Greece’s silent majority understands there is no way back

From Kyriakos Mitsotakis. Sir, It is with great interest that I read Tony Barber’s article ‘Patronage and bribery will persist in Greece even if it escapes austerity’

The QE ‘experiment’, as you insouciantly call it, is nowhere near an end

From Jon Moynihan. Sir, Your headline ‘Fed’s grand experiment draws to a close’ combines ignorance of what quantitative easing is with insouciance as to its potential effects

Failing healthcare systems lack water and sanitation

From Margaret Batty. Sir, The work of Jim Yong Kim and the World Bank to highlight the world’s slow response to Ebola and to establish a special humanitarian crisis fund is to be applauded

A paradox that Kant would have appreciated

From Elliot Hentov. Sir, A philosopher none other than Immanuel Kant would have enjoyed the paradox of being quoted twice on your Comment page in two contradictory contexts

Leadership test Peña Nieto faces is about more than economic reforms

From Jose De Aguinaga. Sir, Jude Webber, in ‘Caught in the crossfire’, rightly pictures the situation that Mexico’s president Enrique Peña Nieto is facing

Perhaps Lamy should have left WTO sooner

From Matthew Kennedy. Sir, Even though Pascal Lamy has walked away from the wreckage of the Doha Round, it is still sad to see someone who ran the WTO for eight years throwing in the towel on multilateralism itself

Companies do not value good writing as a skill

From James W Wood. Sir, Michael Skapinker is spot on about writing and corporations

Complex origins of Germany’s Die Linke

From Amit A Pandya. Sir, The common sense of your editorial on Die Linke is to be applauded

Russia, if properly handled, can be US’s ally in the Middle East

From Gregory Shenkman. Sir, It is depressing to hear home truths from Vladimir Putin, but we in the west would do well to absorb them

Demonisation of President Putin is not a policy

From David C Speedie. Sir, Vladimir Putin’s speech last week was either a measured proposal for a multipolar approach to tackling threats shared by Russia and the west or nationalistic bombast

Mr Putin’s argument rests on an odd view of the world

From William Bigelow. Sir, The FT readers, who may have hoped that Sergey Karaganov and Alexander Yakovenko misrepresented the official Russian perspective on Ukraine, will be disappointed if they read Vladimir Putin’s speech

China has already been signing agreements with strong ISDS mechanisms

From Axel Berger and Lauge N Skovgaard Poulsen. Sir, You suggest that provisions on investor-state dispute settlement should be included in the TTIP in order to set an example for China

Neglected diseases fall outside the market

From Ms Mary Moran. Sir, Your Ebola coverage is welcome but repeats some common misunderstandings about making new medicines for neglected diseases like Ebola

Under such conditions any economy could thrive

From Anthony O’Brien. Sir, In response to Martin Jacques: here’s a true story

Not enough attention is being paid to cash

From Stefan Zehle. Sir, Your editorial ‘Picking up the pieces after Tesco’s stock affair’ highlights the lack of attention that is paid to cash in assessing the value and health of companies

Learn from failure rather than just ‘celebrating’ it

From Denise Loughran. Sir, In addressing the two key challenges for would-be entrepreneurs, Luke Johnson provides a review of crowdfunding as one way of addressing start-up finance

Our net contribution to EU budget may be well over £8.6bn

From Tim Congdon. Sir, In your report ‘Brussels demands €2bn from UK after economy outpaces EU rivals’, you claim that the net UK contribution to the EU budget in 2013 was £8.6bn

ECB is a step removed from the usual democratic processes

From David Mackie and Malcolm Barr. Sir, Martin Wolf is right to argue that supply side change is unlikely to address the region’s deficiency of demand

Hold up a mirror to Ukip and you won’t see France’s National Front

From Steven Woolfe MEP. Sir, Philip Stephens says the UK Independence party is ‘a mirror to Marine Le Pen’s National Front in France’

Nigeria is determined to build a brighter future

From Sven Hughes. Sir, William Wallis is correct to describe Nigeria’s handling of the Ebola outbreak as a ‘resounding victory’


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