Murder in the shadows of the Kremlin

Nemtsov’s killing is another downwards lurch in culture of political violence

Miliband’s misplaced move on tuition fees

UK university funding is still imperfect. Labour would make it worse

Syriza and Europe must be patient

Both can overcome mutual suspicion to work towards a fuller deal

Fight or flight will be UK’s defence choice

Further cuts in the military budget would erode its global standing

Google shapes up for journey to adulthood

An overdue reorganisation should help it assuage European concerns

Yellen’s ‘patient’ retreat from zero rates

Fed chair is right to be open-minded about the turn in the US cycle

HSBC questions left unanswered

Bank’s bosses failed to explain convincingly their previous actions

The case for forging an EU energy union

Commission blueprint must mark a new drive to harmonise policies

Rifkind’s exit shows the system works

Alternative careers for MPs are better than a political monoculture

HSBC and problem of managing mega banks

Pinning responsibilities on bosses is a way to check pointless scale

Turkish democracy on path to police state

Erdogan’s power grab is diminishing the global reputation of the country

Tories’ crass new plan to fight extremism

May should scrap idea that visa applicants sign up to ‘British values’

Scrappy deal keeps Greece from the wolves

Athens and the eurogroup must improve the way they negotiate

EU must act in unison against Russia

In the face of Putin’s aggression, the 28-member bloc has to stand firm

Higher wages finally come to Walmart

Employers will need to rethink labour policies in tighter markets

Obama’s muddled stance in war against Isis

Defeat in Congress would hand propaganda victory to America’s foes

Britain’s parties should be state funded

Public suspicion that donors can buy influence is corroding trust

China’s contradictory war on corruption

Country needs to put the law above the needs of the Communist party

France forces through economic reforms

Amid turmoil in parliament, Valls has emerged as tough moderniser

Greece and eurozone can still reach deal

A lack of trust between Syriza and the eurogroup remains an obstacle

Modi should do more to lift India growth

We should not take the country’s rebased GDP statistics too seriously

Netanyahu’s alarmist appeal to Jews

The suggestion the continent’s diaspora migrates to Israel is untimely

Fund managers in spotlight for higher pay

Investment management has not shared its success with clients

Aung San Suu Kyi...Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi, front center, attends a ceremony to mark the 69th anniversary of Armed Forces Day in Naypyitaw, Myanmar Thursday, March 27, 2014. (AP Photo/Khin Maung Win)

Myanmar’s next steps depend on generals

Military choices will decide whether transition regains momentum

Let the NHS lean more on private sector

Depicting business involvement in healthcare as evil makes no sense


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