Mopping up after the mess at Petrobras

Corruption at the state-owned oil company brings chaos to Brazil

Radicals of Syriza endure a rocky start

Greece’s new government must tread carefully with its EU partners

West must tell hard truths to the Saudis

In US and UK, public opinion will harden unless the kingdom reforms

Schools data should assist parents

The British government is right to change how performance is ranked on league tables

Green party leadet Natalis Bennett
©Charlie Bibby/FT

Britain’s Greens venture towards pastures new

Even a party with a £200bn hole in its plans merits serious scrutiny

West must help Ukraine to defend itself

US and allies should give weapons to prevent Putin’s aggression

Delivering on Obama and Modi ‘bromance’

Time for US and India to move beyond symbolism to real action

Preserve competition in UK mobile market

Brussels should not approve another flawed telecoms merger

Whiff of panic over Britain’s fracking policy

Pre-election tactics must not undermine a sound energy strategy

Syriza’s win is a chance to strike a deal

Far-left victory in Greece demands fresh thinking on all sides

China’s international lending has limits

Crisis holds mirror to Beijing’s state-to-state financing model

Technology does not possess divine right

Silicon Valley needs to engage with democratic governments

New Saudi king faces immense challenges

Salman must try to introduce religious reform where Abdullah failed

Foreign Currency including Euros, Yen, Dollars

No need for hostilities in the phoney currency war

The ECB should ignore accusations of competitive devaluation

Britain’s bold move on plain cigarette packaging

UK is right to ban all promotional graphics in the sale of tobacco

Draghi opens Europe’s monetary spigot

Eliminating eurozone deflation will require sustained treatment

The never-ending wait for UK’s Iraq inquiry

After much delay, the report must emerge soon after the May election

Obama’s case for middle-class economics

State of the Union address is only likely to anger Republicans

Only Russia can halt Ukraine’s drift to war

Moscow can ease tensions by honouring its obligations

UK labour rules must stay light and easy

Gumming up the jobs market is a poor answer to low-skilled work

Libya needs help to step back from the brink

Western governments must end passivity towards this festering crisis

Warmer world in conflict with cheaper oil

Abundant fossil fuels impede efforts to cut global carbon emissions

The digital flaw in the fight against jihadism

Encrypted internet messages pose a growing challenge to spooks

Erdogan’s Turkey drifts away from the west

The president’s behaviour is erratic, authoritarian and calculated

India can outstrip China if it tries

Asia’s chronic underperformer has a vast, but unused, potential


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