The precious gift of Homer will set you free

From Miguel Monjardino. Sir, what makes reading the Classics an overwhelming experience for adolescents and adults alike are other profound reasons

Walkie Talkie makes this tower moan all a bit rich

From Andrew Hamilton. Sir, It is a bit rich to read Peter Wynne Rees, the City’s former chief planner, complain about tower blocks despoiling London’s skyline

Nine Elms development is great news for Londoners

From Ravi Govindia. Sir, Peter Wynne Rees is wrong about Nine Elms, the development of which will create more than 6m square feet of commercial space

India needs to set realistic economic targets

From Alok Bhargava. Sir, Amy Kazmin rightly emphasised the need for the Indian government to ‘offer family planning services worth the name’

‘Westoxified’ women fear the values of the majority

From Loay Abdelkarim. Sir, Elif Shafak presents a common but false argument about Middle Eastern and by extension Islamic country women’s fear of Islamic fundamentalism

Equal rights and status enshrined in Israeli law

From Ephry Eder. Sir, Elif Shafak’s Comment was a salutary reminder of women’s lack of equality status in many, if not most, of the countries in the Middle East

Arts and culture can be a draw for small towns too

From George Taylor. Sir, Peter Bazalgette rightly states the case for arts and culture to take a lead role in regeneration, but he understates his own case

US immigration control puts the UK to shame

From Edwin McAuley. Sir, Tyler Brûlé was right on the money with his compliments to the US government on improving the entry procedures for foreigners at its airports

War remembrance is all about a tribute to sacrifice

From Judith M Steiner. Sir, Reto Faber completely misunderstands the purpose of Remembrance Sunday, which has nothing to do with triumphalism

Focus on a better future than on past glory

From Tim Harrap. Sir, It takes Reto Faber in one short paragraph to capture the essence of what next year’s UK election will be fought on

Separate corporation taxes would be confusing

From John Kilclooney. Sir, In Prime Minister’s Questions this week there was a question about a separate corporation tax in Northern Ireland, followed by an interjection of ‘Scotland as well’

Carrot-and-stick approach to solve housing shortage

From Marc Vlessing. Sir, Your report ‘State sits on enough land to build 2m homes, study finds’ exposes the inertia surrounding public sector land release

Working up an appetite

From Guy Cowley. Sir, Your Perfect Weekend contributor for ‘How To Spend It’, November 17, is obviously fit!

FX market serves clients well and needs no structural change

From Marshall Bailey. Sir, I write with reference to a recent FT podcast in which I was interviewed on the topic of the future of foreign exchange trading

Well-educated graduates cling to the barrow-boy culture of the forex trader

From Goetz Eggelhoefer. Sir, I read Lucy Kellaway’s article on London’s foreign exchange market with considerable interest

Isis may meet its match in the merchant bankers

From David P Hearn. Sir, In your report concerning Isis’s statement that it proposes to issue currency by way of coins, Professor Steven H Hanke asks: ‘The important thing is where are they going to get the gold and copper?’

Make social and economic history staple fare again

From S R H Jones. Sir, The plea by Peter Cave to widen the understanding of economists by having them study the moral sciences is welcome

Commodity ambitions spread a wide net

From Peter Goodall. Sir, The impact of the commodity trading ambitions of the banks goes further than you might think

Front-page headline that said it all

From Prashanth Kuchibhotla. Sir, Usually a story’s headline is a summary of the points in it but the article needs to be read in order to understand the context

A critical shift in consumer psychology

From Albion M Urdank. Sir, ‘The curse of weak global demand’ may have its several macroeconomic causes, as Martin Wolf writes


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