Europe needs Deutsche Bank as its champion

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The rules have been tightened, and rightly so. But one effect is to reinforce US hegemony

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The politicians pillaging your pension

The next government will trample retirement savings, no matter who wins

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Fossil fuel campaigners play charades

Why should funds listen to a protest that is not taken seriously by the activists themselves?

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Companies have a new audience

Younger consumers with liberal attitudes are a bigger market than religious conservatives

People pass by a McDonald's fastfood restaurant in Shanghai on July 28, 2014
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Western dominance

The US features significantly in the FT’s list of leading business pioneers

Silicon Valley is seizing the customers

Instead of building for others, companies are doing more for themselves

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Stop trying to ground Gulf airlines

They have come out of nowhere to steal a march on older carriers

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Venture capital needs to be a happy family

These firms offer endorsement to in-demand start-ups that could easily raise money elsewhere

Luxury is a sideline for the Apple Watch

No other company that I know of offers an upmarket model that is 49 times the basic price

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How to follow in Buffett’s big footsteps

It boils down to three precepts: be patient, be private and be peculiar

The bank that ran aground while overseas

To anyone who witnessed its rise to become a global bank, the entire thing is baffling

‘The Monopolists’, by Mary Pilon

The author delves into great detail about the intellectual and business roots of Monopoly

Software is steering auto industry

Now a technology group can be a car company

Private banks must be more than laundries

Sector should protect and invest legal wealth not aid tax evasion and money laundering

Big oil is not the biggest victim of cheap crude

Countries not companies are paying the price for the industry’s crisis

Tech has to create more than disruption

Start-ups need to augment jobs rather than eliminate them

The prudent mogul breaks up his empire

Investors tolerate the foibles of a founder who displays talent, but are suspicious of his successors

Regulators right to cut banks down to size

Fed’s new capital standards hint at forcing complex institutions to break themselves up

McDonald’s is shaken by the Shack

Millennials regard McDonald’s as unhealthy, outdated and downmarket

A sharing economy must share the risks

We have 20th-century benefits and insurance that do not fit the 21st-century worker


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