Britain’s pro-Europeans must speak out

The brash confidence of anti-EU politicians needs to be confronted

Light falls on Apple’s Irish tax deal

Competitive behaviour should not stray into protectionism

Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, makes his keynote speech at the Conservative party conference in Birmingham this afternoon.
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Unsparing candour from iron chancellor

George Osborne’s conference speech spells out tough road ahead on UK deficit

An avoidable threat to Hong Kong

Beijing has backed the students into a corner and is facing open revolt

Labour leader Ed Miliband speaks to the party conference in Manchester on Tuesday
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Britons deserve candour from their leaders

Politicians prefer not to talk about a deficit that remains huge

The Modi reset to US-India relations

Obama must respond in kind to India’s practical-minded new leader

An incoherent strategy for combating Isis

Labour has undermined UK policy by ruling out action over Syria

Testing times loom for emerging markets

Not all developing economies are ready for higher interest rates

Ebola is yet to be truly confronted

The disease is spreading faster in Africa than efforts to contain it

Economics must reflect a post-crisis world

The dismal science should be grounded in reality to stay relevant

Obama runs the risk of mission creep in Syria

US is right to extend fight against Isis but its goals must be defined

A property on Rutland Gate in Knightsbridge to go with Ed Hammond copy about £200m House. Please check with Ed that this is the right house.
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A British property tax that is fit for purpose

Real modernisation will require more than just a levy on pricier homes

Obama’s halfhearted swipe at tax inversion

The US administration opts for tinkering rather than bold tax reform

Labour leader Ed Miliband speaks to the Labour party conference in Manchester on Tuesday
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Miliband fails to present a blueprint for Britain

The Labour party’s limited ambitions reflect its narrow electoral tactics

The return of Sarkozy is no solution for France

In this economic malaise, the country needs genuine reformist leaders

Labour needs to build bridges with business

There is much to do before the party wins the confidence of UK plc

Saving the climate need not destroy the economy

Curbing global warming could support growth, not kill it

Ireland shows Europe the way ahead

Strong growth demonstrates that tough choices do pay off

No vote demands a new settlement for UK

Relief at result must not hide the need for constitutional reform

Life is so much sweeter looking after bacteria

Sugar substitutes may cause obesity by hurting bugs in our gut


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