Cameron overreacts to a modest EU matter

PM’s dispute with Brussels over a £1.7bn surcharge is unwarranted

Juncker plays with trade deal future

Investor-state dispute resolution is a bedrock of global practice

Hard facts about England’s health service

The NHS boss has put politicians on the spot about future funding

China starts its painful shift to the new normal

Kicking its debt addiction will be convulsive for Beijing and the world

A modest proposal to get Britain’s cities moving

The City Growth Commission’s argument on devolution should be heard

Europe needs will to build energy union

A bitter row between France and Spain exposes the bloc’s inefficiency

Mexico is struggling over rule of law

The country needs security and order as much as economic reform

Abe has no easy fix for Japan’s economic woes

A weakening economy raises doubts about the efficacy of Abenomics

Cameron takes Britain closer to the exit door

The PM’s pledge to curb EU immigration is an unrealistic gamble

Good news from the lower price at the pump

Cheaper oil benefits both the world economy and global security

Controlling the past and future in Russia

Putin puts the heat on Memorial, a brave human rights group

Big data flexes its lobbying muscles

Silicon Valley’s loss of innocence in politics highlights need for reform

The sound and fury in global markets

The turmoil is a reminder of the importance of fighting deflation

A dose of deregulation for EU capital markets

Europe needs to be weaned off a damaging reliance on bank finance

The west’s inadequate response to Ebola

In an interconnected world, the risk of deadly epidemics is growing

©Winni Wintermeyer

Egg freezing is a tech perk too far

Apple and Facebook are intruding too far on women’s personal choices

Pre-election risks to the British success story

A benign economic backdrop is no excuse to evade tough choices

A Nobel for work of true economic value

Prize for Tirole recognises insights into market dominance

Regulators shine a light on the banking shadows

The FSB’s rules on short-term securities lending are a sensible start

Generic views of the Houses of Parliament. For Katie Carnie, Austerity.
©Charlie Bibby/FT

Playing politics with the British constitution

Cameron’s demand that English MPs enjoy home rule is ill-judged


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