Flyers have the right to recline

Being cramped is better than being put in handcuffs

Putin raises the stakes in Ukraine

Russian incursion demands a tough western response

Cameron’s problem over immigration

Britain’s PM needs a new policy to confront Ukip threat

Abe must keep project on track

Japan’s economic recovery hangs in the balance

Europe’s next foreign policy chief

New EU high representative ought to be a heavy hitter

A brouhaha in the British parliament

Appointment of key Commons official needs a rethink

The reality behind Salmond’s rhetoric

Yes campaign in Scotland still has questions to answer

Hollande takes a political gamble

Sacking a leftwing minister was bold but carries risks

Make or break for Chinese property

The country’s ability to prevent a slump is starting to unravel

Central banks at the crossroads

Divergent paths reflect differing degrees of progress

Bankers brace for a brave new world

BofA settlement closes a chapter in history of the crisis

Anti-Semitism is a menace to us all

Criticism of Israel should not extend to Jews worldwide

Britain’s problem with jihadism

The UK security services face an unenviable challenge

Coup is no solution for Pakistan

Sharif has brought the crisis down on his own head

Iraq’s elusive political consensus

Shia, Sunni and Kurds must make difficult compromises to keep the country together

Split emerges in Threadneedle St

A rise in UK interest rates this year looks unwise

Whitehall farce on digital display

eBorders debacle exposes UK weakness for big IT projects

Mexico’s historic reform drive

Plaudits for passing laws, but the hardest part lies ahead

Cameron’s shifting policy on Iraq

PM is right to take on Isis – but on defence he is weak

Seize the moment for India’s revival

Modi is a good talker – now he needs to deliver


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