Dear millennials: a few interview tips . . . 

‘The basics of interview technique have not changed that much. No one ever suffered for knowing too much about their would-be employer’

Politics: an outsider’s game

‘The great advantage of posing as an outsider is that it allows candidates to pander to the voters’ contempt for existing politicians’

Beware juicy family feuds that go nuclear

How much will Ed Miliband’s fratricide damage his election campaign?

May 7: Groundhog Day

Can’t face the election campaign? Here’s what’s going to happen

The rise and fall of standing up

‘Giving up your seat comes with the small compensation that you are allowed to feel a little virtuous’

The beans that count

‘Coffee snobbery is a pastime all can play, but it requires commitment’

Accommodating China, disappointing US

Obama is displeased with Cameron over the AIIB

The good, the bad and the hopelessly outdated

‘The children have not watched “The Magnificent Seven” and do not care who shot Liberty Valance. Cowboys just don’t cut it any more’

@Muffinman and other timely rhymes

The digital generation needs new lyrics for the tech era

The parents’ evening trap

‘We are irritated at the failings exposed, swear to crack down on his computer habit, demand to see more of his homework and then fail to deliver on this tough love’

Google #TheDress and a bigger truth

The ‘wisdom of crowds’ rankings could mean sites dealing in rumour fall below more credible sources

A tale of two political spankings

Bennett’s human side arouses sympathy but Straw and Rifkind demonstrate less endearing ways

Men and ‘Fifty Shades’: a grey area

‘Some may feel they are facing karmic revenge, experiencing how women feel as their partners drag them to see “Basic Instinct” or “9½ Weeks”’

Excuse me, while I misremember my career

Already undisputed alpha males just can’t help pointlessly wishing to be that little bit more alpha

Big Mac and cheesiness

‘For a few days, McDonald’s US customers are going to be able to “pay with lovin’” rather than with more traditional forms of exchange’

A Greek strategy to win German hearts

Schäuble and Varoufakis cannot help but mention the war

An appetite for change

‘These were decent people . . . most wanted a fairer society — just not too much fairer’

I spy an administrative opportunity

‘If we are going to have to endure a surveillance state, it might as well make itself useful’

No time for Jews to talk of leaving UK

That Jews face a heightened threat from Islamists is undeniable but society is not against us

The torments of teen-tracking

Technology which is meant to improve our lives is, in fact, simply fostering new neuroses


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