Clarification: Bulgaria’s Corporate Commercial Bank borrowers

Delyan Peevski has provided documentation from the country’s central bank stating there are no current loans against his name

Correction: Number of fatalities during the recent war with Hamas

To clarify, 64 Israeli soldiers have been killed during military operations against Hamas, most of them in Gaza

Correction: Virgin America filed for IPO

Virgin America has filed for an initial public offering, not Virgin Atlantic, as incorrectly stated in a Business Life article

Correction: British Museum partnership is with Zayed National Museum

The partnership is not with the King Faisal National Museum

Clarification: Mr Yakobashvili’s investments

The headline to an article about Mr David Yakobashvili suggested he would take funds out of Russia amid a row about a policy against offshore corporate structures

Correction: Financial Stability Board is a global body, not UK’s

It was wrongly described as the UK’s Financial Stability Board

Correction: Chart on ‘Ipad generation drives banks’ shake-up’

A chart published in the July 12-13 Weekend edition of the Financial times incorrectly showed Nationwide and Lloyds having closed 73 and 47 branches respectively in 2014

Clarification: East Coast did not receive financial support

According to a 2014 report from the Office of Rail Regulation, the East Coast rail operator was one of two franchises that did not receive any financial support from the government

Correction: Sabine Chappard’s job title

Sabine Chappard is co-head of investment banking department recruitment for Europe, the Middle East and Africa at Credit Suisse

Correction: data was provided by Migration Observatory

The page one chart on Migrant worker arrivals in the July 3 edition was based on data provided by Migration Observatory

Correction: It’s Eylea, not Darpin

Regeneron Pharmaceutical’s vision loss drug is Eylea, not Darpin as incorrectly stated in an article on July 2

Correction: Corsair’s positive returns

Corsair Capital’s last two funds generated positive returns this year, not negative returns

Correction: 21 hours, not minutes

US teenagers watch 21 hours of broadcast television each week, not 21 minutes as incorrectly stated in a comment piece by John Gapper

Correction: Portuguese government’s budget measures

An article in Monday’s Financial Times incorrectly suggested the Portuguese government could pre-submit budget measures for approval to the constitutional court

Correction: Tom Wright is RPA’s executive director

Tom Wright is executive director of the Regional Plan Association, not its chairman as reported in the Financial Times

Correction: TSB stock

Retail shareholders buying shares when the group floats will receive one bonus share for every 20 acquired and held for one year, not two years


We incorrectly reported that Wolfgang Duchatczek was appealing against a bribery conviction in an article headlined ‘Scandals and crises test central bank chief’s powers’

Clarification: Jamie Dimon is not against tougher

JPMorgan has asked us to clarify that Jamie Dimon, chairman and chief executive, is not against tougher regulation

Correction: Referring customers to alternative lenders

The British Bankers’ Association supports government proposals for a mandatory scheme for businesses declined bank finance to be referred to alternative providers, rather than opposing them

Clarification: RBS’s rates

RBS is winding down its rates prime broking and rates over-the-counter clearing businesses but not its interest rates trading business as reported on Monday, May 19


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