Koenig was the man who put VW on track

In those days it felt strange for a bunch of Jews to own a German car

Trump, Ford and the new abnormal

A politician who slings insults or smokes crack offers the public relief from all the repetition

Why it is wrong to forget Lehman’s fall

For all his oratorical skills, Obama is a lousy communicator when it comes to economic policy

On the waterfront with dumb & dumber

‘Bridgegate’ led investigators to take notice of the ‘chairman’s flight’ to and from South Carolina

Please, Obama, don’t build that library

The president ran for office as a different sort of candidate — he should leave in the same spirit

A balancing act in the Ailes-Trump circus

What’s good for the ratings of Fox News may be bad for the Republican brand

A room in Cuba on Airbnb, an online platform that enables even perfect strangers to share apartments

Our smartphone set is nice — too nice

Airbnb shows that even in this age of anxiety, in the tech space US consumers will trust blindly

Why Long Island wide boys love London

Much market malfeasance involves Big Apple-area riff-raff doing bad and/or dumb things in the UK

Bring on the revolution in banking culture

Regulators are already showing signs of saving lenders from their worst instincts

Harper Lee school of antisocial marketing

In this wired world, it pays to play hard to get

Republicans lose control of their herd

Fourteen presidential hopefuls have thrown their hats in the ring and three are poised to follow

The Lord is our shepherd in US politics

It is now our fate to have two political parties that are positioned on God’s side

Obama was right to use the N-word

By enunciating the epithet he struck a blow against euphemism. This is leadership

Municipal finances drop into the sewer

The city of Dallas has tried in recent months to make a buck by licensing its name and logo

The legacy of Jobs as a civil rights hero

Smartphones are ubiquitous and their video capabilities are shifting power to the streets

JPMorgan won’t pay for voicemail right now

These cuts are only a small part of the billions in expense reductions promised by Dimon’s bank

Hollywood learns originality does not pay

Repetition in culture and politics remains popular with the public

Waco revives the rules of the OK Corral

The country would be in better shape if gun promoters were made to watch westerns

The Schwarzman school of philanthropy

Burdens should be shared fairly, even if that means eroding profitability of leveraged buyout houses

McDonald’s: selling burgers, the Obama way

The problem that faces McDonald’s and its ilk is that younger Americans are turning against them


Gary Silverman Gary Silverman is national editor and US deputy managing editor for the Financial Times. In this role, he writes the weekly “Notebook” column on key US political and business issues, and covers current events. He is based in New York. Previously, Silverman served as US News Editor, coordinating the FT’s daily Americas news coverage. He has also been a London-based marketing correspondent for the FT, as well as US banking editor. Prior to joining the FT in 1999, he was the money and banking editor of BusinessWeek, a business writer for Newsday, Hong Kong correspondent with the Far Eastern Economic Review and a Malaysia correspondent for Bloomberg News. Silverman spent a year as a Gannett Foundation Fellow in Asian studies at the University of Hawaii and began his career in journalism with United Press International, covering Congress and working as an editor on the world desk. In 2014, Silverman won the Society of American Business Editors and Writers (SABEW) Best in Business prize for best newspaper commentary. A graduate of Princeton University, Silverman is married with two children.

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