China’s most powerful weapon is trade

Commercial tussles are less dramatic than scraps in the South China Sea but may be more important

Beijing cannot control babies or banks

The party’s repressive instincts risk hampering both society and the economy

Beijing presses its narrative on the world

China wants to say that its time is coming and that other nations must adjust accordingly

Elections in Myanmar are a beginning

Greater freedom has brought unexpected side effects and festering tensions have emerged

‘Anyone but China’ club needs a gatecrasher

The TPP constrains state economic power in ways that seem almost designed with Beijing in mind

Xi must yield power to the private sector

If he was clamping down politically to prepare for economic liberalisation it has not happened

China’s economic facts and fakes

While most economies are subject to booms and busts, this one has seemed to sail on regardless

Taj Mahal

Delhi’s dangerous dream of overtaking China

India’s overly inflated statistics are breeding a false sense of security

Malaysia’s economic frailty is too familiar

The country is facing comparisons with the 1997 Asian financial crisis

China’s policies leave the world reeling

The sense of panic is exacerbated by mixed messages — take the exchange rate

Najib is too powerful for Malaysia’s good

Once a model of development, the country’s reputation is sinking and so is that of the PM

Modi must fire up ‘Make in India’ dream

A goal to increase manufacturing is overdue but the obstacles are formidable

Pragmatic Singapore can afford a little poetry

Renewal will mean developing a society where the cultural and political realms flourish

The ripple effects of China’s market woes

Clumsy intervention has had a chilling influence on global sentiment

Abe’s Japan inches away from pacifism

Conservatives still regard the alliance with US as the bedrock of security and prosperity

Beijing meets its match in the markets

Official attempts to stop the recent rout look reactive at best and ham-fisted at worst

Hong Kong and Taiwan’s electoral volcano

In the former, the magma is below the surface; in the latter, it is in active flow

Upstarts that challenge power in Beijing

Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent are three internet groups that have turned much of China upside down

US v China: is this the new cold war?

The Chinese programme of island reclamation is testing America’s reach

Euphoria grips China’s stock market

There is a fin de siècle feeling and today’s stresses are the most serious since the end of the 1990s


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He joined the FT in 1990. He has worked in London as an editor, in Chile and Argentina as a correspondent and covered the global pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.

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