How Obama lost influence with Brics

Matt Kenyon, US Brics
©Matt Kenyon

The president’s real pivot is not to Asia but to America, inspired by domestic sentiment

The master of cold war diplomacy

Two books laud a veteran’s understanding of Russian nationalism

Matt Kenyon illustration
©Matt Kenyon

The US cable barons must be challenged

No one in Washington seems to have the will to stop industry moguls from tightening their grip on the internet

©Matt Kenyan

Obama’s attention deficit diplomacy

Shared universal ideals have been supplanted by hard-nosed realism, but at a cost

©Matt Kenyon

America’s democracy is fit for the 1%

Both US parties are up for rent, and patriots of all stripes should be troubled

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©Matt Kenyon

Republican America revives

Demographic and other factors are against the Grand Old Party but its electoral hopes are high

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Britain has lost America’s respect

The ‘special relationship’ has been compromised by one side that is no longer sure of who it is

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©Matt Kenyon

Imperial presidency quietly strikes back

Obama’s words suggest he is reluctant to use his vast power. His actions convey the opposite

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©Matt Kenyon

Putin cooks up Obama’s chicken Kiev moment

Diplomacy is the US president’s preferred weapon. Now he must prove he can wield it

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©Matt Kenyon

Obama’s funeral for a policy success

Rarely has the gap between the US public’s perception and that of economists been greater

To Russia with love: Obama’s energy lever

The US energy windfall will enable Washington to loosen Moscow’s grip on its neighbours

Mayor America

Has the mayor of Chicago reinvented the city’s notorious political machine – and does he covet the White House?

Review - HRC: State Secrets and the Rebirth of Hillary Clinton

A portrait of Hillary Clinton as secretary of state offers insights into her methods but is undermined by its uncritical tone

The Fed’s waning magic in Yellen’s era

A widely forecast year of US take-off is in danger of faltering but the central bank has run out of ammunition

Obama’s trade agenda hangs on a thin Reid

The Democrat from Nevada never met a trade deal he liked

The west and the rest

Could relative decline be just a temporary setback for the west – or even an opportunity?

High stakes merger for Hillary Clinton and Obama

The former rivals will now sink or swim together

The rise of a new US federalism

With federal government largely paralysed, the future is being shaped in the cities

The tide is rising for America’s libertarians

The new spirit in a rising climate of anti-politics has become an attitude, rather than a movement

After the surge


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