A ‘dislike’ button? Love it

Facebook engineers are doubtless now testing the best way to allow you to signal your aversion to a particular post without overdoing the offence

Windsors’ royal run for the White House

At a recent get-together the Prince told admirers: ‘Read one’s lips — no new duties’

Farage, road rage and ‘Top Gear’ politics

The Ukip leader’s outburst shows unholy union of ‘white van man’ and leather driving gloves

Beware the digilantes

‘Twitter is routinely ablaze with efforts to ban one person or sack another… but an apology is never enough’

Google tax needs a Google brain behind it

Analogue and unilateral thinking on UK’s foreign companies tax

True-colour image of Mars seen by OSIRIS

Osborne takes Commons on a mission to Mars

Things, after all, seem so much smaller from space – like the deficit

How to train your teenage hamster

‘The challenge is to recreate family times amid increasingly independent children. Here our training as hamster owners will pay dividends’

The Pope’s Chaka Khan model for Europe

The pontiff’s words in Strasbourg displayed the dexterous feminism for which the Holy See is famed

Socks: let’s keep it simple

‘This site does not serve the socksibitionists. It’s black or blue, though perhaps over time it may dip its toe into the exciting world of grey or brown’

Save our sandwich!

’A once proud nation can no longer even make its own sandwiches’

How to ditch a (large) corporate gift

This unwanted ephemera exists not as a token of friendship but as an automated observation of proprieties

A human writes . . . 

For all the Silicon Valley gains, our world is now being shaped by people who think man is nothing more than learning machines awaiting obsolescence

Cameron’s EU opt outs to keep Britain in

UK PM’s growing aggression is likely to make for tricky talks with incoming commission president

Hello, BT automaton. Kafka here . . .

I already need fingerprint evidence just to use my own phone. What next? Retinal scans to use the toaster?

Man-made idols who cannot plead the law

Ched Evans case and his lack of contrition show why footballers must be held to a higher standard

In the ring with raging dad

We all recognise the motivational parent at a sporting event but this one stood out for his monomania

Frozen families and fertility in the Valley

The latest hot idea from the Palo Alto incubator could hatch all sorts of weird offspring

‘Twin Peaks’ – lost the plots

The stylish but maddening cult David Lynch series is set to return in 2016. What follows is unlikely to contain spoilers

A president with no boots on the ground

Barack Obama has resolved to think very carefully before he even considers making a decision

Worst . . . parents . . . EVER!!

The tussle began with an argument over my 15-year-old son’s continued refusal to poison his body with vegetables. And the origin of this explosion – broccoli


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