Lessons from the Hillsborough disaster

Britain has a record of sudden, overdue change prompted by shocks

UK immigration last refuge of the Leavers

It may not be enough to secure a victory in the referendum but it will enable them to lose well

Remember Prince as the ultimate artisan

Notebook: The Artist espoused traditional musicianship and insisted on self-sufficiency

Only economics matters in Brexit debate

No normal person, at least in Britain, cares about their country’s influence in the world

Why McEwan speaks for England

We await his judgment on Labour under Corbyn, the malaise of Europe and technology’s dark potential

Ideas of fairness no basis for tax system

When it comes to money, most people just have no idea what they are talking about

Boomers deserve to salvage their legacy

It took moral courage, not just imagination, to achieve what this generation has

Success of UK’s anarchic economic model

Part of the trick of politics is smelling the difference between what voters say and what they mean

Admit it, television is not great art

Notebook: For all the vaunting of a ‘golden age’, history will save just a couple of exemplary works

Ensure you see populists in perspective

Rich democracies may have to live with a caucus of permanently aggrieved voters

Lessons from the rise of Leicester City

Take note, modest cities adapting to globalisation and individuals navigating an insecure world

Why the Tories are ungovernable

IDS exiting the cabinet is not Michael Jackson leaving The Jacksons. The government should survive

Millennials don’t know how lucky they are

Notebook: Would you rather be born in 1960 or 1990?

A perfunctory Budget to smooth feathers

Osborne’s dread must be that souring forecasts get worse, not better

Fiscal failure is Osborne’s route to top job

The UK chancellor’s best hope of reaching a budget surplus is to forget all thoughts of leadership

Brexiteers, passion is a vote killer

Leavers have craved this referendum for decades and now expect to be wet-nursed through it

The fiction of David Cameron as Flashman

Calling someone cocky is like calling a film overrated: it has the effect of piquing people’s interest

The year that changed London

Notebook: Why 1986 was a pivotal juncture in the city’s renaissance

Boris mania exposes the political class

Politicos have learnt the square root of nothing from their misjudgment of the general election

Muhammad Ali and the literary big-hitters

A new exhibition showcases the boxer’s hero status. But it’s his less saintly side that is a magnet for literary big-hitters


Janan Ganesh Janan Ganesh is political columnist for the FT. He was previously political correspondent for The Economist for five years, and a researcher at the Policy Exchange think tank for two.

He appears regularly on TV and radio, including a weekly slot on BBC1's Sunday Politics. He is also the author of a biography of George Osborne, the UK chancellor.

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