Aim’s survival is in the hands of the regulators

From Meziane Lasfer. Sir, You report on the significant number of companies departing London’s junior market because of a lack of nominated advisers

Ammonia not quite ‘bread from air’ — but there are ways round the problem

From S Forbes Pearson. Sir, As a professional engineer who makes his living using ammonia, I write to express my appreciation of the letter from Bill David, JP MacIntosh and David Price

What we can learn from the rare earths fiasco

From Anthony Lipmann. Sir, Your obituary on the death of Molycorp betrayed a lack of understanding about this company’s gestation and subsequent flotation in 2010

Reduce the debt burden on Greece with consols

From Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada. Sir, Going back to the future with the introduction of the ‘Greek consol’ may be a way to save the Greek economy, the euro and European unification

Furtwängler returned to Berlin’s orchestra in 1952

From Charles Giovanni Vanzan Coutinho. Sir, In his article on the Berlin Philharmonic orchestra and its choice of Kirill Petrenko as its new conductor, John Gapper commits an erratum which requires correction

Don’t reckon without the Greeks’ ingenuity

From Christopher Smallwood. Sir, Amid all the talk of the disastrous consequences of Greece’s banks remaining closed, it is worth recalling how ingenious people can be in circumstances such as these

Let ESM take on Greece’s debt and promise future relief tied to reforms

From Harald Benink and others. Sir, The IMF has now spelt out clearly that Greece must obtain debt relief in one form or another

If the IMF had made its position clear, all this might have been avoided

From Vijay Joshi and David Vines. Sir, It is blindingly obvious that the IMF regards Greece’s debt as totally unsustainable

Required reading for all regulators

From Robert Stone. Sir, Caroline Binham and Jonathan Guthrie’s account of the travails of Martin Wheatley is a very vivid illustration of the intractable dilemmas facing any financial sector regulator

Courageous Wheatley has taken Osborne at his word

From Robert Jenkins. Sir, Your article ‘On the wrong side of the argument’, profiling the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority and the political climate within which it operates, is most timely

Warn operagoers that they may be disturbed

From Robin Berkeley. Sir, The rape scene in Rossini’s ‘Guillaume Tell’ at Covent Garden has created a furore

New routes? I think not

From Ron Hobbs. Sir, The idea that there are a great number of profitable, unexploited routes currently not served out of London Heathrow is simply laughable

As mayor of Rome, I have strengthened the action of transparency

From Ignazio Marino. Sir, I always read carefully the international press and among them your newspaper

Strasbourg beckons MPs without a home

From Per Ekehorn. Sir, Further to your report about the renovation of the Palace of Westminster: I understand the problems caused to the honourable members

The legendary distance runner who ran twice round Manhattan Island

From David A McM Wilson. Sir, As a keen long-distance runner I appreciate Gary Rawlinson’s reminiscences of his marathon training

Backwards and counting

From Clark McGinn. Sir, I cannot see how bankers can use pace counting through Fitbit to gauge their health

Let Syrian military deal with Isis unhindered

From Craig Sams. Sir, David Gardner’s three-point plan to defeat Isis calls for an effective coalition but makes no mention of the most powerful tools in any such coalition

It will take a coalition to bring down the caliphate

From Milt Khoobyarian. Sir, The proposal by David Gardner to bring down the ‘caliphate’ is interesting

Wing commander who wanted it both ways

From Graham Campbell. Sir, Residents’ objections to the third runway at Heathrow reminds me of an incident that occurred almost 60 years ago

High quality research is a cost managers understand

From David Weild. Sir, Jonathan Ford opines that the research ‘unbundling’ proposal by the European Securities and Markets Authority is long overdue



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