America’s inconvenient SUV boom

SUV boom
©Matt Kenyon

Gas-guzzling models are back in vogue in the US, so why should poorer nations cut emissions?

Matt Kenyon illustration
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The Paris jolt to America 2016

Opinion is jittery on national security issues. Democrats have not found a way to address it

Republican debate shows Jeb won’t fix it

A policy-heavy night when Carson and Trump were oddly muted may prove a tipping point

Read my lips: the Bush era is over

No matter how hard Jeb tries he cannot distance himself from the name and legacy

Matt Kenyon illustration
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Obama’s mission creep in Syria

It is time for Obama to come up with a plan of his own

Bush blows chance to get back in the game

Money in the bank will let him stay among the players

Ed Luce column: Afghanistan journey
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Obama’s painful Afghan journey

President’s tenure will be seen as a confused but well-intentioned pause in struggle with Islamism

The Republicans’ permanent revolution

The party’s scorched earth tactics are damaging the spirit of the US constitution

Illustration for Ed Luce column
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It’s still the middle class, dumbo

Yet no American populist has reached the Oval Office since the 19th century

Silicon Valley trip shows Modi delusions

Impressive parts of US economy are led by people ‘made in India’, but few show signs of going home

Deal with Russia is Obama’s least worst option

US president risks being pilloried at home for hobnobbing with Putin

Waiting for Yellen

Communication difficulties are usually symptom of deeper flaws

Joe Biden: the Hamlet of 2016

Vice-president emerges as Democrats’ best insurance to a Clinton implosion

Clinton apology fails to stem questions

Even without the email controversy, her campaign is in trouble

Obama’s debt to Syria’s huddled masses

This is not some footnote to a respectable diplomatic legacy. It is an indictment

Never say never with Trump

Billionaire who has spent weeks at the top of Republican presidential polls must be taken seriously

Obama’s long, hot Iranian summer

A US rejection of the deal would give Tehran a green light to revive their nuclear agenda

Hillary’s war on quarterly capitalism

The advantage of Mrs Clinton’s platform is that it is both accurate and popular

Trump makes indelible mark on GOP

His success is based on anti-politics — the dislike of poll-tested campaigns and scripted candidates

The not so friendly skies of America

The clout of the big carriers in Washington outweighs the woes of millions of frustrated flyers


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Ed has worked for the FT since 1995 as Philippines correspondent, capital markets editor, South Asia bureau chief in New Delhi and Washington bureau chief between 2006 and 2011. In 2000 Ed was the chief speechwriter for Lawrence H. Summers, the US Treasury secretary. His first book, In Spite of the Gods, The Strange Rise of Modern India remains a high seller.

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