Like the Olympics on steroids

‘Surely the time has come to embrace narcotic enhancement and stage the first truly open Pharma Olympics’

SDP casts a wrong shadow for Labour rebels

The breakaway party did not fail; it was a successful suicide mission

Illustration for 'Accommodating Westminster’s elite'; Robert Shrimsley
©Lucas Varela

Accommodating Westminster’s elite

‘We all need to do our bit to aid the tragic human tide of refugees from Theresa May’s first government’

Brexit: Three men and a country estate

The foreign secretary is forced to share his retreat with fellow leading Leavers

©Lucas Varela

The dangers of over-tweeting

‘Of late, logging on to Twitter has seemed more akin to going back to the same party and finding that the only people left are the Judean People’s Front and the People’s Front of Judea’

Mr Johnson, not when we get off the flight

Obama? I’m bloody good at apologies . . . and Latin. Whoops, not sure I quite nailed that

Illustration by Lucas Varela
©Lucas Varela

It’s time to take back our conversation

‘You will not find the B-word anywhere in this column’

Brexcuses: If Brexit goes bad

If the rudderless project to divorce Europe ends in disappointment, the possible causes will be many

©Lucas Varela

Brexit: remains of the day

‘Those who did not understand in advance will come to see that listening to experts is not such an absurd idea’

Waiting for BoJo: A Brexit play

The Tory leadership contest adds a twist to the negotiation impasse with Europe

Jo Cox: Importance of cautious reporting

Had she been struck down by a Muslim, sections of the British media would not be so judicious

Russia forces storm French town of Lillsk

Ultras sought to protect themselves from England fans armed with beer-bellies and face paint

Punishing times for parents

‘When did we become a world that forgets that people make mistakes?’

Brexit questions for the maths challenged

As the referendum debate rumbles on, are your addition and subtraction skills good enough?

Boris and Brexit: blond ambition and lashings of ginger beer

‘Does a man who is fighting for the soul of his nation spend his days leaning from a battle bus waving a Cornish pasty?’

A frightfully British purge of the posh

Asking employers to look beyond a private education will not punish the privileged

Zen Tzu and the art of seat wars

‘If you know your enemy and you know yourself, your victory will not stand in doubt. Sit back and enjoy the flight’

A Brexit guide to four more weeks of fear

In case you miss it here are the best bits from the final days of the UK referendum campaign

Tough A-level questions

‘Are we burning our coursework before we should, and requiring children to narrow their options too early?’

Bring back the Lib Dems

‘Without the Lib Dems, the only pressure on Labour and the Conservatives is to be the less repellent option’


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