Big Data’s infinite harvest

Big Data’s infinite harvest
©Matt Kenyon

They give us free computing power and we reveal ever more about ourselves

Matt Kenyon Illustration, Iraq
©Matt Kenyon

The ghosts of Iraq future

Botched Mideast intervention still defines those jockeying for political power in the US

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The end of the Golden Arches doctrine

After decades of agreeing to lower global barriers, we are as likely to put up new ones nowadays

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Dead law walking — US capital punishment

In America, evidence of racial bias in sentencing is beyond doubt

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US share buybacks loot the future

Corporate leaders should put long-term growth ahead of quick gains

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Obama’s welcome Kissinger realism

The essence of diplomacy: when adversaries come to terms, neither gets everything they want

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Why women are Hillary’s key

She cannot expect to shift the gender gap simply by declaring her election would make history

Stand with Rand or fall with Paul?

Kentucky senator caught between libertarian base and conservatives

Ed Luce column

America’s coming game of thrones

There is something profoundly disturbing about the prospect of another Clinton or Bush presidency

The great American disconnect

The great American disconnect

In Silicon Valley, ‘fail harder’ is a motto. In Washington a single miscue can ruin your career

US gridlock’s rising global price tag

America’s ability to manage the chaos in the Middle East is the biggest casualty of logjam

Obama’s gamble on the future of Iran

At stake is the idea that talking to your worst enemies makes sense

Hillary Clinton’s gathering storm

Once again she is the ‘inevitable nominee’, with the inflated expectations that brings

Jesus García cannot save Chicago

Mayoral hopeful offers no fix for city’s fiscal ills

Yellen’s problem with felons

Some 13m Americans with a criminal record weigh on unemployment rate

London’s role in the Republican race

The UK capital-as-prop highlights the dearth of thinking on both sides of the Atlantic

The jesters shaping American politics

With public life at a low ebb, sarcasm is having a field day

The perils of a strong US dollar

The bad news is the US recovery is based on the familiar model of rising consumption

Obama’s savvy bet on India’s rise

US adjustment to multipolar world will be shaped by whether it gets along with New Delhi

A lame duck president in a strutting pose

Real message of speech is the push for another Clinton presidency


Edward Luce Edward Luce is the Washington columnist and commentator for the Financial Times. He writes a weekly column, FT's leaders/editorials on American politics and the economy and other articles.

Ed has worked for the FT since 1995 as Philippines correspondent, capital markets editor, South Asia bureau chief in New Delhi and Washington bureau chief between 2006 and 2011. In 2000 Ed was the chief speechwriter for Lawrence H. Summers, the US Treasury secretary. His first book, In Spite of the Gods, The Strange Rise of Modern India remains a high seller.

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