The return of Sarkozy is no solution for France

In this economic malaise, the country needs genuine reformist leaders

Labour needs to build bridges with business

There is much to do before the party wins the confidence of UK plc

Saving the climate need not destroy the economy

Curbing global warming could support growth, not kill it

Ireland shows Europe the way ahead

Strong growth demonstrates that tough choices do pay off

No vote demands a new settlement for UK

Relief at result must not hide the need for constitutional reform

Life is so much sweeter looking after bacteria

Sugar substitutes may cause obesity by hurting bugs in our gut

Scotland votes to preserve the union

The work of constitutional change for the United Kingdom is not over

Yellen charts smooth course to normality

Fed chief right to say that turn in rate cycle will be data driven

Russia’s rich feel chill from the Kremlin

Few will invest in a country that uses state power so arbitrarily

Obama’s battle with immigration reform

Hispanic groups should not lose sight of US political reality

First strike at corporate tax avoidance

The reform package approved by OECD states is a promising start

UK economy requires a sustainable footing

Osborne needs policies that boost investment and productivity

Calpers gives up on the hedge fund dream

A $300bn pension fund cannot make these investments pay

Hotel at the waterfront, Grand Hotel, Stockholm, Sweden

After Reinfeldt, Sweden moves into uncertainty

Centre-right leader will be missed by his European Union allies

Russia’s challenge to an oil-hungry world

The world should heed Tony Hayward’s warning on supplies

Imran Khan’s threat to Pakistan democracy

Cricketing hero’s anti-Sharif campaign is overstepping the mark

Business and the costs of independence

Ending the 300-year-old single market will raise prices and hit jobs

Draghi’s vision for eurozone growth

Europe’s leaders must follow the direction set by ECB chief

No country for old statesmen

UK’s turbulent politics would benefit from the long view

Currencies and global growth

The dollar’s rise is helpful but will not cure others’ ills


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