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Desire for liquidity comes at a cost investors struggle to grasp

From Daniel J Aronoff. Sir, Martin Wolf presciently warns of the danger posed by over-dependence on market liquidity

Remedies such as taxation of trades are unpalatable

From Lisa Capuano. Sir, Regarding the double-edged sword of liquidity, practitioners work diligently to nurture it, enhance it, promote it

Cantabrigians regarded as victors in debate on capital

From Dr Jo Michell. Sir, John Kay provides a two-line summary of the Cambridge capital controversies of the 1960s

Mathematics + plausibility = the modern rhetoric

From Nicholas Bradbury. Sir, Some weeks ago Janan Ganesh wrote of the importance of rhetoric in political and business life

States can provide seed capital to spur growth

From Chris Martin. Sir, Lawrence Summers identifies secular stagnation as a threat to the global economy and suggests that central banks support assets carrying a risk premium

UK must choose its big-ticket projects wisely

From Elizabeth Balsom. Sir, I hang on to the Broadwood upright piano my mother bought new for me when I was 10 because it has ivory keys

Residency debate catches English rugby offside

From Jem McDowall. Sir, Will Carling’s assessment of the issues facing English rugby after their exit from the Rugby World Cup talked about many things

An idyllic diversion

From Geoffrey Francis. Sir, Over in England from New Zealand for the Rugby World Cup, for the first time in 20 years, I ventured to Newmarket for a day at the bloodstock auction sales

China must spread wealth to fight deflation

From Willem Thorbecke. Sir, James Kynge and Jonathan Wheatley are correct that price changes can be harbingers of global changes

EU should speak with one voice to help end Syria war

From Guy Verhofstadt MEP. Sir, Gideon Rachman is right to warn of the risks of an escalating proxy war in Syria

‘Mathiness’ and abstraction add up to a big raspberry

From Dr John-Paul Marney. Sir, With reference to John Kay’s article, it could be argued that Paul Romer himself is guilty of ‘mathiness’

Uber in danger of running out of road in London

From Elliott Sclar. Sir, Framed as a question of monopoly versus competition, it is easy to make a case for favouring Uber over London’s black cabs as the FT’s October 2 edition makes exceedingly clear

New tax rules will create uneven playing field

From Chas Roy-Chowdhury. Sir, The article ‘Global crackdown on company tax avoidance unveiled’ rightly points out the work of the OECD in drawing up new rules to limit base erosion and profit shifting

OECD ‘sticking plaster’ fails to address problems

From Anders Dahlbeck. Sir, With reference to the FT’s editorial, we stand by our description of the OECD’s base erosion and profit shifting project (BEPS) as a sticking plaster’

Garden Bridge plan enjoys strong support

From Lord (Mervyn) Davies of Abersoch. Sir, The Garden Bridge is a unique project which shows London leading the world in terms of design, innovation and city planning

BP’s punishment will hit innocent stakeholders

From Brian Edmonds. Sir, BP shareholders are receiving the punishment that they do not deserve

IMF must focus on finding the best leader irrespective of region

From Lord (Meghnad) Desai and others. Sir, In the coming months, governments will choose the leader of the International Monetary Fund for the next five years

Funding is key to tackling Africa’s energy deficit

From Alison Doig. Sir, The new head of the African Development Bank is absolutely right to focus on energy access to stimulate development and growth across sub-Saharan Africa

Ban on ivory imports hits upkeep of instruments

From Eleanor Selfridge-Field. Sir, Prince William writes with eloquence and conviction of his efforts to thwart the illegal pursuit of rhinoceros tusks

Global tax reform must maintain momentum

From Kevin Nicholson. Sir, Anyone who doubted that the OECD’s tax reform project would deliver meaningful change has been proved wrong



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