Cameron’s walk is quite determined

From Ms Arlette Laurent. Sir, Referring to your editorial ‘Cameron shuffles away from Europe’: anyone who takes tai chi classes to improve their equilibrium is told not to shuffle

How prime ministers can be effective from the start

From Mr Peter Riddell. Sir, Anthony Seldon, in his shrewd analysis of 10 Downing Street, refers to criticisms by the Institute for Government of its operation being ‘underpowered’

Build it – but don’t expect it to get any cheaper

From Mr Peter Geiger. Sir, Robin Harding’s thesis is not really credible to me

Are heroines no longer worthy of opera-goers’ sympathy?

From Ms Maureen Green. Sir, Several times this season opera goers, critics and public, have been left cold by productions that feature sumptuous sets and modern costumes

The shooting down of civilian aircraft is no less a risk than it was 70 years ago

From Mr C F Sach. Sir, The crash of MH17 in Ukraine is tragic, and even more so if it is proved to have been shot down by a missile

Putin is learning what Churchill knew

From Mr Charles Lucas. Sir, Vladimir Putin should read what Winston Churchill had to say about going to war in My Early Life

Bizarre to accuse FT of gender bias

From Mr Gregory Shenkman. Sir, Professor Linda Clarke has noticed, like many of us, that women are little represented in your Letters column

Here’s to encouraging female writers

From Ms Aceil Haddad. Sir, I read Professor Linda Clarke’s letter with great interest

FT’s agony aunt also attracts few contributions from female readers

From Mr Robert Palmer. Sir, It’s not only the FT’s letters page

It’s not reluctance, certainly

From Mrs Penelope Visman. Sir, I was fascinated to read the letter by Professor Linda Clark asking why are there are so few letters written by female FT readers

Everyone gets the egg-timer message

From Mr Alex P Galea. Sir, Maggie McGirr should be pleased to know that her suggested ‘arbiter’ was deployed as long as 30 years ago

Spellchecker with a blind spot

From Mr Frank McCallum. Sir, The other morning I had occasion to email a client regarding an article which mentioned their ‘Scottishness’

Master plan of Cotton maharishi

From Dr Gautam Pingle. Sir, Anjana Ahuja calls the national river linking project ‘an ambitious, decades-old national plan to connect India’s rivers’ and ‘a pipe dream almost without precedent’

It is wrong to suggest plain packaging has worked

From Mr Daniel Torras. Sir, As a director of the second largest tobacco company in the UK, I am concerned by some of the misleading statements by tobacco control lobbyists reported in your article

Never too late for Spain to begin to woo the Gibraltarians

From Mr William Chislett. Sir, A year ago this week the Spanish government imposed stringent controls at the border with Gibraltar

Police budgets cannot support outsourcing

From Mr Alun Michael. Sir, You correctly report that direct management of the custody suites will save money, but it will also give the chief constable more flexibility

Rewards too low in mass transit airline industry

From Mr Matt Andersson. Sir, In ‘The price of innovation is too high in aerospace’, it may be rather that the rewards are too low, at least in commercial passenger aircraft development

Frugal ‘meals’ on high-speed wheels

From Mr Robert Wright. Sir, As a frequent traveller on Austrian Airlines I fully agree with Michael Skapinker’s observations about the narrowing gap between budget and economy airlines

Rights’ strong link to EU membership

From Mr Andrew Duff. Sir, You are of course quite right that ‘Britain should stay inside the European Court of Human Rights’

Business has voided compact

From Mr Nikhil Prasad Ojha. Sir, It is not the pact with Republicans that’s broken, it’s the one with ‘white working class’

Take one with our compliments

From Mr Paul Mathieu. Sir, Andrew Bounds says that Pressure Technologies of Sheffield is looking ‘for money to buy complimentary businesses’

Separatist is too peaceful a term to apply to rebels

From Mr Xavier Comas Angelet. Sir, Your editorial ‘Putin is facing his moment of truth’ adopts the unfortunate convention of referring to the eastern Ukrainian rebels as “separatists”

Sampling period should be longer

From Ms Susan Anthony. Sir, I was interested to read the statistics compiled by Professor Linda Clarke that suggest the FT publishes very few letters from women

Law and freedom are thriving in HK

From Mr Jose Antonio Maurellet. Sir, Philip Stephens’ article ‘Britain slams the doors on Hong Kong’s’ freedoms’ could be read as implying that the rule of law or freedom in Hong Kong have been eroded

Make flying etiquette a high priority

From Mr Peter Goodall. Sir, Tim Clark of Emirates should worry less about a revamped A380 and concentrate on conditions of carriage on his airline

IMF voting needs change whatever the measure

From Prof Richard N Cooper. Sir, In its article on the 2014 summit of the Brics, the Financial Times rightly decries once again the unfair allocation of existing voting rights

Obama has broken too many promises

From Dr John Howard Wilhelm. Sir, Edward Luce’s assertion that Barack Obama is not a liar is not substantiated by his own analysis

Lifting the Gaza blockade is hardly going to change Hamas

From Mr Yuval Yashiv. Sir, It is with dismay and deep disappointment that I read the letter by Lady Dahrendorf et al

Israel is no heartless monster

From Mr Robert M Sussman. Sir, Your editorial and a letter to the editor both make it sound like Israel is a heartless monster with no regard for human life

Winner should be quickest delivery

From Ms Maggie McGirr. Sir, What a pleasure it would be to attend any variety of pitch that had been edited by Lucy Kellaway


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