Cultural angle of the critical snack

From Mr John Sargeant. Sir, How I agree with Adam Jones that managers need to work on getting the right balance in their feedback

Give praise when earned

From Ms Frances Hayward. Sir, Sandwiching important criticism between white-bread praise runs the risk of the deserved praise not being heard

A wakeup call on the impacts of climate change

From Mr Bob Ward. Sir, Your editorial “Time to change the political climate” is right to highlight the need for politicians to understand the risks posed by unmanaged climate change

Extremists are to blame for violence in Venezuela

From Mr Alvaro Sanchez. Sir, A very misleading impression on the recent wave of violence in Venezuela is given by Moisés Naím (‘Cuba fed a president’s fears and took over Caracas’)

ECB is complacent about deflation at the eurozone’s peril

From Mr Gabriel Stein. Sir, Jürgen Stark does a credible job of trying to kill the messenger (‘Doomsayers risk a self-fulfilling prophecy’)

An investor model worth copying

From Mr John Stroughair. Sir, Paul Conn makes some excellent points regarding the byzantine path that the EU is following towards shareholder democracy

You can’t always rely on your phone

From Mr Bernard H Casey. Sir, Michael Skapinker should have known better (‘It is time to let our phones roam free’)

Remittances are vital in Somaliland’s developing economy

From Ms Ifrah Osman. Sir, Somaliland salutes Barclays’ decision to keep Dahabshiil’s remittance account open beyond the initial May deadline

BM54M6 Common brittle-star (Ophiothrix fragilis) on the lower shore UK

A new ecosystem is now required

From Mr Rajiv Girotra. Sir, Your article ‘A slippery ladder’ is a reminder that a very large proportion of the human population remains vulnerable to any economic shocks

Scotland’s uncomfortable parallel with Quebec

From Prof Colin Mason. Sir, Philip Stephens observes that the Scottish independence campaign is throwing up parallels with the Quebec independence vote in 1995

Remittance charges are indefensible in this day and age

From Mr Kevin Watkins. Sir, MoneyGram declares that ‘the biggest trend over the past decade had been a reduction in money transfer fees’

World Bank’s most important decision

From Jeremy Lefroy MP. Sir, Your editorial ‘Restructuring hell at the World Bank’ does not mention the most important act of the World Bank under Jim Yong Kim’s leadership

We haven’t heard the last of ‘9 To 5’

From Dr John Doherty. Sir, I thank Angela Polsen-Emy for spotting that my quotation of a verse from Dolly Parton’s song ‘9 To 5’ was the second time I had done this

UK should look to do deal with ASX

From Mr Michael Coulson. Sir, Paul Conn calls on the UK to develop a dematerialised shareholder registration system without copying the US system

Banks much better placed now to weather any future crisis

From Mr Anthony Browne. Sir, Martin Wolf and Robert Jenkins respectively argue that ‘bank leverage remains too high’ and that banks have ‘too little’ capital

Rethinking national income accounts

From Prof Kenneth Button. Sir, John Kay’s article is timely in light of the revisions being made to the UK’s national income accounts and the significant upgrading of Nigeria’s national income

Much to build upon and protect at the World Bank

From Mr Roberto Zagha. Sir, Your Analysis article and editorial provide valuable insights on reforms under way at the World Bank to make the institution more relevant to its borrowers

Failed policies that have lost Europe half a decade

From Mr Thomas Fazi. Sir, As a European and an Italian I am appalled by Jürgen Stark’s article, in which he brings to a whole new level the anti-inflation paranoia

Essential that west recognises Ukrainian sensitivities also

From Mr Allan Marson. Sir, John Landell Mills’ letter, which urged the EU and the US to ‘talk to Russia with empathy and fairness’, raises more questions

Power is shifting away from the connectivity providers

From Mr Ev Ehrlich. Sir, Edward Luce’s critique of the Comcast-Time Warner Cable transaction gets key facts wrong about US broadband

Leverage ratio is the real issue

From Mr C Charles Okeahalam. Sir, Martin Arnold is absolutely right. Pay is not the issue

Mary Rose diver honoured at last

From Mr Henry Yelf. Sir, Your article about the opening of the new Mary Rose museum failed to mention Alexander McKee, the amateur diver who found her under the Solent mud

Republicans’ best hope for a return to the centre

From Dr Albion M Urdank. Sir, Christopher Caldwell has it wrong in his belief that a Jeb Bush Republican candidacy would certainly fail in 2016

Which direction will the ANC take?

From Mr I R Trythall. Sir, ‘Twelve days in southern Africa’ (Life & Arts, April 12) was an excellent piece; I enjoyed the read

No data can replace rigorous thought

From Dr Brendan Kelly. Sir, As ever, Tim Harford provides a sobering, balanced view of big data (‘Big mistake?’)

Seizing the opportunity of big data

From Mr Rupert Naylor. Sir, Tim Harford (‘Big mistake?’), raises a crucial argument about the potential of big data, and the way it is used by companies today

Javid focused and straightforward

From Mr Richard Harper. Sir, Following the introduction of the localism bill in 2011, I commenced correspondence with my member of parliament, Sajid Javid

Career advice for Sajid Javid

From Mr Clark McGinn. Sir, I think Sajid Javid’s school careers adviser was spot on (Notebook, April 15) in suggesting that he become a television repair man

Those opposed to IHT will object even more to a gift tax

From Mr Stuart M Southall. Sir, Merryn Somerset Webb attempts to placate those of her readers she felt she had upset, with a radical plan to replace inheritance tax with a gift tax

Accused thrust into media spotlight deserve to be treated more sensitively

From Mr Paul Tweed. Sir, Your report brings to mind the question as to whether anonymity should be granted to the accused, as well as the victim, in rape and other serious sex cases


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