Hidden costs of Anbang’s spending spree

Sheraton Hot Spring Resort, rubber ducks at the front, Taihu Lake, Huzhou, Zhejiang, China
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China looks set to pour billions in national savings down a black hole

Whether they raise or hold, central bankers are due a fall

In future it may have to be budget stimulus that rides to the rescue

Bank of England chief economist Andy Haldane

Shortsighted complaints on short-termism

Shareholders’ incentives can make them more long-termist than company managers

Hedge fund rules make financial system fragile

Charging 2 per cent to hold assets when returns are low is wrong, writes Sebastian Mallaby

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American industry is on the move

Manufacturers using ‘big data’ are setting the scene for a revival

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Africa is hooked on growth

The success is not continent-wide but the best-managed countries are pulling it off

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Bernanke – the rebel with a cause

The Fed chairman’s move to target lower unemployment is genuinely radical

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Japan should scare the eurozone

Europe risks replicating Japan’s lost decades

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Beware membership of this elite club

The business climate among the Brics countries is less than ideal

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Obama must do more than raise taxes

The president should be bold and aim for true fiscal stability

Spain is in need of urgent repair

The case for debt restructuring is painfully clear

Europe is messing up Merkel’s union

If Germany can’t head off crises its citizens will pay for, unhappiness will turn to fury

Economics must heed political risk

The answers to global questions are far more consequential than fine adjustments to data forecasts

Regulators should keep it simple

If risk is important, the case for a data revolution seems clear

American law is patent nonsense

Litigation promotes madness rather than progress

The US labour market doesn’t work

The stick and carrot formula is no longer adequate

Why I work on my summer holiday

How workaholic we really are is a matter of perspective

This will not be enough, Mr Draghi

The ECB is bold when providing crisis loans to banks, less so with sovereigns

Finance must escape the shadows

Reform is, well, shadowy because no one wants to grapple with what money really is

Show some real audacity at the Fed

If the central bank won’t risk new tools, others won’t take risks either


Sebastian Mallaby Sebastian Mallaby is an FT Contributing Editor and the Paul A. Volcker senior fellow for international economics at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). He was previously a columnist and leader writer for the Washington Post and spent thirteen years on the staff of The Economist, serving as bureau chief in southern Africa, Tokyo and Washington, DC.

His most recent book, More Money Than God: Hedge Funds and the Making of a New Elite, was the recipient of the Loeb Prize, a finalist in the Financial Times/Goldman Sachs prize, and a New York Times bestseller. His previous books are The World's Banker (2004) and After Apartheid (1992).