Hypocrisy of the Muslim Gulf countries

From Zahid Nawaz. Sir, Thank you for publishing the letter from Richard Katz highlighting inaction by the EU over the migrant crisis

It’s now clear who was ‘misguided’ before the financial crisis

From Conrad DeQuadros. Sir, This week has brought competing views on monetary policy, from Lawrence Summers in a column in the FT, and from Raghuram Rajan, governor of the Reserve Bank of India

Time to make chaebol families step aside

From Joonho Um. Sir, Simon Mundy’s article ‘S Korea grapples with legal means of keeping ‘chaebols’ in the family’ sheds good light on a topic of utmost importance in Korean financial markets

The window-dressing that fosters a sense of harmony

From Jeremiah J Sullivan. Sir, Barbara Judge rightly applauds the movement to appoint more foreign directors to Japanese corporate boards

Threat to the Chinese dream is the real worry

From Jesper Koll. Sir, Martin Wolf is absolutely right to present China’s stock market gyrations as a lesser worry than the broader complexities facing the authorities

Border controls would not have thwarted terrorist

From Silvio Sandrone. Sir, Spanish police warned their French counterparts about the danger posed by Ayoub el-Khazzani when he moved there

A lesson for Paris on Sunday rest

From Lele Usenbor. Sir, Like Adam Thomson I cherish quiet Sundays, that one day of the week when we can lean back, relax and forget about shopping

Changing composition of the workforce is at the root of Labour’s problems

From Tony Golding. Sir, Janan Ganesh is right to point to the ‘blend of narcissism and innumeracy’ that is the hallmark of dyed-in-the-wool protesters

A 1994 treaty for the Russians to implement

From R V Arnaudo. Sir, Alexander Novikov of the Russian Embassy in the UK writes of the diplomatic principle pacta sunt servanda, or ‘treaties must be implemented’

BBC funding survey asked slanted questions

From Patrick Barwise. Sir, The Whitehouse Consultancy’s poll on replacing the BBC licence fee with advertising is a great example of a biased survey

Leverage ratio threat to the cleared derivatives ecosystem

From Timothy W Cameron and others. Sir, Regarding Thomas M Hoenig’s article: we believe there are flaws in its application to cleared derivatives

Before criticising Corbyn evaluate his policies

From Peter Cave. Sir, Would it not be better for Janan Ganesh to evaluate Mr Corbyn’s policies and those of the eminent economists who support him?

Charities need the skills of the corporate sector

From Robin Hindle Fisher. Sir, William Shawcross is right to remind charities’ trustees, and your readers, that it is they who bear the legal responsibilities for the organisations they serve

Actions should have been limited to the conservative

From William Gamble. Sir, Markets are and always have been about one thing: information

Welcome young families with children moving in

From Adrie de Groot. Sir, The FT and other sources of current news, is full of dramatic and sad items covering the plight of tens of thousands of refugees, fleeing absolute security threats

Use the experience older workers have developed

From Simon Ross. Sir, Stefan Wagstyl rightly points to the challenges associated with the ageing and projected fall in Germany’s population, where it is something of a global pioneer

Chinese policymakers face Herculean challenges — we should wish them well

From Khairy Tourk. Sir, I read with great interest Michael Schuman’s article, in which he rebuked the Chinese technocrats for the supposed failure of their policies

China’s leaders had no choice but to ditch the old model

From Simon Hunt and others. Sir, Praise to George Magnus for setting out so plainly a few of the hurdles facing China’s leadership

Red is the new black on stock brokers’ screens

From James Clunie. Sir, Your editorial claims that there is ‘too much red on stock brokers’ screens’ for the Chinese authorities to wish away

I hope we may expect many ‘Ching Mondays’

From John O’Byrne. Sir, The term ‘China’s Black Monday’ has gained rapid currency worldwide



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