A slow march to pay equality

Britain should nudge companies towards fairness

August 22, 2016 - Ventotene, Italy: German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and French President Francois Hollande meet to discuss the post-Brexit EU. Europe's economic outlook, jihadist attacks, the refugee and migrant drama, the Syrian conflict, and relations with Russia and Turkey were all on the agenda for the talks later on, on the island of Ventotene, one of the cradles of the European dream. Credit: Guido Bergmann / BPA Polaris /

Eurozone looks beyond Brexit vote

Growth is solid but longer-term performance needs improvement

Cook must transcend Jobs’ legacy at Apple

Chief executive has done justice to the co-founder but has more to do

Clintons’ charity needs better governance

Their foundation must eliminate conflict and tighten scrutiny

US manufacturing’s ills misdiagnosed

Robots, not China, should be the focus of job creation policies

Britain’s farmers need help after Brexit

A reformed system of agricultural subsidy should replace the CAP

Rio shows endurance of Olympic spirit

It is not just the gold medal winners who deserve to be celebrated

UK economy post Brexit vote is an enigma

Policymakers should be in a wait-and-see mode for the moment

Venezuela’s problems cannot be ignored

Its multiple crises are increasingly becoming international issues

A plan that fails to tackle UK childhood obesity

The dilution of the proposals sends all the wrong signals to industry

The Fed ponders a change to its target

Shifting the inflation goalposts should not be the immediate priority

May flexes her muscles over tax avoidance

Extending fines from individuals to scheme promoters makes sense

A pesticide ban for bees is justified

The health of pollinators is crucial to the global food supply

The Philippines does not need a strongman

Duterte should focus on more pressing problems facing his country

The fate of Greece’s statistician matters

Facts should not be a matter of negotiation and convenience

Britain’s laboratory doors must stay open

Whatever Brexit means, scientific collaboration with EU must go on

Labour moderates must think first

A formal break cannot be ruled out but requires serious preparation

Renzi should make hard push for stimulus

Brussels must be lenient so long as Italy presses ahead with reform

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The BoE sledgehammer hits gilt limits

The worry is that neither interest-rate cuts nor QE will change behaviour

Trump’s campaign is harming US democracy

His shock-jock style has a clear undercurrent of violence

Alan Rubenstein the CEO of the Pension Protection Fund. Picture by David Parry/FT

UK pension system and lessons from BHS

Giving the watchdog veto powers over M&A is worth considering

Russia’s risky hand in Ukraine conflict

West should make clear aggression is not in Putin’s interest

The case for reform at the World Bank

Kim should not be the automatic choice for another presidential term

May traces a new blueprint for her party

Some change is necessary, but the UK premier should not go too far

Diplomatic dilemma in dealing with Turkey

The EU and US may have more leverage with Erdogan than assumed



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