Correction: virtual currency exchanges

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate the operation of virtual currency exchanges

Correction: Juraj Vaculik and the AeroMobil

In FT Weekend Magazine April 25/26 Juraj Vaculik is incorrectly quoted regarding the price of the AeroMobil. The expected price tag is a ‘few hundred thousand euros’ not a ‘few thousand euros’.

Correction: Kurzweil spends thousands on supplements per year

In Breakfast with the FT with Ray Kurzweil on April 11 we noted that he spent a few thousand dollars a day on supplements

Correction: Washington think-tanks survey is from David Rothkopf

Ed Luce’s column on March 30 wrongly attributed it to Foreign Policy magazine

Correction: Holroyd did not sell AO World shares

Charles William Holroyd, a non-executive director, has not sold any shares in the group as was incorrectly reported in FT Money on March 21

Correction: Openreach capital expenditure

Openreach increased its capital expenditure by 10% from 2009-14

Correction: Naga’s gaming licence awarded by a coalition government

Naga Corp was awarded its Cambodian gaming licence in 1995 by a coalition government of the Cambodian People’s party and the Funcinpec party

Correction: Falklands War

The Falklands war was in 1982, not 1984

Correction: Spelling of Sodexo’s chief executive’s name

Sodexo’s chief executive’s name is Michel Landel

Correction: On Europe’s renewable energy

A tenth of Europe’s renewable energy comes from solar


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