bronze bust of Alexander McKee at the Mary Rose museum
©Luke Shepherd

Mary Rose diver honoured at last

From Mr Henry Yelf. Sir, Your article about the opening of the new Mary Rose museum failed to mention Alexander McKee, the amateur diver who found her under the Solent mud

Republicans’ best hope for a return to the centre

From Dr Albion M Urdank. Sir, Christopher Caldwell has it wrong in his belief that a Jeb Bush Republican candidacy would certainly fail in 2016

Which direction will the ANC take?

From Mr I R Trythall. Sir, ‘Twelve days in southern Africa’ (Life & Arts, April 12) was an excellent piece; I enjoyed the read

No data can replace rigorous thought

From Dr Brendan Kelly. Sir, As ever, Tim Harford provides a sobering, balanced view of big data (‘Big mistake?’)

Seizing the opportunity of big data

From Mr Rupert Naylor. Sir, Tim Harford (‘Big mistake?’), raises a crucial argument about the potential of big data, and the way it is used by companies today

Javid focused and straightforward

From Mr Richard Harper. Sir, Following the introduction of the localism bill in 2011, I commenced correspondence with my member of parliament, Sajid Javid

Career advice for Sajid Javid

From Mr Clark McGinn. Sir, I think Sajid Javid’s school careers adviser was spot on (Notebook, April 15) in suggesting that he become a television repair man

Those opposed to IHT will object even more to a gift tax

From Mr Stuart M Southall. Sir, Merryn Somerset Webb attempts to placate those of her readers she felt she had upset, with a radical plan to replace inheritance tax with a gift tax

Accused thrust into media spotlight deserve to be treated more sensitively

From Mr Paul Tweed. Sir, Your report brings to mind the question as to whether anonymity should be granted to the accused, as well as the victim, in rape and other serious sex cases

Let’s have a choice of two prices

From Mr Nick Thorne. Sir, Rather than boycotting multinationals for exploiting offshore tax loopholes, why can’t we ask them to provide two pricing options?

The UK regulatory burden is heavier

From Dr Philip Hilton. Sir, Iain Mansfield asserts that repealing or reforming EU health and safety regulations would ‘lighten the burden on businesses, voluntary organisations and public bodies’

No calories in numbers

From Mr Malcolm Rasala. Sir, We should remember the words of David Lloyd George: ‘You cannot feed the hungry with statistics.’

Slavish, superficial – and ridiculous

From Ms Jean Gilhead. Sir, ‘The Gwynabee’ sums up beautifully the pretension and superficiality of celebrity and those that slavishly follow it

Buildings and the beauties of onyx

From Mr Christopher Bellew. Sir, Sir David Tang writes of onyx being used in architecture (House & Home, April 12)

Give me a comfy wing chair any day

From Mr Rudy D Blake. Sir, Give me, any time, an old English wing chair, where I can snuggle up to one of the wings for a quiet zizz

Shame on you, EU

From Mr Simon Laugharne. Sir, Was I the only one ashamed, as a citizen of Europe, to read Thursday’s front-page headline?

Cash benefit had nothing to do with my choosing the NHS

From Ms Deborah Steel. Sir, My decision to be treated on the NHS had absolutely nothing to do with the cash benefit offered by the insurance company

Constant refrain?

From Ms Angela Polsen-Emy. Sir, You published a letter on April 15 from John Doherty in Vienna quoting the last verse of the Dolly Parton song ‘9 To 5’

Dogma of shareholder value at root of inequality

From Prof Louis Brennan. Sir, In addressing the fact that the richest 1 per cent appropriated 60 per cent of the increase in US national income between 1977 and 2007

UK can do better than US system

From Mr Paul A Conn. Sir, John Stroughair says that voting shares held in US brokerage accounts is a straightforward system and wonders why something similar can’t be put in place in the US

World Bank is increasing its firepower

From Mr Cyril Muller. Sir, Your editorial seems to be based on rumour and hearsay rather than genuine analysis of what we are trying to achieve here at the World Bank Group

Mauritanians on the margin

From Ms Julia Harrington Reddy. Sir, I share the concerns voiced in your report “Mauritania ‘vulnerable’ to rising Islamic extremism”

Sad loss of our supremacy

From Baroness Jo Valentine. Sir, While it is concerning that Heathrow is losing its top slot as the world’s busiest international passenger hub to Dubai, there is a sad inevitability about this

Don’t jeopardise the Greeks’ efforts

From Mr Pierpaolo Barbieri. Sir, What is most irresponsible about Wolfgang Münchau’s column ‘This could be the moment for Greece to default’

Less bombast, more diplomacy

From Mr Ben Hopkinson. Sir, You should have given John Landell Mills’ letter top billing

Smoke and mirrors at play in Ukraine

From Amb Francis Martin O’Donnell. Sir, The soft-power western response to Russia’s tiptoe creeping “non-invasion” intrusion into Ukraine represents a new kind of 21st-century contest

Politicians and poetic licence

From Mr Randhir Singh Bains. Sir, It is a pity that Scottish politicians are dragging Robert Burns into their secessionist politics

Partners and employees’ $1.1bn interest in Lazard

From Mr Kenneth M Jacobs. Sir, The Lex in depth article ‘Boutique banks’ suggests that Lazard’s partnership group no longer has a significant interest in Lazard

Unionists fail to target Scots’ hearts and minds

From Mr David C Speedie. Sir, Much of what Philip Stephens has to say about the Scottish independence question is balanced and reasonable

Independent Scotland would require a separate currency

From Prof Ronald MacDonald. Sir, The issue of the appropriate currency regime for an independent Scotland has become central to the referendum debate


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