Britain’s role is vital in guarding Europe’s peace

From Dennis JD Sandole. Sir, Martin Wolf’s cogent contribution to the Brexit debate (‘Myths and fantasies in the case for Brexit’, April 27) reminds us that many of the arguments have been framed largely in terms of narrow economic interests

The long view of Brexit and trade policy

From Patrick Minford. Sir, The Liverpool Model was used to help design the supply-side programme of Margaret Thatcher, including union and benefit reform


This letter sparked a conversation on shared parenting after the writer criticised the FT for gender stereotyping and called on us to bring our editorial policy up to date.
– Letter: Anna Schleiter Nielsen, age 14, Oxford
Johnson's Baby Shampoo is pictured on display at a supermarket in Hong Kong on March 16, 2009. The world famous baby shampoo is a product of US health care giant Johnson & Johnson. AFP PHOTO/MIKE CLARKE (Photo credit should read MIKE CLARKE/AFP/Getty Images) ©AFP
The letter was a response to a front-page print headline that read, “Millennial mums going gaga for organics spark J&J rethink’. What do you think?

Productive exceptions shine in African gloom

From Dr Dirk Willem te Velde. Sir, David Pilling is right to argue that Africa is facing severe challenges, now that commodity exports have dropped

The trade deals we have are not convincing

From Nick Dearden. Sir, The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is certainly proving a hard sell in Europe and the US, as Gideon Rachman writes

Press and consultants share in statistical fiddles

From C G Pradeep Kumar. Sir, Tim Harford’s efforts in demonstrating ‘How politicians poisoned statistics’ are indeed laudable but the conclusions we reach on reading his long essay are not surprising

The luxury of books, cutlery and education

From Susan M R Hopkins. Sir, When I bought your paper last week to read an item of particular interest, I realised that our family might fall into the category of people who have supplied resources and help with educational fees

Perceptions of logic

From Martin DeVille. Sir, Your article on Leave economists breaking with their profession’s consensus took me back to when I was sitting in lectures and tutorials given by Professor Patrick Minford at Liverpool University

Reign of the robots

From Bernard Casey. Sir, May we look forward to the day when a robo-adviser will recommend robo-funds to retail investors

To many, heaven is a Gucci handbag

From Stefan Zehle. Sir, I should have thought that, instead of trying to stop the practice of a burnt offering in the form of a Gucci handbag, the company would be flattered

Brexit would be strategically irresponsible

From Daniel Keohane. Sir, In the event of a Brexit, it is true, as Anand Menon argues, that the UK would remain a nuclear-armed member of Nato and the UN Security Council

Starting a trade war would not be good for Britain

From Helge Vindenes. Sir, Michael Geoghegan makes the point that the EU’s exports to the UK are larger than the UK’s exports to the EU

Cross-border ecommerce is just about to get easier

From Philip Rooke. Sir, I noticed that the entrepreneurs’ letter doesn’t mention the digital single market legislation going through the EU parliament at the moment

Some situations vacant are more difficult to fill

From Robert Sutherland Smith. Sir, Your recent editorial on migration into the UK and ‘stolen’ jobs reminded me of the words of Sir Harold Macmillan to Lord Kilmuir

Outrageous to expect the rich to bail out politicians

From James Beadle. Sir, Hugo Greenhalgh, in his review of ‘Taxing the Rich: A History of Fiscal Fairness in the United States and Europe’, hints strongly at the complexities of tax equality and fairness

The old cold war rules don’t apply in cyber space

From Mark Sullivan. Sir, Sam Jones notes correctly that destructive cyber attacks are rare

IMF is acting for the banks and against the interests of the Greek people

From Philippe Lamberts and others. Sir, European Council president Donald Tusk’s recent decision to cancel the special eurogroup meeting on Greece is evidence that we are heading for another crisis

Secret of the Soviet programmers’ skills

From Richard N Golden. Sir, I’ve read that computer time in the late Soviet period was rare and rationed, so programmers had to think things through before they actually got computing time to see how it worked in practice

The less painful way to reduce your time at work

From Stéphane Magnan. Sir, Lucy Kellaway has got it right: if you reduce your time at work, you can achieve at least the same amount

Sportsman who almost became King of Albania

From Matthew Sutherland. Sir, I enjoyed Tony Barber’s discourse on the similarities and differences between the UK and Albania, inspired by Michael Gove, the UK justice secretary

Erosion of trust in the EU is tangible

From Prof Ray Kinsella. Sir, In her elegant and insightful op-ed ‘Brexiters are nostalgics in search of a lost empire’, Linda Colley concludes that ‘at its popular core, the Brexit campaign is essentially a movement of anger, but also of bereftness’



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