Britain’s premature bet on future of EU

If the case for membership is the ability to influence laws that affect us, that case could shrivel

Conservatives diverted by leadership race

Conservatives should remember they are running a country, not an internal recruitment process

Labour’s farewell to the working class

The people around Corbyn think of poor white Britons as improbably romantic heroes

David Cameron gives a speech in Downing Street today announcing that the Conservatives had won a majority in the general election.

Political apathy is perfectly respectable

Britons rouse themselves to vote every five years to stop hot heads from running their country

senior woman has hospital check

Plodding desires keep reforms in check

We like the NHS for conservative as much as socialist reasons

Europe will rattle but not shatter Tories

Prospect of long-term power will do more to discipline party

Politics should be about fear not hope

David Cameron’s strategist deserves a knighthood for how he analysed the British psyche

Cosmic justice for Labour’s moderates

The party mainstream now finds itself engulfed by the politics in which it happily connived

Fatal flaw at heart of Brexit campaign

Britons dislike the establishment, but not as much as they dislike anti-establishment ranters

Osborne’s signal of weakness

Britons will no longer believe the Tories when they say cuts are inevitable

Spending review is choreographed sham

Ministers and officials say they will get it right this time, as if such a thing is in their control

Insecurity may change both state and rulers

It is easy to imagine voters turning to older politicians or to those who have known uniformed service

The global ambitions of ‘Little England’

Cameron is not disengaging from the world, he is engaging in a way that is not liked

Nobody listens to the civil libertarians

Converting Britons to liberalism is no less a fool’s errand than making them fervent Europeans

Tories should tax the rich and the poor

Austerity has been less controversial than expected. It is the distribution that rankles

Tory divisions are the party’s strength

Managed well, dissent can convey vitality while draining Labour of a reason to exist

Why we must defend ‘Londonism’

The capital’s creed of openness to the world is its lifeblood and must be protected

If this is perfidy, it works for Albion

Nothing has brought out the UK’s talent for half measures like the European project

New Victorian visions will test Tory soul

To rebuild Britain the government will need to defy its own instincts and build coalitions

A radical who has stumbled upon a cause

Running a state according to a system of thought is neither human nor humane


Janan Ganesh Janan Ganesh is political columnist for the FT. He was previously political correspondent for The Economist for five years, and a researcher at the Policy Exchange think tank for two.

He appears regularly on TV and radio, including a weekly slot on BBC1's Sunday Politics. He is also the author of a biography of George Osborne, the UK chancellor.

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