A real danger to global financial system from oil price collapse

From Peter Lewis. Sir, Gavyn Davies considers whether the collapse in oil prices could lead to a larger financial shock and concludes that it is unlikely

Lending money has its own non-fatal risks

From Luis Arenzana. Sir, Jonathan Ford argues that Lending Club ‘can now be expected to accelerate its online expansion to capitalise on its first-mover status in the US market’

Climate challenges for Royal Dutch Shell

From Bob Ward. Sir, Ben van Beurden, the chief executive of Royal Dutch Shell, shows a welcome willingness to engage in the debate about ‘a sustainable energy future’

Currency tactic may yet rebound on Japan

From Steven Hix. Sir, Peter Tasker’s Comment purports that the primary driver of the Japanese economy is the intentional weakening of the yen as part of the government’s reflationary ‘Abenomics’ policies

True comparison with ox-weighing contest

From Philip Broadley. Sir, John Kay, in ‘Crowd-pleasing theories are no substitute for wise regulation’, provides an important reminder as to what market prices of traded securities actually tell us on any given day

Look elsewhere for model behaviour

From Arnold Packer. Sir, Interestingly, Martin Wolf and John Kay write in the same edition (December 17) about the unreality of the ‘Homo economicus’ so relied on by economists as the model of human behaviour

Old stories with a familiar ring

From Lynne Gardiner. Sir, I recently celebrated a significant birthday and happened to be given a present of an FT newspaper published on the day of my birth

Redaction is a euphemism

From Roger Turff. When did censorship become redaction?

Transatlantic trade deal offers Europe a great opportunity

From John Cridland and others. Sir, We the undersigned business groups believe that the TTIP offers significant benefits for our employees and European growth

Prosperous middle classes help to lower inequality

From Henri Lorie. Sir, I was most interested in the OECD finding that in higher inequality countries, children born to poorly educated parents tend to do worse academically

Retailers must change their online mindset

From Patrick A Gallagher. Sir, While more van drivers would certainly alleviate pressure on getting packages to customers on time this Christmas, it is not the magic bullet

Bidding a cruel goodbye

From Christopher Bellew. Sir, Lucy Kellaway thinly veils her contempt for sycophantic eulogies to a departing boss

Jeb can follow his brother in courting Hispanic vote

From Daniel J Aronoff. Sir, Several recent articles in the Financial times on the putative presidential candidacy of Jeb Bush overlook the core of his appeal and his chance for victory

Emigration looks good amid looming de facto dynasties

From Al Gillespie. Sir, One can only hope that Prime Minister David Cameron will consider an ancestral right-of-return to the UK for requesting Americans among his immigration proposals

Companies will hit parity only if it is in their interest

From Marie Helene Leroy. Sir, With reference to ‘Men should no longer rule finance alone’: marketing shows that clients are keener on spending money if faced with a salesforce with whom they can identify

A Hanseatic template for London’s place within Britain

From Tom Brown. Sir, Even as a Londoner, I hope that some of the measures Philip Stephens proposes be taken to liberate London from the baleful influence of the rest of England are tongue-in-cheek

The M25 chokes London’s outward-looking spirit

From John Moore. Sir, Rather than being the capital’s ‘ready-made frontier’, the M25 orbital motorway is seen by psychogeographers as the defensive perimeter around London

London breaking away? Not so fast . . . 

From Shouvik Datta. Sir, Philip Stephens’ vision of London having its own prime minister raises the uncomfortable idea of a capital city breaking away from its own country

Little advantage for Saudis to hold the oil price down

From Parvis Jamieson. Sir, David Gardner’s article on Saudi Arabia’s motives in pushing down the oil price is insightful, but does not explore the fact that the kingdom’s action is unlikely to achieve a sustained political advantage

Lucy takes the crown in dethroning a retail king

From John A Dembitz. Sir, Thank heavens Lucy Kellaway has the guts to say ‘the king has no clothes’


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