Pointless Gazan war neither side wanted

This latest conflict suggests the threshold of bloodshed has risen

Mideast sectarianism masks a power lust

Forces at play have the power to resurrect the zombies of Osama bin Laden and the Ba’ath

Assad plays risky game in Isis conflict

Events may conspire to confound president’s plans

Jihadist dream comes true if US backs Maliki

Iraq’s prime minister has become a recruiting sergeant for Isis

Iraqi failure reflects Syria’s lost narrative

Maliki’s sectarianism and corruption has enabled itinerant gangs to claw their way back

Panic pushes Saudis towards Iran detente

U-turns do not come bigger than Riyadh’s shift from obloquy to olive branch

Unruly Erdogan’s divided Turkey

His instinct is to polarise and no one can prove to him that it does not work

Sisi puts state before democracy in Egypt

Presidential candidate emits exhortations rather than concrete policies

Lebanon on the brink

Political gridlock, economic torpor and the machinations of Hizbollah have pushed the crossroads of the Middle East to the edge of collapse – again

Bombast belies interest in nuclear deal

In return for dignity and respect, Iran is ready to break with its past, taking its place in the world

Man who would be president may have squandered legacy

Recep Tayyip Erdogan has changed course

Turkey’s image has been tarnished

... but the country still offers an example of progress

Poll cannot mask Assad’s vulnerabilities

Future US-Iran detente could leave president as casualty

An undue chill greets Iran’s nuclear spring

A Tehran with a stake in settling the Middle East’s lethal problems could be transformative

US plays crooked lawyer in Mideast drama

The Israeli tail is being allowed to wag the US dog

Erdogan sets an unappealing precedent

The idea of a citizen with individual rights seems alien to the leaders of Turkey, Egypt and Iraq

Qatar stands firm over Brotherhood backing

Spain and Britain need not fear F-word

Separatists may find that the answer lies in federalism

Erdogan is source of Turkey’s problems

If he continues to lash out at disembodied conspiracies confidence could collapse

On the slippery slope of frivolity

Lebanese politicos have been suitably rewarded for their outrage about the skier who posed for a calendar

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