Shale: last act at retirement party

From Mr Martin Gooch. Sir, Rather disturbingly for Mike Stoddart, my own engineering career started in British Petroleum, so I am well aware of how oil companies make their investment decisions

There are bloodier conflicts than Israel-Palestine

From Mr Guido Franzinetti. Sir, Your editorial on Israel and anti-Semitism is timely and balanced

An ironically one-sided usage of the adjective ‘Semitic’

From Mr Ashwin Kalbag. Sir, I could not agree more with your editorial of ‘Anti-Semitism is a menace to us all’, the central thrust of which is to distinguish criticism of Israel from criticism of Jews in general

‘Anti-Semitism’ is not the same as ‘Anti-Israel’

From Mr Gordon L Jaynes. Sir, Please consider improving the accuracy and clarity of your use of ‘anti-Semitism’ or ‘anti-Semite’

A video is worth so many more words

From Mr Leonard Bazar. Sir, Zeynep Tufekci argues that the broadcasting of the video of James Foley’s decapitation will encourage certain viewers to join Isis and similar organisations

Meeting the needs of women golfers

From Ms Lyne Morrison. Sir, While the golf industry focuses on trending technology, the elite and millennials, it continues to disregard the latent potential of the female market

Tech M&As are no great mystery

From Mr Joseph Rizzi. Sir, Felix Salmon mistakenly suggests that early stage tech companies, cannot be evaluated except by entrepreneurs using some sort of mystical analysis

Draghi made the news at Jackson Hole – and it was good

From Prof Richard Portes and others. Sir, Normally, it is the chair of the Fed board who makes news at Jackson Hole

Two people at lunch

Delighted to lunch with Mr Skapinker

From Dr Alexander P Anthopoulos. Sir, Michael Skapinker bemoans the recent trend that continental Europeans with whom he interacts in the business world insist on speaking English

Cracking the non-Anglos’s code

From Mr John Buckley. Sir, I read with interest Michael Skapinker’s article ‘Non-Anglos won’t let us speak their languages’

Multiculturalism based on religion has much to answer for

From Mr Randhir Singh Bains. Sir, If successive British governments had not adopted religion as the basis for integrating ethnic minorities, it is quite possible that the threat of homegrown terrorism would not have manifested itself

Try Quebec, Mr. Skapinker

From Ms Sabine Nooteboom. Sir, If Michael Skapinker would like to speak French away from home, he should try Quebec

Time for the west to stop trying to run the board

From Mr Max Rayner. Sir, I was relieved to read Tony Barber’s article highlighting an alternative to the jingoistic reactions blaming Vladimir Putin and Russia for all that ails the world

Hedge funds can’t hide the real picture in Puerto Rico

From Mr David R Martin. Sir, As part of a desperate exit strategy, firms speculating in Puerto Rico bonds have ample reason to talk up the island’s economic prospects

Now Rajoy has a chance to engage – but he will miss it

From Mr Rubèn Fernández-Pola. Sir, Certainly, the wrongdoings of the former Catalan president Jordi Pujol are causing quite a stir regarding the argument over Catalan independence

It’s not just about a new IT system

From Mr Jim Pimpernell. Sir, Your editorial on big IT projects points to important actions, such as commissioning smaller projects

The English are getting first pick of Scotland’s fruit

From Ms Jane Kitto. Sir, Following John McDermott’s Notebook: I had just bought some cooking gooseberries and thought it was a bit late in the season for them so I looked on the label

Finding Tesco and analysing the Scottish referendum

From Mr Colin Quinn. Sir, Given John McDermott was unable to locate Tesco in Montrose, should we be concerned about his ability to analyse the Scottish political landscape?

Sauce for goose but not for gander

From Dr K Rajesh Nayak. Sir, Your newspaper never misses an opportunity to label the prime minister of India Narendra Modi as a ‘Hindu traditionalist’ or ‘Hindu nationalist’

Brent crude market and a comic opera

From Prof John V Orth. Sir, Reading Dan McCrum’s report that the Brent crude market is in contango got me singing

Big test is looming for Ukraine and the IMF

From Mr Bartosz Pawlowski. Sir, I read ‘Ukraine’s economy: Broken down’ with great interest. In my opinion, it rather accurately reflects the macroeconomic situation on the ground

My reply to those young people astonished at my f luency

From Mr Rod Chamberlain. Sir, I loved Michael Skapinker’s column ‘Non-Anglos won’t let us speak their languages’.

Michael Skapinker is bang on

Sir, Michael Skapinker is bang on. I live in Poland. Do I speak Polish despite hours of courses and books under my pillow?

It does not look like justice for Bank of America

From Mr Andy Thompson.Sir, The record US penalty against Bank of America raises several issues of concern

The holidork can’t get away from it all

From Prof B C K Patel. Sir, When I told a friendly administrator at my hospital about Daimler’s excellent policy of destroying all emails sent to someone who is on holiday, his response was: ‘Damn socialist European policies’

‘Created’ equal – that’s a different idea

From Mr Thomas W Streeter. Sir, Talking about the American Declaration of Independence, Annette Gordon-Reed says: ‘That document, which insists that all men are equal and entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness . . .

Too soon to talk of an M&A boom

From Mr Andy Cox. Sir, I wholeheartedly agree with Mohamed El-Erian’s assertion that ‘expansion in labour and investment must be the aim of mergers’

Modi is totally tuned in and on Indians’ wavelength

From Mr R Vijayaraghavan. Sir, James Crabtree’s Lunch with Raghuram Rajan and Victor Mallet’s report ‘Modi issues battle cry from Red Fort in push to modernise India’ both made interesting reading

France needs a government that encourages free enterprise

From Mr Simon Fletcher. Sir, Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande quite rightly come in for a bashing in your editorial ‘The fuse under the Fifth Republic’ (August 16)

A recovery that cannot be sound

From Mr Harvey Cole. Sir, Professors Kevin Murphy and Robert Topel say that ‘almost three-quarters of the working-age population (in the UK) is now employed


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