This could be when Greece defaults

It not in recession nor is it recovering. It has collapsed. But there is another story

Austerity test awaits Europe’s new boys

Just busting the budget is not a smart strategy. Renzi and Valls will need to mount a broader challenge

ECB talks too much and acts too little

It’s showtime and quantitative easing is the only big policy tool left to do the heavy lifting

Play the long game on sanctions

The region needs to address its dependence on Russian energy and cash, writes Wolfgang Münchau

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Europe must veto a flawed banking union

To sacrifice important principles and hope for the best is not a sensible idea

Flags of the EU member states fly in front of the European Parliament in Brussels

National interests undermine EU again

With Ukraine as with the debt crisis, the interests of the 28 member states are not aligned

Bitcoin reflects flawed financial system

The law alone will not guarantee the status quo indefinitely

Europe cannot ignore deflation problem

The ECB sees the evidence but its economic models ignore financial markets

Renzi needs more than reforms

The immediate tasks will be to sort out the country’s banks and stand up to its European partners

German ruling strengthens eurosceptics

To read the ruling, little short of a coup would breach as many constitutional principles as OMT

Europe will feel pain of emerging markets

The last thing global economy needs is a resurgence of the Euro debt crisis, writes Wolfgang Münchau

Renzi stands out as Italy’s best hope

The leader of the Democratic party is challenging the country’s old ways

Scandal is France’s economic thinking

Scooter antics are just a sideshow in an economy that needs a change of priorities

The eurozone needs nurture not neglect

Quantitative easing is still my preferred choice but more extreme options are also available

What 2014 holds for euro crisis watchers

This year the emphasis shifts from the policy choices to their consequences

Don’t fret about soaring asset prices

The probability of a rerun of what happened in the past decade is low

How to prolong a banking credit crunch

The lousy agreement on banking union will produce the financial sector equivalent of austerity

This is not the banking union for Europe

The resolution fund is useful if a bank manager runs off with the till, but not as a crisis policy tool

A perilous time to switch Italy’s voting

An extensive discussion about electoral changes will hinder economic reform

Germany’s coalition will break promises

The political class will be tested by what the eurozone will throw at it


Wolfgang Münchau Wolfgang Münchau is an associate editor of the Financial Times, where he writes a weekly column about the European Union and the European economy. Before taking up this position in September 2003, he was co-editor of Financial Times Deutschland for two years.

Before joining FT Deutschland, Mr Münchau was a Frankfurt correspondent and later economics correspondent of the Financial Times, reporting on the preparation for the final stage of monetary union and the launch of the euro.

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