Clarification: Bulgaria’s Corporate Commercial Bank borrowers

Delyan Peevski has provided documentation from the country’s central bank stating there are no current loans against his name

Correction: Number of fatalities during the recent war with Hamas

To clarify, 64 Israeli soldiers have been killed during military operations against Hamas, most of them in Gaza

Correction: Virgin America filed for IPO

Virgin America has filed for an initial public offering, not Virgin Atlantic, as incorrectly stated in a Business Life article

Correction: British Museum partnership is with Zayed National Museum

The partnership is not with the King Faisal National Museum

Clarification: Mr Yakobashvili’s investments

The headline to an article about Mr David Yakobashvili suggested he would take funds out of Russia amid a row about a policy against offshore corporate structures

Correction: Financial Stability Board is a global body, not UK’s

It was wrongly described as the UK’s Financial Stability Board

Correction: Chart on ‘Ipad generation drives banks’ shake-up’

A chart published in the July 12-13 Weekend edition of the Financial times incorrectly showed Nationwide and Lloyds having closed 73 and 47 branches respectively in 2014

Clarification: East Coast did not receive financial support

According to a 2014 report from the Office of Rail Regulation, the East Coast rail operator was one of two franchises that did not receive any financial support from the government

Correction: Sabine Chappard’s job title

Sabine Chappard is co-head of investment banking department recruitment for Europe, the Middle East and Africa at Credit Suisse

Correction: data was provided by Migration Observatory

The page one chart on Migrant worker arrivals in the July 3 edition was based on data provided by Migration Observatory


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