Election in Turkey will test Erdogan

Many millions of voters hope the national poll will show the president his limits

Podemos has set alight Spanish politics

Whether or not it can deliver on its promises, it is already catalysing healthy change

Ramadi is symbol of a hollowed-out state

Years of graft and strife have left neither the means nor narrative to defend Iraq as a nation-state

Gulf Arabs fear Iran with cash as much as Iran with the bomb

They have seen how much Tehran can do with hardly any money, and how little they themselves can do

Worst ills of Mideast start in classrooms

Civic institutions — and decent public education — are the outcome of a culture of co-operation

Egyptian autocracy bodes ill for region

Prospects bleak without alternative to extremism or autocratic rule

Armenia’s genocide

Personal testimony and scholarly research leave no doubt that the massacre of Armenians that began 100 years ago this month was genocide

EU affairs minister: Volkan Bozkir
©Anadolu Agency

‘Ankara no longer safe pair of hands’

Erdoğan’s retreat into an illiberal democracy is pushing eventual EU membership beyond reach

Israel fears effect of Bibi’s recklessness

With no timetable, the prime minister will gamble he can outwait Obama’s last two years as president

A victory to add to Israel’s loneliness

A divisive leader’s win comes at a heavy price

Bibi squanders US relations

Israel’s PM may be misjudging the mood in both America and his own nation

Opinion: Ghosts of the past still haunt government

History is in danger of repeating itself

The hideous dialectic of Isis savagery

West should not underestimate the chillingly smart terror group

A year in a word: Caliphate

A surreal cross-border ‘jihadistan’

A federal cure for a shattered Middle East

The ultra-centralism of the Arab security state is a recruiting sergeant for Isis

For Saudi Arabia, plunging oil prices are a political weapon

The Wahhabi nation’s visceral hatred of its Shia rivals should be factored into the equation

Egypt’s biggest problem is restoration of the security state

Army ring-fences its privileges and expands its economic empire

The Mideast’s vanishing religious variety

Gerard Russell’s ‘Heirs to Forgotten Kingdoms’ explores an Aladdin’s Cave of bygone faiths

Jerusalem is no place to play with fire

The slow strangulation of aspiration fans the flames of extremism

Netanyahu is losing Europe’s goodwill

Israel slow to realise a change in sentiment over Palestine that could challenge its legitimacy


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