The puzzle that baffles the world economy

Slowing output per hour is worrying but little understood

Flag of Tunisia
© Wiets |
Flag of Tunisia

The party and the mosque in Tunisia

Nahda has shown the way to compromise by scrapping Islamism

Voters need alternative to populism

The rise of the far right and left reflects the establishment’s failures

Long twilight of the big oil companies

Fossil fuel producers face a future of slow and steady decline

Netanyahu’s choice risks Israel’s future

Lieberman’s move to defence post has polarised the country’s politics

Risk to UK pensions from Tata’s deal

Plan to change the law threatens to create a dangerous precedent

Vote Leave is damaging political culture

Its relentless attacks on UK institutions are increasingly disturbing

Obama’s pivot to Asia remains unfinished

The outgoing US president is unable to offer reassurance to its nations

The threat from online bank robbers

A series of heists forces the Swift cross border network to tighten up

Slow grind towards debt relief for Greece

Eurozone creditor governments need to give Athens more fiscal room

South Africa plans for first ‘black bank’

Regulators must look carefully at the implications of Absa purchase

James Ferguson illustration, Uber

Gig economy needs new deal for workers

Senator Warren offers a framework to update employment laws

Brexit can only damage UK’s financial hub

The City of London will be diminished if the country leaves the EU

Warming US relations with Vietnam

In laying old conflicts to rest, there is a risk of stoking new ones

The British Museum should take BP’s cash

Greenpeace’s attack on the sponsorship arrangement is unjustified

The US Fed increases expectations

A fresh interest rate rise at this stage would be a mistake

Mariano Rajoy, Prime Minister of Spain, photographed in La Moncloa Complex, Madrid, Spain, during an interview with the FT today.
©Charlie Bibby

Flexible rules are in eurozone’s interest

But reprieves for Spain and Portugal will deepen divisions with Berlin

Unite to prevent a superbug apocalypse

Drug companies need market incentives to generate new antibiotics

Japan can do better than selling the yen

Resorting to currency intervention would be an admission of failure

The ice begins to crack in Venezuela

The international community, including China, can play a useful role

Banking review fails to address excesses

Competition and Markets Authority ducks difficult decisions

Risk of Erdogan’s pursuit of one-man rule

The EU has a huge stake in Turkey’s social and economic stability

Unis must learn to serve students better

UK is right to demand higher standards and encourage new entrants

Companies listen to Norway’s oil fund

Active engagement with Volkswagen offers lessons to sovereign investors

Fragile recovery in emerging markets

Policymakers would be ill advised to slack off reform



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