A development bank made in China

It is possible that the AIIB will even exceed the standards of existing development lenders

Rohingya people are the Jews of Asia

In the past few weeks, at least 6,000 refugees have been cut adrift in the ocean

India should carve its tax code in stone

A company thinks it has settled its bill, next minute it is being hit for billions in retroactive levies

Unforeseen effects of Chinese medicine

China’s new diplomacy is starting to look like soft power

Hong Kong’s umbrella evolution

China’s Communist party was never going to let a bunch of street protesters back it into a corner

An unsinkable Pacific alliance

The closeness between America and Japan, forged in the ashes of war, goes beyond the ideological

Malaysia is drifting dangerously

Najib must resist the temptation to clamp down on freedoms for narrow political interests

Ingram Pinn illustration

Japan needs a working hours overhaul

The corporate culture the country is stuck with is unsuited to the challenges companies face

Round two in US bid for Asian influence

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is just as likely to annoy America’s allies in region as reassure them

European contrition: Poland 1970. German Chancellor Willy Brandt kneels before the Memorial of the Warsaw Ghetto's Nazi victims

Opinion: Japan needs a forthright reckoning

Europe has led by example in acts of contrition following the second world war

‘Accommodating’ Beijing is no bad thing

The policy of Chinese containment could be a disastrous miscalculation

Luck has bought time for Abenomics

Japan could be the only wealthy nation that is increasing the size of its middle class

Life in smog should spur China to action

Long dismissed as a side effect of development, air pollution is now a concern

Founder’s legacy looms over Singapore

A palpable sense of dissatisfaction exists among the island nation’s citizens

Japan’s Fanuc robots show new logic

Pressure from Daniel Loeb and a changing business climate is forcing secretive company to adapt

China and Pakistan make an oddball couple

Beijing has stayed the course with Islamabad while Washington has blown hot and cold

Corporate China not ready to take over

Regulation and suspicion harm companies’ efforts to break into foreign markets

Tipping point for Japan’s foreign policy

The illusion of neutrality becomes harder to pull off as economic clout wanes

‘Demokrasi’, by Hamish McDonald

The book examines the country’s ongoing transformation

Southeast Asia’s tolerance is deceptive

There are signs the region’s tradition of strength through diversity is eroding


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He joined the FT in 1990. He has worked in London as an editor, in Chile and Argentina as a correspondent and covered the global pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.

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