Correction: Rescue financing for Iceland

Russia did not provide rescue financing to Iceland

Correction: Russian tanks

A photograph of Russian tanks being sent to eastern Ukraine was taken at an earlier date

Correction: Shriti Vadera

Shriti Vadera was a Labour minister for business, not the City. The same article mistakenly suggested that representatives from the finance sector would personally attend a cabinet committee meeting next month

Correction: Lady Thatcher’s address

Lady Thatcher lived in London’s Chester Square, not Eaton Square as wrongly stated in an article about the Duke of Westminster on August 13

Correction: commercial arrangements between Age UK and Eon

The commercial arrangements between Age UK and energy company Eon have been the focus of media revelations, not EDF

Correction: FTSE 100 CEO pay

FTSE 100 chief executives were paid 147 times employees’ average wages in 2015, not 140 times as wrongly reported in an article on August 8 due to an error in research by the High Pay Centre

Correction: Gazprom net income

First quarter net income at Gazprom, the Russian gas group, was Rbs362bn, or $5.6bn. The dollar equivalent was wrongly reported in an article on August 11

Correction: right-hand axis on a chart

The right-hand axis on a chart showing fund flows into emerging market bonds was incorrectly labelled in billions, rather than millions

Correction: China General Nuclear Power Group

The partner in the UK’s proposed Hinkley Point nuclear power project was wrongly identified by its former name

Correction: Captain Humayun Khan was killed in Iraq

Captain Humayun Khan was killed fighting for the US in Iraq, not Afghanistan



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