Will the real Mr Bitcoin please not stand up

©Lucas Varela

‘Very few mysteries maintain their allure once the truth is revealed’

Robert Shrimsley and Pepper at the FT’s London offices
©Charlie Bibby

Are we ready to live with robots?

Robert Shrimsley spends an illuminating, occasionally awkward, day with a cutting-edge companion called Pepper

Being Satoshi Nakamoto, being Mr Bitcoin

His name is a perfect anagram, if you remove and add a few letters

political animals
©Lucas Varela

Political animals: a guide

‘The Jester — a Johnsonicus Boris to use the correct Latin term — uses amiable clownery to mask his ruthlessness’

EMG92Y Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK, 20th Apr, 2015. Former Labour MP and Mayor of London Ken Livingstone in Bradford to support Bradford West candidate Naz Shah. Picture shows Naz Shah addressing party activists at a street meeting in Toller Lane, Bradford. © West Yorkshire Images/Alamy Live News

How Corbyn turned me into a political Jew

It is simply impossible to vote for a Labour party that does not appear to like us

Brexit: We have a hostage situation

Notebook – ‘They are going to demand a ransom. I heard them talking about £13bn’

The Archers: Rob, Helen and Humphrys

‘As with all major plot developments on the soap, the attempted murder has become the stuff of high-level public discourse’

Panama Papers’ rich anti-Cameron pickings

Journalists reveal that not only is the PM unpleasantly well-off but his brother and sisters are too

Pity the land that needs a hero

‘There are times when a strong leader is necessary, yet most voters still yearn for such figures in ordinary times too’

Trump and Tay, the ultimate Twitter bots

Artificial intelligence experiments have taken on a life of their own

Going for goalzzz

‘Teens are using social media as weapons of conflict and persuasion’

Lost in digitisation

Will today’s hard drives be of any use in 30 years’ time?

Sugar tax and Osborne’s untouchables

Notebook: The chancellor nudges us towards a new prohibition and a world of speakeasies

Osborne tries to sweeten paradoxical oops

Headline-grabbing sugar tax distracts from bad economic news

Project Fear, or just Project La-la-la?

‘Project Fear calls for an Ernst Stavro Blofeld; Cameron is more like Blofeld’s director of communications, or maybe his osteopath’

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour loses appeal

After a 9/11 apologist’s admission, imagine the hearing over Whitechapel killer’s bid to join Labour

Fitbit fantasies and 10,000-steps

‘I can burn through 1,500 steps just walking to the gym. What extra score might be achieved if I went inside?’

The fast and the firmware of Google cars

You drove into that bus. Negative; I merely failed to anticipate the stupidity of the human

Gimme a Brexit break

‘I’ve already heard every argument there is to hear on British membership of the European Union at least a dozen times’

Sexing up a Brexit dossier

You need something that makes a good headline: ‘45 minutes from downgrade’, perhaps?


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