UK election risks drowning in dodgy data

UK politicians err in not trusting their electorate with the truth

The political risks in Malaysia are growing

Its reputation as a thriving Muslim democracy is under threat

Some welcome trends on UK immigration

New study shows Cameron could have something to boast about

The pioneering business leader’s endless variety

There is no single attribute to the revolutionary businessperson

Saudi intervention risks all-out civil war in Yemen

Chaos in region threatens to fuel the growing jihadi menace

Keeping the world’s labour markets busy

Jobs creation means boosting demand as well as liberalising supply

Highs and lows of departing Commons

Debacle over Speaker was a poor finish for a successful parliament

Winning the right to see Top Gear abroad

EU commissioner’s idea to end TV geoblocking is not realistic

Zero significance in the UK inflation milestone

So long as the BoE keeps demand on an upward path, it is doing fine

Hanergy’s share price raises questions

Hong Kong authorities need to satisfy themselves on the solar group

Reining in Ukraine’s oligarchs is long overdue

A billionaire governor’s sacking should herald a broader campaign

Cameron’s unforced error may prove costly

By setting a departure date the PM has stored up trouble for himself

Europe is waiting room full of the sick

Any economy suffering 10% joblessness urgently needs reform

Hacker; Cyber Security

Right help for cyber security insurance

The fledgling market needs data sharing far more than state cash

A stumble in the march of the populists

Local elections in France and Spain show mainstream parties can win

Warm feelings no help to the climate

Curbing greenhouse gases requires policy action, not gestures

Brazil’s fall from grace of its own making

The important question now is whether its institutions continue to hold

Greece slides towards the euro trapdoor

Unless Syriza changes tack, it is leading Greek people out of the single currency

93.3 FLZ's Jingle Ball 2014 - Show...TAMPA, FL - DECEMBER 22: Pharrell Williams performs onstage during 93.3 FLZ s Jingle Ball 2014 at Amalie Arena on December 22, 2014 in Tampa, Florida. (Photo by Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

Little to be happy about in a Marvin Gaye win

What’s going on when inspiration becomes seen as base plagiarism

West has an obligation to Tunisia

The country must not be forsaken as it faces a growing jihadi threat

Fed shifts from patience to flexibility

Yellen is right to drop the self-imposed constraints of guidance

Bibi’s triumph and the challenge for Obama

Netanyahu cannot be allowed to reject a Palestinian state outright

Plotting a gentler path out of austerity

A government insistent on cutting debt should not make it worse with bungs for wealthy savers

Clinton should announce her presidential bid

The former first lady is fuelling criticism by delaying her 2016 campaign

Greek exit from the euro is not a risk worth taking

Europe might weather Grexit, but at a terrible cost in the long term


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