Estranged land faces divorce and remorse

Leavers are social conservatives led by liberal free-traders — one side is about to be disappointed

UK voters may soon come to miss Cameron

He must prepare to be remembered for presiding over the end of 43 years in the European project

A referendum that is naive and necessary

Why is Cameron ‘putting us through this’? Because the pressure was too much to contain an eruption

A hint that tribal loyalties may be shifting

How much longer will politicians swear fealty to a party system forged for an empire nation?

Strikers in Europe are in short supply

Notebook: A recent fixation on possession has seen the best players fashioned into midfielders

Leave Liberals are riding a statist tiger

You can see dazzling heterogeneity or many people lying to themselves and each other

Squeezed upper middle is no such thing

The educated rich tend to assert their averageness only when airing their material grievances

Tory infighting leaves UK voters cold

The referendum debate has made some MPs mutinous but the electorate simply does not care

Put tired James Bond out of his misery

Notebook: Why such overhyped kitsch should not speak for a culture as creative as ours

Brexiters’ insouciance is right of rich

The Leave campaigners’ droll routine is all the worse for their pose as underdog yeomen

Britons defer to fake self-deprecation

At worst, it is a code of belonging that freezes people out

Inequality is price of London’s success

Too many expect a return to the accessible city of the 1970s with no compromise of today’s pomp

The hype of the anti-politics zeitgeist

Continuity is the leading impulse for voters yet diffusion of power brings more texture and variety

The worst for Labour is yet to come

What feels like a crisis will not fully register in electoral outcomes for years yet

Lessons from the Hillsborough disaster

Britain has a record of sudden, overdue change prompted by shocks

UK immigration last refuge of the Leavers

It may not be enough to secure a victory in the referendum but it will enable them to lose well

Remember Prince as the ultimate artisan

Notebook: The Artist espoused traditional musicianship and insisted on self-sufficiency

Only economics matters in Brexit debate

No normal person, at least in Britain, cares about their country’s influence in the world

Why McEwan speaks for England

We await his judgment on Labour under Corbyn, the malaise of Europe and technology’s dark potential

Ideas of fairness no basis for tax system

When it comes to money, most people just have no idea what they are talking about


Janan Ganesh Janan Ganesh is political columnist for the FT. He was previously political correspondent for The Economist for five years, and a researcher at the Policy Exchange think tank for two.

He appears regularly on TV and radio, including a weekly slot on BBC1's Sunday Politics. He is also the author of a biography of George Osborne, the UK chancellor.

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