Correction: Donald Trump

An article on Donald Trump should have identified the Republican senator who is not planning to attend the convention as Jeff Flake, and title of a beauty contest as Miss Universe

Correction: Bitauto and Autohome

Bitauto and Autohome advertise new and used cars, not just used cars as a Lex note incorrectly implied on July 12

Correction: Gambling Commission figures

GC figures on numbers of gambling machines were misconstrued as gamblers’ losses

Correction: Lending Club chairman

Lending Club chairman Hans Morris was chief financial officer at Citigroup, not chief executive as incorrectly stated in an article on June 29

Correction: Noble Group’s cashflow

Noble Group’s cashflow in 2014 and 2015 was negative $1.1bn and negative $235m respectively (graphic accompanying ‘Noble’s House of woe’, June 16)

Correction: Anglo Irish Bank

A photograph accompanying an article about Anglo Irish Bank on June 2 showed the logo of Allied Irish Banks

Correction: Banco Popular CEO

Francisco Gómez Martín is chief executive of Banco Popular in Spain, not Richard Carrión of Popular Inc in the US, as we incorrectly reported on May 31

Correction: Matteo Renzi

Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi was wrongly identified as Mario Renzi in an article on May 30. We apologise for the error

Correction: Deterioration in US mortality

Martin Wolf in his column on May 25 should have said “men and women” when he referred to a sharp relative deterioration in mortality among middle-aged white American men noted by Princeton professors Anne Case and Angus Deaton

Correction: Renminbi bonds

China’s finance ministry is to sell Rmb3bn of renminbi bonds in London, not Rmb3tn as wrongly stated in a Lex note on May 25



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