Think carefully before denationalising citizens

From Julia Harrington-Reddy. Sir, The French government’s current bid to make it legally possible to strip citizenship from individuals suspected of terrorism should ring alarm bells across Europe, and beyond

Big notes remain part of the Swiss business model

From Harvey Clark Greisman. Sir, Gillian Tett cites factors that explain the persistence of cash

Day in August 1968 that an unbeatable record was set

From David C Speedie. Sir, Adrian Wykes is, of course, correct

Time to introduce ‘sobers’ to the English language

From Krishnamachar Sreenivasan. Sir, Gary Sobers showed the world that it is easier to drive a ball straight, head still, bat sufficiently accelerated to meet the oncoming swinging ball, than to write about it

Zika threat demands a global response

From Keizo Takemi. Sir, The Ebola virus was only just set to rest for a while and, as Anjana Ahuja pointed out, another — Zika — is already challenging humanity

‘The people’ will be able to game their QE system

From Dr William Dixon. Sir, The problem with Jeremy Beckwith’s proposal lies in how people react to the proposed QE bank accounts

We don’t need a big hitter to lead Brexit campaign

From Edward Miller. Sir, The FT has resorted to some rather feeble arguments in its defence of Britain’s membership of the EU

Implications of remaining are never clearly explained

From John S Burton. Sir, Your editorial ‘The flaw in the heart of the campaign for Brexit’ emphasises uncertainties in the case for leaving the EU

No convincing evidence that inflation fosters growth

From Dr Frank Boll. Sir, Mario Draghi has again stressed the central bank mantra that low inflation should be combated by even more expansionary monetary policy

Progressive ideas find a practical counterbalance

From John Starrels. Sir, John Kay’s column ‘The danger of political groupthink in our universities’ is off the mark

We need braver leaders more than helicopters

From Malcolm Barr and David Mackie. Sir, Martin Wolf’s emphasis on ‘helicopter money’ distracts from the issues of real import as we consider how policy could respond to the next downturn

QE for the people, not just for the 1 per cent

From Jeremy Beckwith. Sir, Martin Wolf writes that it would be good to organise the deleveraging of economies, and argues that helicopter money would be effective if it went directly into people’s bank accounts

Flood Re will struggle to keep premiums low in the face of increased risk

From Dr Swenja Surminski. Sir, The answer to the question of whether Flood Re alone is a sufficient response by the UK government is glaringly obvious

Devolution is more than a two-way conversation

From Paul Watson. Sir, Your report should remind local authority leaders making the case for devolution across the country, how much we still have to do

Ukrainians deserve better than to lose their reform champions

From Gavin Hayman. Sir, Fighting corruption, secret deals and patronage between politicians and oligarchs in the Ukraine is a daily task that takes immense courage and vision

Iowans’ core values and quiet pride remain

From Ted Gaffney. Sir, It was nice to see a new commentator in the FT: Sebastian Payne. However, I do take umbrage when he refers to Iowa as an ‘otherwise unremarkable Midwestern state’

For all the gripes, the EU is successful and viable

From Fiona Templeman. Sir, Many thanks to Gideon Rachman for pointing out what should be obvious

Attempts began in 1964 to mend the Great Schism

From David Tonge. Sir, The Russian Orthodox Church did exist in 1054 but the Great Schism of 1054 was between the Eastern and Western Romes, Constantinople and Rome

Remedy for dumping must fit the offence

From Eliza Patterson. Sir, Christian Oliver states: ‘But it would also make it far harder for countries to retaliate against alleged Chinese dumping with countervailing duties’. In fact it would be impossible — as it already is

Otherwise occupied?

From Nick Elam. Sir, ‘Are we more conscientious than men when it comes to getting to work?’, asks Mrs Moneypenny. Perhaps the men were shovelling snow



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