Correction: Duke University coach

In Gillian Tett’s column Mike Krzyzewski is mistakenly referred to as having been coach of the Duke University lacrosse team in 2006

Correction: Transposed biographies

In a graphic accompanying the article “The Schroders network” on April 10, the biographies of Gerry Grimstone and Robert Swannell were transposed

Correction: British nuclear deterrent

We stated that the First Minister, Alex Salmond, was willing to consider allowing the British nuclear deterrent to remain at the Faslane naval base

Correction: Samsung is South Korean

Samsung Electronics is a South Korean company, not a Japanese company

Clarification: Interpipe sponsoring Wladimir Klitschko

In FT Wealth, we quoted Victor Pinchuk as saying he had made a mistake in allowing his company Interpipe to sponsor the boxer Wladimir Klitschko

Correction: Jihad By Social Media

The piece contains a mistake in the quote extracted from ‘Jihad By Social Media’

Clarification: Federal Reserve stress tests

The $151bn deduction applied to bank revenues in Federal Reserve stress tests is for operational risk, among others

Clarification: Puerto Rico bonds

A column in the FT referred to the holders of a new issue of Commonwealth of Puerto Rico bonds being “the most senior creditors”.

Correction: Scottish independence

The referendum on Scottish independence is six months away, and not four

Correction: presidential palace in Rome

The photograph accompanying the article ‘Fiscal rectitude guardians sound alarm over Italy’ on March 14 was of the presidential palace in Valletta, Malta, and not of the presidential palace in Rome

Correction: Downton Abbey on PBS

In ‘Dressed up for Downton’ in the February 22 edition of Life & Arts, we wrongly stated that Downton Abbey is shown on HBO in the US

Correction: Ireland’s media kings

An eight-member banking syndicate agreed in April 2013 to write down €138m in debt owed by INM

Correction: Lady Barbara Judge

The deputy chair of Tepco’s Nuclear Reform Monitoring Committee and the head of its Task Force on Nuclear Safety was wrongly described as deputy chair of Tokyo Electric Power Company

Correction: School fees

An article in FT Weekend February 22-23 inaccurately stated the rise in fees of The Perse School, Cambridge, between 2003-2013. In fact, the school’s fees rose by 28% in real terms

Correction: Zeckendorf photograph

The photograph accompanying the obituary of William Zeckendorf Jr in FT Weekend February 22-23 was of his father William J Zeckendorf Sr

Clarification: UK nationals living in the EU

Recalculating the figure for UK nationals living in the EU would give 1.8m, rather then the 2.2m

Correction: Avner Cohen

A review on February 15 confused the academic Avner Cohen with an anonymous former Israeli nuclear official interviewed by Ari Shavit for his book ‘My Promised Land’. The reference to Mr Cohen was incorrect

Correction: Millicom

Millicom is listed in Stockholm not Luxembourg as stated incorrectly in the article ‘Chad launches state telecoms company privatisation’

Correction: Royal Navy submarines

The Royal Navy has four submarines capable of carrying nuclear weapons, not six as stated in the article ‘MoD seeks big savings on support contracts’ on February 3

Correction: IMF funds

An article on January 27 about Congress and IMF reform should have said $63bn, not $63m, was to be transferred within the fund’s account