A case for more market competition not less

Britain’s retail energy consumers need to be roused from their torpor

China stock slump pits party against punters

Plunge in equities raises doubts about Beijing’s reform agenda

ECB should not make it hard to reach deal

A Greek exit from the euro should be a political, not technical decision

Osborne’s misguided BBC licence wheeze

The broadcaster should not foot the bill for government social policy

David Cameron wants to capitalise on his general election triumph

Cameron’s war on tax credits may backfire

Too harsh a cut in work benefits risks worsening poverty levels

The tellingly aggressive boot on BP’s neck

The length of time taken to reach the settlement is unreasonable and the delay has damaged all sides

Cameron’s dangerous plan on English votes

Creating two tiers of MP at Westminster will undermine the union

Greece’s accidental referendum on euro

Voters will show if they want to remain within the single currency

Cameron steps up UK’s fight against Isis

Lifting parliament’s prohibition on missions over Syria is justified

Riksbank reveals a strengthening resolve

Tackling deflationary headwinds demands a certain loss of restraint

A convincing case for Heathrow expansion

Cameron must end years of dithering and back the Davies plan

China’s equity bubble is big distraction

Share gyrations are seldom known to wreck a well-managed economy

Puerto Rico faces Greek-style disaster

The US island commonwealth is in urgent need of debt relief

European challenge for the CBI’s new boss

Employers should dismiss government’s call for silence on the EU

Cameron faces up to new terrorist threat

But the prime minister’s call for new anti-extremism laws is excessive

Making a true union of embattled eurozone

National governments should act promptly on the Juncker report

Garden Bridge

A Millennium Dome on stilts? No thanks

London can do without the vanity project that is the Garden Bridge

Tsipras takes Greece to edge of precipice

With both sides indulging in blame shifting, it is hard to see a way back

China braves economic volatility

Palliative measures to cushion economic transition are no strategic U-turn

More delays on UK’s creaking rail network

The government must mind the gap between promises and delivery

Obama must hold firm on Iran deal terms

‘Trust but verify’ must be the maxim for agreeing to a nuclear pact

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Bank of England ponders going for a rise

The Monetary Policy Committee must prepare for higher rates

Charleston’s lesson must start with gun control

Removing slave state flag is an insufficient response to the atrocity

Osborne’s opportunity for tax reform

The chancellor has a once-a-generation chance to modernise system

Nato comes home to its base in Europe

The alliance is rightly making deterrence against Russia its core role



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