‘Demokrasi’, by Hamish McDonald

The book examines Indonesia’s long, bumpy road to democracy

Southeast Asia’s tolerance is deceptive

Region shows signs that the tradition of strength through diversity is eroding

Delhi’s tortoise takes on Beijing’s hare

There is now a realistic prospect of India growing faster than China — as early as next year

China must adapt to its ‘new normal’

The trick for policy makers will be to shift resources from the public to the private sector

Truth behind Abe’s election ‘landslide’

As with many things in Japan, probe a little deeper and not everything is as it seems

Modi’s popular touch is a weapon

Even on seemingly dry topics, he has the flair to relate potential reforms to everyday lives

Taiwan stirs political earthquake for China

Some blame cheap Chinese labour for sucking away jobs and the mainland for property rises

The Samsung phone is no longer smart

South Korea’s group has never persuaded consumers its brand is as desirable as Apple’s

What goes up comes down – even China

Regression to mean could spell trouble for Asian powerhouses

Abe is on a mission, destination unknown

Japan’s leader may use an early vote as a chance to back out of a further rise in sales tax

Taiwan resolves to resist China’s embrace

Hong Kong is a cautionary tale for Taipei: this is what happens if you get too close to Beijing

Indonesia’s Jokowi can outdo Obama

Widodo will need all the acumen that took him to the presidency to avoid the traps being set

Weak yen is no panacea but Abe needs it

Depreciation is the central bank’s most potent tool. If it falters so could the reflation experiment

Ten days that shook Hong Kong

From the streets of a city changed beyond recognition, the FT’s Asia editor watched the Umbrella Revolution unfold

Hong Kong will never be the same again

A yearning for democracy will prolong the period of volatility

Tumultuous week that shook Hong Kong

Fears rise over end game for pro-democracy protests as rhetoric escalates on both sides

Myanmar’s most popular comedian stands up to tyranny

Myanmar’s most popular comedian is also a fearless activist who has been imprisoned and tortured. Now free, he continues to mock his nation’s new leaders and question its future

Hong Kong’s status is being stress-tested

At issue is the result of collusion between local tycoons and their communist friends in Beijing

Corruption is messy for business in Asia

Managers have to figure out how to avoid paying bribes – or how to pay without being caught

North Korea as ‘The Truman Show’

One needs to be wary of impressions gleaned from Pyongyang, a showcase city


David Pilling David Pilling is the Asia editor of the Financial Times. He was previously Tokyo Bureau Chief for the FT from January 2002 to August 2008. His column ranges over business, investment, politics and economics.

He joined the FT in 1990. He has worked in London as an editor, in Chile and Argentina as a correspondent and covered the global pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.

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