E4BW9T Hund apportiert Hundeleine / dog with lead

The law on dogs running loose is widely ignored

From John Capstick. Sir, Rodney Aldis (Letters, April 11) is absolutely right to highlight the damage and disturbance that ground-nesting birds can suffer by dogs running loose

Red kites feed on other birds’ eggs and young

From Johnny Grimond. Sir, Jeremy Paxman’s dog is not likely to disturb any ground-nesting birds (Letters, April 13) if he’s running loose where I think he lives, in the Chilterns

Old voting habits die hard here in Russia

From Mergen Mongush. Sir, Kathrin Hille’s article ‘What the Russians really think’ (Life & Arts, April 11) implies that there are a lot of things we see differently here in Russia

Insights Obama can now use to undermine Putin’s narrative

From Dennis J D Sandole. Sir, Thanks to Kathrin Hille’s report ‘What the Russians really think’ (Life & Arts, April 11), we now have a clear idea about why Vladimir Putin continues to enjoy approval ratings of up to 85 per cent

Why do central bankers keep experimenting?

From Louis Brennan. Sir, Henny Sender’s column ‘QE may not have been worth the costs’ (On Wall Street, April 11), highlighting the negative externalities of QE experiments, evokes a dystopian future

Why restaurant service is better in the US

From Paul Smith. Sir, Restaurant service is better in the US with no mandatory 20 per cent tip on food (‘Divide (the bill) and conquer’, Nicholas Lander, Life & Arts, April 11)

We Irish are not quite so dependent on Germany

From Fiona O’Malley. Sir, We Irish are not so dependent on the Germans as Cormac O’Donnell thinks (Letters, April 11)

If the wine market is ‘not liquid’, what of the rest?

From Dominic Regan. Sir, I was somewhat surprised that Rowan Gormley, the new chief executive of Majestic Wines, should have told the FT that the wine trade is not a ‘liquid market’

Just working for Goldman may be a reward in itself

From Michael Denchfield. Sir, So Goldman Sachs has responded to shareholder and regulatory calls for restraint in paying their top executives

Collections are under threat as expertise is lost

From Brian Scott. Sir, As a retired trustee of National Museums Northern Ireland (NMNI), and chair of its audit committee for five years, I concur with Stephen Deuchar’s dismay at the revenue funding reductions for museums

It was the Fed that rode to the rescue in 2008-09

From Kenneth A Guenther. Sir, Your editorial ‘Dimon’s timely message about financial fragility’ (April 11) misses the mark

Labour and Tories could form a ‘Grand Coalition’

From Barrie Bain. Sir, Labour and the Conservatives have been stealing each other’s clothes and there seems to be little substantial difference in their core policies

British and American politics have evolved from the same roots

From Adam Boulton. Sir, British politicos may not be as quite as deluded as Janan Ganesh thinks in their interest in US politics

Creatively accounting for LinkedIn’s income

From Steve Lemon. Sir, Lex (April 11) states that LinkedIn derives its income from three sources, ‘two-thirds, one-fifth and one-fifth of revenues respectively’

I can’t be the only voter in a quandary

From Mark Solon. Sir, I am not sure when I moved from being ‘hard working’ (good) to ‘millionaire’ (bad), nor whether I should leave my ‘mansion’ (family house in London, bad) to ‘affordable housing’ (in the northeast, good)

Real estate bonanza as non-doms depart

From Peter Verstage. Sir, John McDermott suggests that London estate agents are among the most worried about Labour’s proposals to do away with the tax breaks enjoyed by rich non-doms

Death makes life precious, vibrant and worthwhile

From Elizabeth M Hammond. Sir, I was horrified after reading Ray Kurzweil’s creepy contemplations on using artificial intelligence ‘inside our bodies and brains’, recreating his father, and living forever

It will certainly feel like for ever . . .

From Firdaus Ruttonshaw. Sir, So Ray Kurzweil is going to live forever thanks, principally, to a daily diet of glutinous porridge, berries, tasteless fish, soy milk and dozens of pills

Fund managers have ignored the danger signs

From Richard Cragg. Sir, Martin Wolf (“An economic future that may never brighten”, April 15) is right to warn that the longer term looks distinctly less rosy

To have the Lib Dems back in government is in the whole country’s interests

From Peter Bennett-Jones and others. Sir, As we approach the general election with the UK’s economy growing stronger, it is easy to forget how far the country has come in the past five years


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