Correction: Centrica’s chief executive

In today’s Business Education magazine we state that Sam Laidlaw was chief executive of Centrica on January 1 this year

Correction: Caravaggio’s ‘The Cardsharps’

Article about Sotheby’s recent court victory should have referred to the artwork as being ‘a version of’ the original painting

Correction: HMS Astute a nuclear-powered submarine

Underwater craft is not part of nuclear deterrent fleet

Correction: On function of economic forecasting

Quote belongs to Ezra Solomon, not JK Galbraith

Correction: Greece’s public debt

Greece’s public debt is equivalent to 175 per cent of gross domestic product and not €175bn

Correction: Air passengers in Indonesia

The number of Indonesians taking to the skies will increase from 55m currently to about 191m in 2034

Correction: Chengshan Group

Group is a private Chinese company, not a state-owned one

Correction: FT graphic

In a graphic published on the Companies pages on December 19, the first column of figures measured the difference between the offer price and the opening trade, not the offer price and the latest trading price

Correction: Medically approved ecigarette

In an article on December 4 it was claimed that a company previously owned by David Newns had developed the world’s first medically approved ecigarette

Correction: Carmen Segarra

Carmen Segarra was fired by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in 2012 and released taped conversations in 2014


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