A big mistake for the Fed to ignore the dollar

From Desmond Lachman. Sir, Contrary to your recommendation, the Federal Reserve would be ignoring dollar movements at its peril

Dentist who killed Cecil is an Ancient Mariner for our modern times

From David Beffert. Sir, Robert Shrimsley calls Walter Palmer, the dentist from Minneapolis who infamously killed Cecil the lion, the ‘new face of the big game hunter’

Regulation added to risk in the case of SS Eastland

From Thomas Kier. Sir, Randall Kroszner draws attention to the role played by the implementation of regulations requiring additional life rafts to be fitted to the SS Eastland in the vessel’s disastrous sinking

Singapore a strange choice for a speech on corruption

From James B Rugemalira. Sir, From a Tanzanian perspective, the UK prime minister’s decision to make a speech in Singapore on tackling corruption is perplexing

Nato activity on Russian borders has increased

From Konstantin Shlykov. Sir, Let me point out that it is important to look at the Russian Air Force flights in international airspace within a broader context of Nato countries’ and their partners’ activities on our borders

‘Harmonisation’ means more tax punishment

From Jim McAuslan. Sir, It is certainly true that more needs to be done to encourage pension saving

Africa needs radical new economic models

From Michael Street. Sir, Over the past decade the FT has played a pivotal role in changing perceptions of Africa

UK’s response to Calais crisis has been shameful

From Anne-Carole Chamier. Sir, Philip Stephens has written with sensitivity and compassion on the plight of the wretched migrants holed up in Calais

Pursuit of happiness

From Bruce B Solnick. Sir, In his book review ‘Happy days for America’s angry party’ Edward Luce quotes author Arthur Brooks who quotes Scott Walker’s use of ‘the pursuit of happiness’

Energetic musical offers a refreshing change of pace

From Debora Westcott. Sir, Your favourable yet restrained review of the musical ‘Seven Brides for Seven Brothers’ implies that this delightful tale ‘ . . . may offend 21st-century sensibilities’

Factor investing versus a sector approach

From Jason MacQueen. Sir, John Authers draws a quite misleading distinction between factors and sectors as a basis for an investing

Wired has exposed poor software engineering

From Martyn Thomas. Sir, The Wired magazine’s revelation of the vulnerability of many Chrysler cars should not be dismissed as a ‘stunt’

When sterner Protestant attitudes prevailed

From Sam Whimster. Sir, John Kay, in ‘What St Luke would say to Schäuble’, raises the issue of religious attitudes to credit and debt

Chinese stock market is still a baby, remember

From Shao Zheng. Sir, I wish to make three points in response to your editorial ‘Chinese stock market should find its own level’

Pope’s general conclusions fit with Christian values

From Robert F Illing. Sir, ‘US fervour for Pope cools as visit nears’, you report

Mobiles have reinforced the drive for clarity

From James Beveridge. Sir, Emma Jacobs highlights her desire for an annual report that is both functional and informative

New river crossings for a growing population

From Richard De Cani. Sir, In response to Edwin Heathcote’s article: we are supporting and delivering an ambitious programme of new river crossings to meet the needs of the city’s growing population

Do away with the very notion of retirement

From Michael Hodin. Sir, In your editorial ‘Fix UK pensions, then no longer fiddle with them’, remarkably you have missed the central and driving piece of the equation: how long we work

Whose health, BAT?

From Prashanth Kuchibhotla. Sir, The comment from Jerome Abelman that the company was ‘in good health’ was jarring to read

Milne was a test case for firefighters

From Sean Starbuck. Sir, I write in response to Neil Collins’ column ‘So much is at stake with the great public sector pension liability’ about firefighter pensions, specifically about former firefighter William Milne, who according to the misinformed Mr Collins ‘won the pensions lottery with a cherry on top’



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