Exterior of The Kremlin, Moscow

Kremlin jitters over economy grow

The return of Kudrin is welcome but it may prove only a fig leaf

Puerto Rico’s looming disaster

US Congress must pass a bill to allow restructuring of island’s debts

Europe’s limited options over the Turkey visa deal

The EU has to pay a high price if it is to settle the migrant crisis

Trump and American leadership

Republicans’ likely nominee would be a disaster for the liberal order

Tentative upturn in the eurozone economy

Given huge disparities in the bloc, this is no time for more austerity

Buffett’s warning about the loser’s game

Large sums of money and high fees spell investment disappointment

The use and misuse of history in Poland

Law and Justice government interferes with war museum in Gdansk

A vote to leave will make Britain poorer

In the first of a series, the FT weighs up the economic case on Brexit

Australia must shut its offshore camps

Canberra’s detention of refugees is a blot on the country’s reputation

Apple encounters the laws of tech gravity

Go-go growth in the company’s iPhone sales may be coming to an end

Curse of slow growth afflicts US economy

The Fed should be much more explicit about keeping rates on hold

Facebook’s special shares are a mistake

Locking up control indefinitely is bad for the health of companies

The BoJ risks a reputation for caprice

Rather than sit on its hands, it should press ahead with looser policy

Effects of China’s failure to reform

Beijing must ensure that future stimulus is more profitably deployed

Corbyn’s halfhearted shrug over anti-Semitism

The Labour leader’s failure on this issue is tarnishing his leadership

A moment of truth for divided Republicans

The gap between party rules and popular democracy is widening

Green’s responsibilities and BHS debacle

Entrepreneur has questions to answer over the UK retailer’s collapse

Out camp’s flawed fightback on migration

The UK cannot end free movement and retain access to single market

A bold bid to transform Saudi’s economy

It would be dangerous to disappoint hopes of a less stifling society

Climate change sceptics must be heard

Government should not act to suppress the views it does not agree with

A strike too far for NHS junior doctors

Pay dispute with government will not resolve funding problem

London’s mayoral race falls short

Khan’s campaign is lightweight but Goldsmith’s has darker flaws

Investment banks can endure tougher times

Goldman Sachs’ gamble on the return of prosperity looks optimistic

Draghi goes on offensive against Berlin

Germany must take responsibility for the woes of its savings sector

A tepid crusade against illicit finance

The UK’s transparency plans seem unlikely to make a big difference



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