Scotland needs bravery to build strong banks

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The mechanisms the country will need as an independent entity take courage and a lot of time

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Jealousy is no reason to tie down Google

Europe’s Lilliputians should not bind Gulliver simply because the tech giant is bigger than them

Nyc Mayor Bloomberg at the Bloomberg family foundation's building in New York
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Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

Keeping a founder in charge, rather than appointing a CEO, is more fashionable today

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German taxis should not triumph over Uber

The problem is not that cabs are endangered but overly protected

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A chance to turn on, tune in and pay out

Festivals have become big business, while being a respite from the capitalist world

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Ecclestone earns his final chance

The Formula One supremo did not regard the $44m payment to Gribkowsky as bribe but bargain

Murdoch’s bid for Time Warner threatens TV quality

The fact that once-dominant cable companies face new online and digital competition is good

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The price of aerospace innovation is too high

The Wright Brothers were not motivated by a desire to save fuel when they took to the skies

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US banks will pay for failure to modernise

A country that often leads in consumer technology lags far behind in payments systems

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We are the product Facebook is testing

Making all users agree to a catch-all list that does not provide a clear, specific description of a study fails the consent standard

A tabloid requiem has been written

They had to express readers’ thoughts more strongly than the readers could themselves

Advertisers have lost a generation

Millennials are as likely to tweet angrily about a brand as notice its ads

Football disaster that became a champion

Fifa has been a stunning success in spite of flaws that have been exposed as never before

Tiananmen split the workers of the world

The opening of China through reform and investment has driven a wedge into the proletariat

Only giant publishers can take on Amazon

If it turns publishing into a lossmaking business, the profession of writing will suffer

Credit Suisse chief should go with honour

If a criminal conviction means little more than paying a fine and moving on, it means nothing

Twin departures reveal perils of life as a woman editor

Shake-ups at NY Times and Le Monde reveal tough life for editors

Google ruling shows EU law is an ass

The right to delete does not mean history should be hidden from the collective view

The baffling model of modern art auctions

Dealers do their best to avoid either displaying prices or disclosing what a work is worth

Fight or flight?


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