Asean would be wise to beef up its powers

The 10-member group must embrace integration to meet its potential

UK’s far-reaching local government reform

Councils must be given the tools to do their job

Case for action on Syria merits support

Britain cannot stay on the sidelines of the campaign against Isis

Dollar and euro diverge from Draghi effect

Transatlantic economic split may be approaching its limit

Irish must beware return to boom and bust

The country’s high growth rate means its latest tax cuts are unwise

Chance for UK to stem skills shortage

Apprenticeship levy has flaws but business must take ownership

Artful chancellor eyes long-term target

Osborne used good fortune and dexterity to jettison unpopular cargo while remaining on course

Bonuses and illusion of banking performance

Deutsche boss is right to call for simpler, more modest pay structures

Kiev should act to end Crimea blockade

Ukraine must not lose moral high ground in its conflict with Russia

Obama should close Pfizer’s tax loophole

Drug company’s tax inversion shows poor corporate citizenship

Draghi prepares for more monetary easing

The ECB should give QE more time and more firepower to work

President Macri faces a tough task in Argentina

The new leader must try to reject the damaging Peronist legacy

Partial fix for hollowed-out UK military

Cameron’s defence review is muscular in tone but has capability gaps

Ebola and other diseases remain a threat

Calls for an international emergency response unit are welcome

The right to freedom of information

The UK government must not revert to its secretive ways

West cannot trade Ukraine for help in Syria

An anti-terror alliance with Russia must have clear goals and limits

Corbyn lives down to limited expectations

Labour’s problem is dangerous for Britain

HBOS report is better late then never

Assessment of the bank’s collapse is right to seek punishment

Instability in China and low commodities prices have hit emerging markets; could these in turn weaken the US and developed world?
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Debt burdens weigh on the emerging markets

Policymakers must be prepared to face up to a substantial threat

Cyber deterrence and the British state

Government’s candour about offensive capability is to be welcomed

Venezuela’s threatened December election

Chavismo’s end is nigh. No wonder Caracas wants to subvert the vote

America’s backlash against Syrian refugees

Obama is right to say that closing doors would be counterproductive

Germany’s economic model needs an upgrade

The rest of the eurozone has been reforming. Berlin should follow suit

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The shadow of Paris hangs over Schengen

Greater focus on security is needed to preserve EU’s border-free bloc

Renminbi receives symbolic seal of approval

Entry into the Special Drawing Right is more prestige than substance



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