A strange way of measuring US leadership

From Richard Erb. Sir, Your view that a US Congressional vote against the US export-import bank (Exim) would somehow undermine US economic leadership is astounding

Admit it, FT — the single currency has been the most awful mistake

From Sir James Pickthorn. Sir, Peter Aspden’s story of his father’s romance in and with Greece is laced with the pathos of the current German-Greek stand-off

Madness of expecting different results

From James Maguire. Sir, If there is any myth in Martin Wolf’s analysis of the Greek euro odyssey it is that one should not question the wisdom of euro membership being irrevocable

China will have to relax its food policy further

From Ira Sohn. Sir, China’s decision to relax its policy of food self-sufficiency is in the right direction, but needs to go much further

Drop a hint or two about France’s 35-hour week

From Iain Murray. Sir, the 2015 winner of the annual Best Paris Baguette prize, Djibril Bodian, says he would not be able to do the job properly if he worked the 35-hour week required by French law

Banks make promises that are too good to be true

From Ralph Musgrave. Sir, As Robert Lenzner suggests, banks’ balance sheets are almost works of fiction

Make allowances for not knowing its from it’s

From Ian McMaster. Sir, I agree with much of Michael Skapinker’s excellent article ‘Why I give ground to the pedants in the battle of I/me’

Forty years on, another cruel deception

From Andrew McNally. Sir, Keith Joseph, key architect of Thatcherism, described the Barber boom as ‘a cruel deception on those whom it is designed to help’

How arrogant of Clegg to talk about ‘legitimacy’

From Rt Hon David Blunkett. Sir, Readers of this newspaper in 2010 may remember that I was one of the leading opponents of a rainbow coalition

So life as a lobbyist is not the only option

From Jonathan P Kahn. Sir, It was refreshing to read, in how many interesting lives there are to be had out there after leaving parliament

The results of Obama’s foreign policy should be of grave concern to all

From Frank O’Toole. Sir, Philip Stephens contends that next year’s Republican presidential prospects all argue for an overly-simplistic “bumper sticker” foreign policy

Different strategy needed for Deutsche Bank

From John Stroughair. Sir, John Gapper may well be right that Europe needs Deutsche Bank to challenge the US investment banks

A possible precursor to greater US leadership

From Simon J Evenett. Sir, Your customary good sense on trade policy was not reflected in your editorial on the US Export-Import Bank

Corporate governance is simply not suitable for a one-size-fits-all model

From Carola Lemne and others. Sir, In Europe we have an understanding that diversity in corporate governance models is important for our companies

Let us help make refugees’ countries safe to live in

From Debby Guha-Sapir and Pierre-Alain Lefonteyne. Sir, The Special European Council Summit on the illegal migrant crises in Italy decided to triple the budget of the EU Frontex border operations at sea

What a ridiculous design, regardless of good intentions

From James G Bridgeman. Sir, Your casual statement that US regulatory efforts were ‘designed to boost competition’ needs to be refuted

Blame regulation for falling productivity

From Gary Lee. Sir, Is it, just, possible that the fall in productivity since 2008 is due to the increase in regulation?

Where is the fairness in a mansion (block) tax?

From Simon Clark. Sir, Many London mansion blocks contain large numbers of substantially identical flats held on historic leases that may have only have a relatively short period

The electorate is used to having to put up with a democratic compromise

From Charles Cann. Sir, In his election analysis, Vernon Bogdanor suggests that our democracy is liable to be undermined ‘without anyone really noticing’

Controlling shareholders must be held to account

From Horst Brockmüller. Sir, How companies are run makes a big difference to long-term investors like myself


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