Illustration for Jeremy Paxman in WeekendFT comment - issue dated 16.05.15

The great HS2 debate must consider connectivity, not just costs

From Anthony Quayle. Sir, Sir David Higgins chooses to repeat his generic case for high-speed rail rather than focus on the specific case for HS2

HS2 will be the first step in providing robust links to the north

From Oliver Budd. Sir, Jeremy Paxman refers to the HS2 project as a ‘grotesque waste of taxpayers’ money’ (Comment, May 16)

The key ingredient is about connectivity across the UK

From Lord Rooker. Sir, The attack on HS2 by Jeremy Paxman (Comment, May 16) is very home counties-centric

Fund management needs a low-cost overhaul

From Christopher Bellew. Sir, Merryn Somerset Webb rightly draws attention to to the drag that high charges have on the performance of funds

Art for art’s sake is just what the market needs

From Peter Geiger. Sir, The figure 1.6% is more than the net yield on prime London property, gold and several other investments, not least bonds

Stay-at-home mothers offer society real rewards

From Jane Reddish. Sir, I was sorry to read Tim Harford’s comment that, if a woman stays at home and looks after her child, ‘Nobody wins’

Our children will pay the price for housing policy

From David Boorer. Sir, I am not sure that we can say now that the Blair/Brown years were marked by a ‘strong’ economy

Berbers were big players in development of Tunis

From Francis Ghilès. Sir, The Almohads were Berbers, not Arabs, and originated in the Harga tribe of the Moroccan High Atlas mountains

US offers only sour grapes in opposition to AIIB

From Yeomin Yoon. Sir, America’s opposition to China’s creation of an Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank is not only ‘a self-defeating farce’ but also an outright hypocrisy

Coastal confusion

From Rob Hendy. Sir, With reference to ‘Yes, we Cannes’ (House & Home, May 16). I have no doubt you can, but that is a photograph of Menton

Points for Armenia

From John Doherty (no relation). Sir, How can I resist the temptation to vote for Armenia’s sparkling soprano: Mary-Jean O’Doherty?

Kerry’s visit to Russia marks shift in US policy

From Tony Brenton. Sir, Fiona Hill is right that a key objective of John Kerry’s visit to Sochi last week was to end the futile effort by the US to ‘isolate’ Russia

Yemen at risk of total failure without ceasefire

From Grace Ommer. Sir, It is deplorable that the parties to the conflict have not extended what was a temporary ceasefire in Yemen

Window cleaners and the productivity conundrum

From W Lawrie. Sir, Might I add a small, subjective observation to John Kay’s rumination on the nation’s ‘productivity puzzle’?

‘Unwilling youths’ deliver upgrade to menial tasks

From Andrew Threipland. Sir, There may be statistical difficulty in explaining the flatness of British productivity, but experience on the ground may help build up the macroeconomic figures

If Iran sanctions are lifted they cannot be reimposed

From Robert Sussman. Sir, it’s understandable why our European partners would be willing to accept almost any deal with Iran

Militaries must protect classical heritage from Isis

From Frederico Alcantara de Melo. Sir, What is happening in Palmyra and other Unesco heritage sites is unacceptable

Bus drivers and florists may favour action on price

From Alan Harkess. Sir, According to Janan Ganesh any serious analysis of Labour’s failure to win the recent election would be totally superfluous

Bond banks a good model for Britain to follow

From Nicholas Anderson. Sir, Regarding Patricia Hamzahee’s letter, all four Nordic countries, the Netherlands and other countries have publicly owned municipal bond banks

Consumers and producers pay their way on oil

From Malcolm Webb. Sir, Academics who claim expertise in the economics of oil should really avoid broad and thoroughly misleading generalisations when addressing this topic



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