Correction: Incorrect photograph

Life & Arts was wrongly illustrated with a photograph of the writer Samantha Hunt

Correction: Electra’s return over five years

The five-year return on shares is 112%

Correction: South African central bank did not cut rates

It raised interests for the second time on Thursday and did not cut them

Correction: Diverging fortunes chart

The labels for productivity growth and pay in ‘The economic losers are in revolt against the elite’ were reversed

Correction: Turkish Lira, not Italian

The graphic accompanying the article ‘Dollar’s ascent enters autopilot mode’ should have listed the Turkish lira as one of the emerging market currencies

Correction: No plans for SNCF to take over Orient Express service

SNCF is the owner of the Orient Express trademark but has granted Belmond Group a long-term licence

Correction: Deutsche Bank acquisition

Morgan Grenfell and Bankers Trust were not acquired by Dresdner Bank

Correction: Disruption & Technology special report

The report incorrectly stated that UK production house Visualise worked on an in-flight virtual reality project for Qantas

Correction: Chart did not show overall unemployment rate

It showed unemployment among 15-24 year-olds

Clarification: Ecotricity earnings

Earnings for 2010 to April 2014 were included in an article on November 20, rather than its most recent results, which had higher profits



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