Home secretary Theresa May
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UK home secretary and the Isis challenge

The Conservative minister is right to opt for new anti-terror laws

Obama should unblock Keystone pipeline

The long-delayed project is needlessly poisoning the climate debate

How to respond to new patterns of world trade

Deals encouraging FDI are now more important than trade treaties

Japan setback will not be the end of Abenomics

PM must not let election distract from inflation push

Grand Cayman Island

No need for Tiger’s elaborate camouflage

Short selling is a legitimate activity that does not need to be disguised

Cameron must reframe his response to Ukip

Rochester result proves that aping Farage does the PM no favours

Scots’ chance to build a shale industry

Edinburgh needs to match the commitment of Ineos to fracking

The World Bank risks sliding into irrelevance

Kim’s continuous upheaval is no substitute for strategic vision

The little guy gets a last drink on the House

Commons vote against tied pubs unlikely to save the British pub

Eurozone stagnation demands real solutions

Juncker’s EU investment plan is noble – but much more will be needed

China emerges from US dollar’s shadow

A new equity scheme reveals Beijing’s geostrategic priorities

Juncker should step back on tax avoidance issues

EU chief must formally remove himself from commission probes

How bankers are paid is now everyone’s business

To reform their culture banks must also become smaller and simpler

Abe must fight to keep project on track

Japan’s woes highlight the need for more of prime minister’s ambitious mix of economic policies

The Scottish leader’s overflowing in-tray

SNP’s Sturgeon has plenty to do without seeking another independence referendum

India should empower not sterilise women

Mass fertility campaign is a bad remedy for a non-existent problem

China’s lesson for Putin in how to do diplomacy

Beijing’s constructive approach contrasts with Russian provocation

Europe’s unbalanced answer to weak growth

Fiscal stringency and loose money risk sparking currency conflict

A touch of evil tarnishes reforms in Mexico

Peña Nieto needs to show his commitment to modernity,in all aspects

Fifa farce shames global football

The report into World Cup corruption must be published in full


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