Creative inspiration is all around you on the Tube

From Andy Green. Sir, I find it ironic that in a column headed ‘A break from the routine’ Mr Brûlé should be so dismissive of one of the fastest and most profound sources of creative inspiration

It’s time for a bullying regime to step into the 21st century

From Don Cropper. Sir, The letter about Taiwan from Chinese embassy spokesman Miao Deyu is textbook Chinese Communist party propaganda that cannot pass unchallenged

Outdoor smokers would soon find another spot

From Tony Innes. Sir, While I am firmly in the antismoking camp, I find myself in complete agreement with David Hockney about the proposal to prohibit smoking in public parks

The health benefits of smoking

From John Edgley. Sir, I would like to lend my support to David Hockney in his views on the health-giving benefits of enjoying a quiet fag, even in a public open space

Nothing wrong with sending staff by bike

From Timothy Waller. Sir, Why is it such a bad thing that Optimity “has had” to put its engineers on Boris Bikes to get to clients?

Only the agreeable can be geniuses, it seems

From Hugo Pooley. Sir, Mr Neulaender states that for an artist to be considered ‘the greatest of the 20th century’, ‘all aspects of an artist’s personality and behaviour have to be taken into account’

I’m so thankful to have my children every day

From Marie Helene Bello. Sir, As a mother of four, I am quite surprised by Facebook and Apple’s decision to support women in freezing their eggs

Exchequer may end up out of pocket

From Mark Homan. Sir, Two important aspects of the proposed mansion tax seem to have been overlooked in the debate

EU should take defence spending into account

From John Barstow. Sir, There is room for manoeuvre in the impasse over the proposed extra £1.7bn EU membership price tag

Casting the ethical netmore widely

From Penny Laughton. Sir, The Archbishop of Canterbury has rightly stated that investment banks perform ‘an important service in the economy’

Risk-taking implies a danger of personal loss

From Brian Palmer. Sir, The word “risk” is bandied about a good deal. Could your writers come up with a new term?

Italian soldiers were able to retain their humanity

From Henry Raymont. Sir, I still remember the story an Italian told me of his first experience as a member of the ‘expeditionary force’ sent by Mussolini

Rediscovering the example of the righteous

From Giulio Terzi. Sir, Having served as an Italian ambassador both in Israel and in the US, it became important to me to rediscover stories documented in books and movies on this subject

Where does this leave us regular guys?

From Stephen Woolverton. Sir, what are we regular guys with our pot bellies, bad jokes and dead-end jobs to think of our lives?

A cheerful picture of Britain only a few will recognise

From Mr W Lawrie. Sir, Janan Ganesh uses the glum clichés about the 1970s to contrast with his cheerful portrayal of the present

Do Brits not realise what is going on around them?

From Mr Enrico M Bombieri. Sir, I read with great interest Janan Ganesh’s article ‘Miserablism risks causing Britain serious harm’ as it reflects my own thinking

Western values and real Hungarian values are the same

From Szabolcs Kerék-Bárczy. Sir, A few days ago the US government, based on corruption charges, issued a ban on a number of high-level Hungarian officials

Europe is more than an exporting juggernaut

From Pierpaolo Barbieri. Sir, What Martin Wolf misses in his otherwise insightful column is that the eurozone has been and remains in institutional flux

How America’s ‘Solid South’ came into being

From Luke Powell. Sir, Your report asserts that ‘Democrats held all of the Senate seats in the 11 [Confederate] states from after the civil war to the early 1960s’

Renewables are very much ‘up to the job’

From Mr Angus McCrone. Sir, Dieter Helm takes a swipe at renewables, describing them as ‘not up to the job’


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