Elderly Hands Holding British Pound Coins - Stock Image

Realistic approach to UK low-pay problem

Unfunded tax cuts provide no lasting solution to weak wage growth

Beijing’s challenge to the world of Bretton Woods

Poor governance may erode the impact of China’s financial firepower

Europe’s rudderless strategy on boat people

The plight of African refugees should not be ignored

A view of central Stockholm from Strandvägen, a waterfront street in the upmarket Östermalm district

Tactic of ‘lean against the wind’ has failed Sweden

The Riksbank erred when it tightened policy to fight a housing bubble

BoE probes insurers’ weather resistance

Risks posed by climate change cannot be tackled in an ad hoc way

Ukraine sets its face towards the west

Elections mark a break with the country’s old, discredited politics

Better check on health of Europe’s banks

The harsh light of the ECB’s asset quality review should be sustained

Brazil poll results in a divided country

President Dilma Rousseff urgently needs a fresh course for her second term

Picking up the pieces of Tesco’s scandal

Profit hole at UK retailer raises serious governance questions

Bring Germany’s left in from the cold

Die Linke needs to change, but it is not the devil incarnate

Cameron overreacts to a modest EU matter

PM’s dispute with Brussels over a £1.7bn surcharge is unwarranted

Juncker plays with trade deal future

Investor-state dispute resolution is a bedrock of global practice

Hard facts about England’s health service

The NHS boss has put politicians on the spot about future funding

China starts its painful shift to the new normal

Kicking its debt addiction will be convulsive for Beijing and the world

A modest proposal to get Britain’s cities moving

The City Growth Commission’s argument on devolution should be heard

Europe needs will to build energy union

A bitter row between France and Spain exposes the bloc’s inefficiency

Mexico is struggling over rule of law

The country needs security and order as much as economic reform

Abe has no easy fix for Japan’s economic woes

A weakening economy raises doubts about the efficacy of Abenomics

Cameron takes Britain closer to the exit door

The PM’s pledge to curb EU immigration is an unrealistic gamble

Good news from the lower price at the pump

Cheaper oil benefits both the world economy and global security


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