UK-Ireland relations need special care

May recognises that Brexit cannot put a hard-won peace at risk

Concerns over political influence at IMF

The fund must continue to reduce the undue dominance of Europe

After the power plays, Xi must now reform

The new economy China needs cannot be built on production targets

Britain’s premature bid for trade deals

The UK first needs to decide its economic relationship with the EU

An exterior view of the Bank of Japan in central Tokyo, Tuesday, 16 March 2004.

Fed and BoJ return to familiar questions

The Japanese economy needs both monetary and fiscal stimulus

Epidemic of violence spreads to Germany

Berlin is right to balance law and order with civil liberties

Hacking Cyber

A dangerous new phase in cyber aggression

The issue of transatlantic security is more important than ever

Green should treat BHS pensioners with honour

Business leaders have greater responsibilities than obeying the law

South Korea’s high stakes missile deployment

China and the US should see the rising risks of confrontation and talk

The World Bank recruits true freethinker

Romer’s ideas are fascinating, unorthodox and politically risky

London requires better service from trains

The structure of the railway service contract is part of the problem

A statue of Charles 1st is seen with a european flag in Trafalgar square.
©Charlie Bibby

Brexit fears of market contagion look overdone

Britain’s referendum has had a limited impact on global markets

Turkey risks institutional collapse

Erdogan must avoid confrontation and work to rebuild unity

HSBC case another blow for trust in banks

Wholesale markets cannot function without customer confidence

Free movement and l’exception française

France raises awkward questions about EU rules on expat workers

Trump’s flawed Cleveland convention

The Republican nominee has yet to reveal a serious campaign

Nigeria oil production on the brink

Money alone cannot buy the peace. The region needs a master plan

UK needs a plan to mitigate Brexit shock

There is no room for dogma in assessing demands of fiscal stimulus

SoftBank’s bet and the future of UK tech

Britain needs to be more than a destination for foreign investment

Poland Flag

Poland’s image takes another beating

New government measures harm human rights and the rule of law

Industrial strategy as a slick slogan, and as reality

UK government help to the economy needs to be carefully judged

Turkey must seek accord, not reprisals

This is far from being a victory for the country’s democracy

Further repression will worsen Turkey’s situation

Coup attempt underlines the dangers posed by the deepening divisions in Turkish society

Map of India. Detail from the World Atlas (Rand Mc. Nally).

Britain in the world beyond Europe

The referendum has brought urgency to the globalisation question

The deadly spread of terror to Nice

Extremist violence must be fought with ideas as well as guns



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