Growing, affluent middle class demands high-end healthcare

From Maureen Lewis. Sir, World Bank president Jim Yong Kim makes a strong case for universal health coverage and the components that need attention

EU is bending to US pressure over Ukraine

From Vladimir Yakuni. Sir, Allow me to respectfully disagree with the analysis in your report ‘Russia launches legal challenge over EU sanctions’

Dentists have last laugh over sneering Keynes

From Alex J Pollock. Sir, Your editorial cites the witty line of J M Keynes about wishing that economists could be ‘humble, competent people, on a level with dentists’

Young jobless Tunisians is another scary figure

From Anthony A Gribben. Sir, Many share Roula Khalaf’s disappointment in the failure of the Arab spring and the hope that Tunisia can be a reference point to bring forward democracy, economic wellbeing and stability in the region

Straightening the record on the rail industry

From Michael Roberts. Sir, Your report ‘Pennines rail route faces uphill struggle’ makes a number of statements about the rail industry that are incorrect

A front group for Big Tobacco

From John Stewart. Sir, In James C Miller III’s letter, the ITIC attempts to cast itself as a key stakeholder in setting tobacco taxation policy at last week’s meetings for the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control

Delaying motherhood is ‘leaning in’ a little too far

From Leanne Indaimo. Sir, Lynda Gratton suggests that in a perfect world, women should be able to postpone their child-rearing until their career is established

More key stages in the driverless egg process

From Ira Sohn. Sir, Robert Shrimsley’s amusing – or should I say alarming – script for future fertility in Silicon Valley omitted a few critical steps

If only I’d had the option

From Kentha Wagner. Sir, A man must have written your editorial ‘Egg freezing is a perk too far in Silicon Valley’s war’

Cap on banker bonuses is the right policy

From Avinash D Persaud. Sir, Having spent a couple of decades as a senior executive at investment banks, I have experienced many different bonus structures

Women want more time to choose a mate

From Katherine A Downs. Sir, In response to your editorial: in my experience with friends and colleagues who chose to freeze their eggs, rarely have career demands been a factor

Right time to have a baby turns on employer’s policy on returning to work

From Terry O’Shaughnessy. Sir, You are right to be sceptical about Facebook’s and Apple’s plans to offer incentives to some female employees to delay having children

Privileges of the private banking sector distort the economy

From James Skinner. Sir, As Amir Sufi points out, the damage done to the economic system by the tremendous support offered to banks by governments is much more serious than just misdirected lending

We stubborn Catalans will not give up

From Marta Domènech Tarrat. Sir, I am a Catalan citizen living in Barcelona and I would like to explain to you the real situation in my beloved country

Of course – we exist to tweet while driving

From Joel Glucksman. Sir, Let go of responsibility

Desperately seeking Phillips – get in touch!

From Owen Trotter. Sir, I wonder if any of your readers have heard from an old acquaintance from my time as an economics undergraduate?

Reforms mean freedom and encouragement to save – at last

From B McKinlay. Sir, Josephine Cumbo quotes Morten Nilsson, chief executive of Now Pensions, as saying the government needs to remember the fundamental purpose of pension saving

‘Clogs to clogs’ keeps any a business grounded

From Vivian Bush. Sir, Why might family-owned companies, according to PwC’s survey, shun rapid growth?

Take up the shovels (everyone else does)

From Nick Thody. Sir, Nicola Ralston bemoans the unlikelihood of being allowed to organise, in the interests of installing fibre optic cable, her own road-digging party in EC2

Japan is adapting to future conditions now

From Niccolo Caldararo. Sir, Peter Tasker argues that Japan’s economic condition represents a negative situation


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