Indoor air pollution causes majority of deaths

From Bjorn Lomborg. Sir, Nicholas Stern is simply wrong to persist in claiming that the majority of 7m deaths from indoor and outdoor air pollution is caused by fossil fuels

Savour the differences between east and west

From Prof Eduard J Bomhoff. Sir, Your reviewer Louise Levine enjoyed a performance of Chinese opera, calling it ‘unmissable’, but withheld one star for the ‘banal’ subtitles

Review is no ‘sham’ but a valuable opportunity

From Ed Holmes. Sir, Janan Ganesh takes a very jaundiced view of today’s Spending Review

When Mr Big notices he has superhuman qualities

From Derek Robinson. Sir, Notwithstanding John Kay’s arguments to the contrary in ‘Shareholders think they own the company’, there is a respectable argument that shareholders do own the company

Ebola is one more fear to be confronted

From Alan Capps. Sir, Your editorial ‘Ebola and other lethal diseases remain a threat’ speaks to all the key issues that need to be addressed for future responses

Isis can be countered — it is Russia that poses a far more daunting challenge

From Dustin Dehez. Sir, Gideon Rachman’s case for rapprochement with Russia is deeply misguided

Eradicate Wahhabi view of Islam from the world

From Amir Ahmad. Sir, I read Jamal Khashoggi’s op-ed ‘We feel Europe’s fear — and need its help’ with great interest

We should start by reinforcing Europe’s external borders

From John Stewart. Sir, Fiona Templeman’s letter ‘Schengen can work with better intelligence’ is very pertinent

Even without Schengen we will be no more secure

From Josef Konvitz. Sir, If the freedom of movement within Schengen comes to an end, let us have no illusions that nation-states will be any more secure

Corbyn’s responses are reflective and considered

From Revd Canon Geoff Smith. Sir, I am sure that Jeremy Corbyn is more than capable of defending himself against your attack on his leadership in your editorial

Danger of becoming what we are trying to combat

From Michael D Godfrey. Sir, Simon Kuper’s article ‘Notes from a wounded city’ is of particular importance

Trustees stripped of decision-making power

From Keith Wallace. Sir, With reference to ‘‘Perverse’ consulting sector slammed’: one has to consider causes, not effects

What we want is better after-school childcare

From Jane Waldfogel. Sir, While Chris Giles correctly points out that the largest pay gap is that faced by part-time workers, his policy prescription to address that is baffling

Israel simply asks that its heritage be respected

From Jonathan Bloom. Sir, Benjamin Netanyahu is criticised for demanding that any Palestinian state be required to recognise Israel as a Jewish state

Indian lentils fall prey to Hayek’s fatal conceit

From G Jason Goddard. Sir, I found it interesting, in your report that it is the weather that is being blamed for the fall in pulse production, rather than government intervention

What a cooker manufacturer could teach VW

From Tim Ward. Sir, You write that ‘European consumers have shown little tendency to buy vehicles based on their environmental credentials or even fuel economy’

No evidence to suggest gerrymandering in Venezuelan election

From Bert Schouwenburg. Sir, Since Hugo Chávez was elected president of Venezuela in 1998 there have been repeated attempts to rubbish his party’s successive victories at the polls

Spot the signs of mental ill health in employees

From Kelly Feehan. Sir, I was pleased to see Emma Jacobs’ frank article on anxiety in the workplace, citing the examples of bankers and those working in financial services experiencing mental ill health

Trade rules for EU market greatly benefit the UK

From Andrew Fraser. Sir, Alan Sked asserts that we no longer ‘need to be part of the EU’ to enjoy trade with our partners in the single market

Headhunters have to follow a rigorous process

From Jonathan Farn. Sir, Regarding Andrew Hill’s column: headhunters can only justify their partnership in recruitment by following a rigorous and logical process



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