The past five days have been worse than all that has gone before

From Iliana Magra. Sir, Memory. No memory of life before the financial crisis; politics has dominated it ever since

The Greek economy is unlikely to benefit from further devaluation

From Cinzia Alcidi and Daniel Gros. Sir, Martin Wolf offers an excellent analysis of how the Greek voter may feel about Sunday’s referendum

At the end of 2014 Greece was turning the corner

From Joergen Oerstroem Moeller. Sir, Martin Wolf, in ‘How I would vote on Sunday if I were Greek’, refers to a ‘huge depression’ in Greece

Prescription has been tried and does not work

From Dov Frishberg. Sir, Joseph Stiglitz and his fellow economists fall prey to a simple conceit

Fusing of two high-level labour markets that few have noticed — yet

From Ian Wray. Sir, Your plan showing the Trans Pennine rail service running from Manchester to York is in error

Green economy and the next phase for Nigeria

From Michael Street. Sir, William Wallis’s excellent report on Nigeria’s soft power at work must rank as one of the most hopeful signs in the increasingly turbulent ‘Africa Rising’ story

Politicians would scream for successes like Sutch’s

From Rik Edwards. Sir, Malcolm Levitt correctly observes that the late Screaming Lord Sutch’s policies failed to get him elected

Fewer scruples, but a greater investment risk to worry about

From Simon Holman. Sir, John Authers sets out an informative take on the different aspects of responsible investing and highlights its increasing importance and prevalence

UK authorities would not have proved so hapless

From Eoin Drea. Sir, I find it interesting that Raoul Ruparel of Open Europe should cite Ireland as the precautionary example of what would have befallen Britain should she have joined the single currency

Bring Russia out of the cold and into the fold

From Dennis JD Sandole. Sir, The US and its Nato and EU allies can respond to Russia over the Ukraine crisis in at least two diametrically opposed ways

Emergency waiver that can help the Greek people

From Robert Skidelsky and David Owen. Sir, We argued for Greece’s creditors to accept a ‘debt haircut’

Towards the millions and beyond . . . 

From Martin Good. Sir, How cruel is Lucy Kellaway, pouring scorn on those of us elderly Buftons who are valiantly battling to remain fit and proper

Counting steps when FitBit wasn’t around

From Gary Rawlinson. Sir, Nearly 40 years of running has led to a number of my letters being published in newspapers

Climate change caused by multiple market failures

From Bob Ward. Sir, The increased investment by Bill Gates in low-carbon innovation is very much to be welcomed

Catalyst that can bond Greece and eurozone

From George S Hatjoullis. Sir, Your editorial ‘Tsipras takes Greece to the edge of the precipice’ concludes that it is hard to see how Greece can retreat from the edge

EU leaders’ chance to create good history

From Prof Joseph Stiglitz and others. Sir, We call on European leaders to avoid creating bad history

Parallels with the Cuban missile crisis

From Stuart Parkinson. Sir, As the clock ticks down towards another Greece-related deadline, I can’t help but see an analogy with the resolution of the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962

Waking up at last to what Grexit will really mean

From James Maguire. Sir, I could not disagree more with Wolfgang Münchau’s assertion that the biggest tactical error was the eurozone finance ministers’ rejection of a five-day extension of the Greek bailout programme

Iceland’s experience may offer a lesson

From Jón Steinsson. Sir, When all of Iceland’s main banks failed in less than a week in October 2008, Iceland imposed capital controls but never closed the banks

Gates’s beneficence has spread even further

From JML Stone. Sir, what Bill Gates’s may not realise is that Microsoft has spawned probably hundreds if not thousands of fortunes, which have been put to great good use



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