Modi should act more decisively in 2015

The prime minister has a strong mandate. He should use it

Our destiny is to move beyond Earth

Space exploration, robotic and manned, deserves public funding

The game in the Arctic heats up

Territorial claims from regional powers must be responsibly handled

Home secretary Theresa May
©Charlie Bibby/FT

May’s curb on foreign students is misguided

Home secretary’s proposals would be bad for the British economy

FT Seasonal Appeal: Ebola worker

The precious gift of hope

The world’s humanitarian crises cry out for a generous response

Ingram Pinn slideshow

Obama’s Cuba-led pivot in Latin America

The US has turned the table on many of its critics in the region

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - AUGUST 14: The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby attends a service at Holy Sepulchre Church, Grafton on August 14, 2014 in Auckland, New Zealand. The Archbishop of Cantebury is on his first visit to New Zealand, as part of a 10-day visit to Anglican primates in the South Pacific. His visit will also celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Christian gospel first being proclaimed in New Zealand. (Photo by Fiona Goodall/Getty Images)
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A Christian leader who is living in the real world

Archbishop Justin Welby is an increasingly respected moral voice

Oil’s slide is good for the world economy

Fears that cheaper crude creates yet more deflation are misplaced

Obama breaks free of domestic shackles

After several foreign policy successes, a decent legacy looks possible

Tantalising prospect of Bush-Clinton race

A dynastic presidential battle may be the most competitive on offer

Sony surrender is setback for free speech

Company should stand up to the hackers and distribute film free on the web

A modest Christmas gift for the British economy

It has taken a long time but workers are sharing in the recovery

Obama opens door to new relations with Cuba

US president displays political courage in changing failed policy

Rouble crisis reveals Putin’s strategic failure

Only a Russian exit from Ukraine can begin to restore confidence

UK can no longer afford patchwork constabulary

In a time of austerity, the case for retaining tiny police forces is weak

Long road from Lima to global climate deal

Conference leaves hopes alive but many questions still unanswered

Abe’s limited opportunity to fix Japan

The prime minister must not waste a valuable electoral mandate

The Cancer Drugs Fund is a costly mistake

Labour compounds error in backing treatment with marginal benefit

Central banks lift veil on more secrets

Increased transparency in how monetary policy operates is welcome

Harsh lessons from hack attack on Sony

Emails on Angelina Jolie may embarrass but hackers are a threat


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