No harm in leaving Fed rate where it is for now

From Michael G Mimicopoulos. Sir, There is excessive coverage in the news media about what the Federal Reserve will do/should do in September/October/December with respect to the all-mighty federal funds rate

Sometimes, the lost causes come good

From Adrian P Hewitt. Sir, Thanks to Andrew Jack for his detailed recounting of what will truly be the beginning of the end of a ‘Long journey home’ for the Chagossians

Openness of system is most important factor

From R Vijayaraghavan. Sir, The notion that Silicon Valley is ‘the ultimate open economic system . . . technological meritocracy . . . outsiders are welcome, good ideas rise to the top’ is ‘at best half-fiction’, says James Crabtree

Your case against cash simply does not stand up

From Patrick Barron. Sir, I was appalled at your supposed ‘case’ for eliminating cash, which you yourselves describe as the people’s ‘go-to safe asset’

Europe — do the right thing by the refugees and what is practical also

From Dennis JD Sandole. Sir, ‘Europe is better than this,’ says François Heisbourg in his stinging indictment of Europe for the absence of vision, creativity and decency in its responses to one of history’s most alarming refugee crises

Let’s trust the Turkish electorate to frustrate Erdogan’s ambitions

From Deniz Eröcal. Sir, David Gardner, in ‘Erdogan takes a second shot at one-man rule’, makes many valid points but does not seem to be up to date on one key issue

War between machines is the more likely scenario

From Marc Said. Sir, There is a myth going around that intelligent machines could declare mankind as an enemy and destroy humanity

Women-only railway carriages are a cop-out

From Ali Spray. Sir, I am saddened to hear that harassment on UK trains has become such a problem that Jeremy Corbyn is willing to consider women-only carriages, should he be elected

South Korea should show confidence in engaging the North

From Siyoung Choi. Sir, While policymakers first and foremost seek diplomacy when discussing peace, the North Korean question requires a renewed perspective

Happy landline customer who values voicemail

From Jonathan P Kahn. Sir, There’s somewhat of a circular logic to Lucy Kellaway’s conclusion that voicemail is dead

Iraq intervention was decided by 417 MPs

From Denis MacShane. Sir, Britain’s intervention in Iraq was not decided by Tony Blair, still less by George W Bush

Corbyn is closer than the other candidates to the policies Usdaw advocates

From Iain Dalton. Sir, John Barstow joins the debate over the Labour leadership election, seeming to speak with the authority of Usdaw’s executive council

In praise of Pakistan’s macroeconomic position

From Ejaz Wasti. Sir, I have the honour to refer to the article published in the Financial Times dated August 24 by Victor Mallet and Farhan Bokhari under the title ‘IMF’s rosy view of Pakistan’

Rail ownership needs to be thoroughly debated

From Lord Lea of Crondall. Sir, A greater degree of public ownership in the rail system needs to be thoroughly debated — pro and con

Unlock the treasure chest — we’ll gladly pay

From George Zvara. Sir, I am an American who enjoys watching BBC documentaries when visiting the Isle. I think other anglophiles of like mind would also enjoy watching them if they had the chance

Startled — then I realised that I was the woman who cleaned up Sir Tom

From Alison Sharpe. Sir, I was startled when I read the first few lines of Peter Aspden’s interview with Tom Courtenay in the FT Magazine

Indices and the real economy

From Jon Allen. Sir, I fear Mr Authers has missed the true distortion of the power of indices and the increasing dominance of passive allocations

Tips for the BBC in its race to the bottom

From Adrienne La Grange. Sir, With reference to ‘What next for the BBC?’: the BBC is in a mesmerising race to the bottom of international news production, reflecting its dire financial state

Labour’s main concern must be its own survival

From Andy Thompson. Sir, I guess that Steve Briggs speaks for many supporters of Jeremy Corbyn in arguing that Labour has already lost the next election and should be planning for 2025

Noise goes with territory but please be considerate

From Richard Price. Sir, Alex Proud is quoted in ‘Nightclubs wither in the glare of disapproval’ as saying: If you don’t like noise, don’t live in a town centre



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