What is needed to kickstart growth

The post-crisis panic might be subsiding but medium-term prospects are problematic

Ukraine needs more than ‘Potemkin cash’

The west should make modest promises and then strive to deliver more than the country expects

America courts Downton economics

Inequality must be addressed, with free markets playing a pivotal role

US must avoid secular stagnation

We must take this chance to renew our infrastructure

Stagnation could be the new normal

In the past decade, before the crisis, bubbles and loose credit were only sufficient to drive moderate growth

Right treatment for the Obamacare bug

There is still time to follow the basic rules of project management

After the fall

Alan Greenspan’s ideas for the future of financial regulation. Lawrence Summers reviews ‘The Map and the Territory’

US budget battle is the wrong fight

A small rise in economic growth would entirely eliminate the projected long-term budget gap

Help business by taxing profits abroad

The US should eliminate the distinction between repatriated and unrepatriated foreign earnings

US must not hasten cuts to budget deficit

Premature fiscal tightening has taken a toll on UK economic growth, writes Lawrence Summers

Don’t blame Reinhart and Rogoff

Political leaders pushing austerity made their choice, then cast about for intellectual buttresses

America’s problem is not political gridlock

Throughout US history, division and slow change have been the norm rather than the exception

Austerity under fire

Those who make the case for austerity are right that government spending cannot be limitless. But cutting in the face of a deep recession has failed time and again

Europe cannot allow unfinished business to fester

In economic policy what is good for one is not good for all

US must do more than focus on deficit

A broader, growth-centred agenda is needed to propel the economy, says Lawrence Summers

End the damaging obsession with deficit

America must not lose sight of infrastructure, jobs and growth

How to fix costly and unjust US tax system

Too many provisions favour a very small minority of fortunate taxpayers

Building blocks for America’s recovery

Agreement on the target is widespread, but getting there is another matter, writes Lawrence Summers

The world is stuck in a vicious cycle

Without a full course of treatment, the economic patient risks relapse

Britain risks a lost decade unless it changes course

To increase its future potential output, the UK should raise its output today


Lawrence Summers Lawrence H. Summers was director of the National Economic Council for President Barack Obama until November 2011. He is currently the Charles W. Eliot University Professor at Harvard University and Weil Director, Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business & Government at the Harvard Kennedy School. He served as 27th president of Harvard from July 2001 until June 2006 and has served in a series of senior public policy positions, including secretary of the treasury of the United States, political economist for the President’s Council of Economic Advisers and chief economist of the World Bank.

In 1993 he received the John Bates Clark Medal, given every two years to the outstanding American economist under the age of 40. Mr Summers received his BS from MIT and his PhD in economics from Harvard.