Correction: Deterioration in US mortality

Martin Wolf in his column on May 25 should have said “men and women” when he referred to a sharp relative deterioration in mortality among middle-aged white American men noted by Princeton professors Anne Case and Angus Deaton

Correction: Renminbi bonds

China’s finance ministry is to sell Rmb3bn of renminbi bonds in London, not Rmb3tn as wrongly stated in a Lex note on May 25

Correction: China’s loan-for-bonds swap

There has been a $100bn rise in the past two months in the value of China’s loan-for-bonds swap, not its debt-for-equity swap as incorrectly stated in an article on May 23

Correction: KKR’s investment in First Data

The value of the buyout group’s investment fell by $300m

Correction: Chart on German investment

In the chart on savings and investment in Martin Wolf’s column on May 11, “gross foreign investment” should read “gross domestic investment”

Correction: Purchase price of Detroit properties

An article published on May 4, 2016 about Detroit property incorrectly stated that billionaire Jimmy Lai had bought some plots, including a house on Horton Street, for as little as $500

Correction: US GDP figures

US GDP figures are measured on an annualised basis and should not have been directly compared with eurozone and UK quarterly growth rates

Dominic Chandler: An Apology

We apologise to Dominic Chandler for inaccurately stating in an article about BHS on April 22 that he is a former bankrupt. For full apology to Mr Chandler and correction, see here

Clarification: Google

In Tuesday’s leader on Google, we said that the company only supplied Android software to phonemakers and operators on the contractual basis that Google apps were pre installed. This is not the case

Correction: WTO only Brexit scenario

The Brexit scenario shown in a front-page illustration on Tuesday indicating a 9.5 per cent reduction in GDP by 2030 if the UK opted for WTO membership only was the high end of the Treasury estimate



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