Wake up, Europe—you have already lost the money

From Robin Monro-Davies. Sir, For a former credit man, there are times in even the most complex situations where the solution becomes obvious

A better way of providing debt relief to Greece

From Hugo Dixon. Sir, Martin Wolf makes the moral case for a Greek debt haircut on the grounds that creditors should own up to their people about the mistakes they made

Cheap finance for politicians; nothing for the private sectors

From Alasdair Macleod. Sir, Martin Wolf optimistically backs the ECB’s QE on the basis that something done is better than nothing

Money in the pocket cures all ills

From Francis JM Farley. Sir, Neil McMillan writes that the ECB plans to transfer €60bn to the banks each month; quantitative easing

We Germans are mostly unaware of how we have benefited from the crises

From Olaf Dreyer. Sir, I am struck by how much the portrayal of the European debt crises in the pages of the FT differs from that in the German press

Today’s inequalities began with the junk bond boom

From John Griffiths. Sir, John Kay has noted that the rise in inequality in the US and the UK ‘is principally the result of two interrelated causes’

Choosing the military solution will lead to more misery in Ukraine

From Alexander Clackson. Sir, To follow through with Ivo Daalder’s proposal to arm Ukraine would be a great folly

Maybe we should look to ancient Greece to provide the solution

From Neil McMillan. Sir, In a week where we have seen the ECB finally go for QE and the Greeks hold an election, I wonder whether we should look at Ancient Athens for alternative solutions

Make Greek debt payment in relation to its capacity

From Niklas Wijkander. Sir, I would like to commend Reza Moghadam’s well-reasoned argument in ‘Halve the debt and keep the eurozone together’

Win-win solution with Greek debt-for-equity swap

From Richard Tice. Sir, I wrote to you more than two years ago to say that if Greece were a company, its advisers would recommend a debt-for-equity swap

Aer Lingus has protected the west of Ireland

From Paul O’Hara. Sir, Regarding the latest takeover attempt on Aer Lingus, Lombard states: ‘Governments should not own companies’

Flowers and his team built the Colossus computer

From John Tippler. Sir, Your report ‘Pure genius: Turing notebook to sell for $1m’ was inappropriately illustrated with a picture of a Colossus computer

India should continue to champion its thriving pharmaceuticals industry

From Anand Grover. Sir, President Barack Obama’s visit to Delhi saw the US and India pledge to resume talks on a bilateral investment treaty

Balpa leads the way with app aimed at young pilots

From Jim McAuslan. Sir, Michael Skapinker raises some important points about the use of technology to recruit and engage new union members

Commit to removing legal barriers to data-sharing

From Larry Thompson. Sir, Regulators are right to point out that a common financial language is essential to addressing some of the failings that were made apparent during the financial crisis

Mansion tax may be just what the market needs

From G J Tyrrell. Sir, I just might vote Labour to see the mansion tax introduced

Companies look set to be around for a while yet

From Daniel J Aronoff. Sir, Yochai Benkler argues that on demand services enhancing direct communication between customers and service providers, will disintermediate the corporation

Tobacco companies have right to use trademarks

From Robert A Hurst. Sir, I am surprised by the UK government’s intention to require tobacco companies to remove the distinguishing features of their trademarks from cigarette packets

‘Bold move’ will be to withdraw the money later

From Jeff Frank. Sir, Martin Wolf is right to dismiss many of the arguments against QE

Time to build tolerance into the European legislative framework

From Moshe Kantor. Sir, This International Holocaust Memorial Day, we must honour the dead with more than just commemoration


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