Russia’s reckless Middle East adventure

Putin thinks that by storming into Syria he has taken rightful leadership of the winning coalition

Catalan poll sparks crisis for Spain

The status quo is no longer tenable. Reform along clearer federal lines is needed

Middle East conflicts confound outsiders

Risk, even in the war-torn region, is also opportunity

We must be realistic about intervention in Syria

The west should help the Sunni majority against both the Assad regime and Isis

Erdogan tightens leash on Turkish media

Journalists are in no doubt the state is out to quash dissent

Erdogan has second shot at one-man rule

The assault on the PKK and siege in the south-east are a naked bid for nationalist votes

Ingram Pinn illustration

Turkey’s bombs reveal failed Syria policy

Erdogan fishing for nationalist votes tries to tar as terrorists the pro-Kurdish coalition

Money can buy Iran’s restraint in the Gulf

Neighbouring states should use their wealth to tempt nation to pull in its regional horns

The toxic rivalry of Saudi Arabia and Isis

Riyadh’s main fear is of being outflanked on the religious right by jihadi extremists

A nuclear deal will not banish the Middle East’s demons

In its ruthless projection of state power Iran seems indifferent to the sectarian break-up of other states

Coalition needed to defeat Isis

Common threads in the Middle East need to be pulled together before they unravel

Syria edges towards partition

As the nation fragments under sectarianism and savagery, could the suffering be nearing its end?

An activist pope puts his faith in science

Mobilising the rock-star popularity of Francis is like dropping a boulder in a pool full of pebbles

Erdogan succumbs to the fog of politics

A striking collapse of judgement in a leader who once mesmerised his electorate

A victory for Turkish democracy

Nation’s diversity has asserted itself against Erdogan’s suffocatingly intrusive rule

Turks stymie Erdogan’s vaulting ambition

President’s nemesis was pro-Kurdish coalition with appeal to liberals, leftists and women

Saudi Arabia must act against extremists

The authorities say they have dismantled Isis cells yet they have done little to dissect its ideology

Christians torn in Lebanon power vacuum

Caught in a sectarian crossfire, the group’s disarray over the presidency is self-destructive

Election in Turkey will test Erdogan

Many millions of voters hope the national poll will show the president his limits

Podemos has set alight Spanish politics

Whether or not it can deliver on its promises, it is already catalysing healthy change


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He writes columns, commentary and analysis, mainly on the Middle East.

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