Gawker too libertarian for Silicon Valley

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Technology entrepreneurs’ enthusiasm for rule-breaking runs out at exactly the point when they suffer

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Your brand is more fragile than you think

Kevin Roberts is not stupid so why was he foolish and unpleasant about gender diversity?

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Yahoo was too human

The Achilles heel of each new wave of technology is that it eventually turns into a utility

Murdoch and Son are back in charge

Fox and SoftBank founders are guiding spirits who move more on instinct than hard data

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Nintendo has ventured into a scary world

Investors are going crazy about Pokémon Go but they should calm down and examine the reality

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Beware the car that nearly drives itself

Autonomous technology will not smoothly evolve from servant to master: it needs a great leap forward

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Brexit cannot risk what Britain does best

Being economically joined to Europe has been hugely helpful in bolstering the UK as a services hub

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Fleet Street’s European bite still sharp

The referendum shows tabloids can reach people who advertisers do not value, writes John Gapper

Bankers should read their own rulebook

The lesson is that deals with high fees also come with high reputational risk

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LinkedIn, Microsoft swap business cards

This is data ownership but not as we knew it. Nor is it the way that the internet was meant to work

The high cost of low Sports Direct prices

Many of Mike Ashley’s warehouse workers are economic migrants to the UK from eastern Europe

Lessons from the suicides at Zurich

It is natural to believe that your life is charmed and to flounder when you find you are fallible

Viacom row is a lesson to Silicon Valley

Obsessed with controlling his empire, Sumner Redstone created his own retirement nightmare

YouTube can share some burden of piracy

Music labels will probably re-sign with the devil they know while lobbying for changes in the law

Review — ‘Blockchain Revolution’

A thorough and enlightening guide to the grand vision of the technology’s enthusiasts

Cracks are appearing in fintech lenders

This marketplace is vulnerable after all

Airlines will keep flying for no money

Air travel is far from being a pleasant experience but it has become a cheap and flexible one

Google’s tactics are Microsoft light

The strategy — how to advance without appearing to attack — is a masterpiece of craftiness

Investors and the Bolloré game of thrones

The French media mogul’s approach to corporate governance makes Rupert Murdoch look like a saint

Disneyland princes are under a curse

No one seemed to believe King Bob but he really did want to find a successor to the magic kingdom


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