’

Take a longer view of this savage world

From Stephen Essrig. Sir, many histories of the postwar world simply bemoan the fact of the cold war and the expulsion of the Germans from eastern European lands

What did the FT pay for lunch with James Gorman?

From Omar Ben Yedder. Sir, The bill from the Lunch with the FT at Estiatorio Milos (Life & Arts, May 23) doesn’t quite add up

Price tags on water

From Dr Izhar Khan. Sir, The FT paid $18 for Badoit water x 2 for lunch with the head of Morgan Stanley

Policy has moved in the wrong direction to curb rent seeking

From Daniel J Aronoff. Sir, Martin Wolf agrees with Professor Luigi Zingales’s diagnosis that the ills of contemporary finance are a product of rampant rent-seeking behaviour. I agree as well

It is time for regulators to talk to one another

From Martin McKee. Sir, Martin Wolf argues that ‘it is very costly to police markets riddled with conflicts of interest and asymmetric information’

Do not blame regulation for UK performance

From Bob Bischof. Sir, Simon Walker of the Institute of Directors, like his counterparts at the CBI, keeps on about workers’ rights and EU regulation per se

Aim rules have failed to protect shareholders

From John Gunn. Sir, As a meaningful shareholder and (smaller) loan-note holder in Sorbic, I read Patti Waldmeir’s article with great interest

Quartet’s productivity can grow regardless of its pitch

From Arnold Packer. Sir, In your article ‘The waiting game’ you echo the Baumol statement that the ‘productivity of a live Beethoven string quartet could not be higher than that of 100 years earlier’

Knocked out by honour

From Herb Kelleher. Sir, I was so viscerally and cerebrally honoured by my selection as one of the ‘50 Leading Business Pioneers’ that I smoked three packs of cigarettes and drank a quart of bourbon

Portuguese politics has avoided populists’ damage

From Paulo Gorjão. Sir, It is not true that ‘in all countries hit by the eurozone crisis, national politics have fragmented as populist movements challenge established parties’

‘Devomax’ option is the answer for Brexit vote

From David Blake. Sir, To avoid the knife-edge that we saw with the Scottish referendum, we should have a ‘devo max’ option in the UK’s upcoming EU referendum

Watson could look higher

From Jack Thompson. Sir, So we now know the pros and cons of Tom Watson

EU support of Greek banks fails to stop impetus for Grexit

From Andy Thompson. Sir, Wolfgang Münchau suggests that if the joint eurozone states were to take over the Greek commercial banks, Greece could not be forced to leave the eurozone



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