This is an undated company photo of Schlumberger Ltd. operations. Schlumberger Ltd., the world's second-largest oilfield-services company, had third-quarter net income of $318.2 million after a loss a year earlier as oil topped $50 for the first time and producers boosted spending. Source: Schlumberger Ltd./ via Bloomberg News.

Why the commodities super cycle was a myth

Falling prices show the world is not running out of resources

SNP’s incompetence as party of government

Scots should be asking hard questions about the nationalists’ record

Najib should allow full bank funds probe

Malaysia needs less money in its politics and more accountability

A successful Poland braces for change

If it wins power, Law and Justice must govern better than last time

Cut bloated House of Lords down to size

A surfeit of donors, cronies and ex-MPs corrodes trust in UK politics

Watching and waiting at the Federal Reserve

The central bank should keep interest rates on hold next month

Ray of hope descends on war-torn Ukraine

Debt deal offers government opportunity to push through reforms

UK migration target a damaging sideshow

Making the country a less attractive place to visit is not a coherent policy

Britain’s never-ending inquiry into the Iraq war

The remit of Chilcot’s investigation was far too broad

Clinton needs to come clean over emails

Denying the gravity of her mistakes is only making matters worse

Spanish flag

Spain’s reforms a lesson for the eurozone

Rajoy’s government has boosted growth but challenges are looming

Erdogan’s election gamble in Turkey

President ignores June result to continue quest for one-man rule

Black Monday highlights Beijing’s choices

Stock market turmoil is a reminder of the delicate path the world is on

Jonathan McHugh illustration
©Jonathan McHugh

Cameron’s assault on gender pay justified

New data show the gap between male and female salaries is too large

The case for retiring a ‘barbarous relic’

Could a world without cash make for a much-improved economy?

Sri Lanka says good riddance to Rajapaksa

Colombo should heal wounds and develop a balanced foreign policy

©Daniel Jones

No more soft touch for UK’s big tax dodgers

HMRC should prosecute evaders and stop negotiating with them

A torn Greek national flag flies from the roof of a building in Athens

Need for honesty in crisis over Greece

Tsipras and Merkel have failed to admit hard truths to their voters

The Arctic-bound Shell drilling rig, Polar Pioneer, sits at the Port of Seattle prior to heading north to Alaska. (Photography by Scott Eklund/Red Box Pictures)
©Scott Eklund/Red Box Pictures

The energy policy that America needs

Presidential candidates should back an increase in road fuel taxes

German plea over migrants must be heeded

EU’s Schengen regime is at risk because of disarray across the bloc

World should fear an emerging market rout

Developing countries need a stimulus to offset capital outflows

Renationalising Britain’s railways would be folly

The state’s grip needs to be further loosened and not tightened up

Europe’s leaders must not lose focus on Ukraine

Renewed violence in the east risks the collapse of the Minsk ceasefire


Plan to wean the UK off its monetary fix

The Bank of England could reassure markets with a small rate rise

Sisi’s crackdown in Egypt will not bring stability

His draconian regime encourages moderate opponents to join jihad



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