Excuses for Corbyn’s loss in case he wins

A cut out and keep guide for why the favourite for Labour leader will not become prime minister

Sherlock v Shylock

‘Maybe celebrity Shakespeare is the answer, though it seems a bit much to throw the entire weight of the task on Benedict’s slender shoulders’

Seriously, as fun as Strictly

‘The battle for the leadership of the Labour party is heading towards its hilarious denouement and it is time to see the fun in this’

Heir to eternity

‘Your digital brand is a valuable asset. I may have little further use for it myself but I need to make sure it is in good hands.’

Walter the dentist: new face of a hunter

The matinee idol notion of masculinity attracts less obviously virile figures to the pursuit

Trump dalliance reveals dark fantasies

‘They just want to do something wild for once in their lives’

It’s a dad’s life

‘After two-and-a-half days of neglect, I threw a tantrum, pointing out that I was giving up valuable office time to be with them’

‘Go Set a Taxman’: a novel about Greece

Harper Lee’s third book sees a much-loved character return home to father Yanis Varoufakis

Thinking big on school reports

‘It seemed sensible to import some of the “learnings” from career reviews into the discussion with my direct reports at home’

Osborne scrounges strivers’ charter

The chancellor borrows a policy or two from Ed Miliband’s Labour manifesto

One per cent Glastonbury

‘Word has got around that this is where the world’s movers and shakers are gathering to prove they still rock’

Managing the unmanageable Grexit contagion

Market analysts discuss the prognosis of its sick patient

Move over, manspreader

‘We are all used to this phenomenon on trains but coping with it on a long flight is surely a different matter’

Cameron shakes off his EU problems

The prime minister ‘discusses’ Britain’s EU membership with the commission president

Only joking . . . 

‘One day a sociologist will chart the death of humour in western society’

The PM and the weaker sex

‘David Cameron’s gallantry has that air of the overeager chap meeting his girlfriend’s parents for the first time’

Cameron, as Wellington, meets his Waterloo

A modern take on the campaign with the Tory prime minister leading the English contingent

Britain’s most hated

‘It turns out that the metropolitan elite are a conspiracy against the ordinary people and against the rest of the country’

How online survey added years to my life

Not only am I further from death than I imagined, I could still try for Young Journalist of the Year

A real gun of a son

‘When the moment came, we caved in to the boy’s gunlust. Why did we surrender?’


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