The mystery of weak US productivity

US productivity

Economic output is the ultimate test of our ability to create wealth

Daniel Justus in Buchanan Countyin Virginia, pweekend
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The boy who escaped Trump country

Buchanan County, Virginia, gave Donald Trump his highest share of the Republican vote

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Clinton and the ghost of Nader

If Sanders chooses to stand as an independent, he risks splitting the centre-left vote

Matt Kenyon illustration. Trump building a wal
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Another brick in Trump’s wall

Expectations of a Republican split were always flattering to the party establishment

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The end of American meritocracy

Ignored by both Democrats and Republicans, blue-collar whites have fallen into depression

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Trump’s war with best and brightest

His confused foreign policy still offers a legitimate contrast to Clinton’s

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The coming US Hispanic backlash

The Republicans will pay for Donald Trump’s anti-Mexico rhetoric

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The missing theme for Clinton

Comparisons with George HW Bush are apt but governing credentials do not help you win

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Cleveland and the ghosts of Chicago 1968

The Trump and Cruz face-off could lead to a surprise nomination if both fail to reach a majority

Trump still just about on course

What happens in Wisconsin is likely to stay in Wisconsin

The self-induced twilight of the west

Obama’s presidency has overseen a waning of US interest in Europe

Clinton’s looming US presidency

She would have been an odds-even prospect at best. Against Trump, she is the overwhelming favourite

The new class warfare in America

The data express a feeling of being shut out from the benefits of growth

Troubling warnings from the 1930s

Western democracy faces no mortal threat but it is going through an acute stress test

Barack Obama’s painful twilight

America’s racial history did not end with his election, as borne out by today’s voting patterns

Trump has the White House in his sights

The bookies give the Republican frontrunner a one in four chance of becoming the next US president

Trump’s hostile takeover gains pace

Property magnate’s bid to control the Republican party takes a step closer to fruition

The United States of decline

In election year, Edward Luce wonders whether activist government may hold some of the answers

Clinton’s big, complicated world

The key lies in reminding voters of her level-headedness

Trump’s big gamble on South Carolina

At times it was hard to distinguish his debate remarks from Bernie Sanders


Edward Luce Edward Luce is the Washington columnist and commentator for the Financial Times. He writes a weekly column, FT's leaders/editorials on American politics and the economy and other articles.

Ed has worked for the FT since 1995 as Philippines correspondent, capital markets editor, South Asia bureau chief in New Delhi and Washington bureau chief between 2006 and 2011. In 2000 Ed was the chief speechwriter for Lawrence H. Summers, the US Treasury secretary. His first book, In Spite of the Gods, The Strange Rise of Modern India remains a high seller.

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