Hollow claims ring out over UK economy

As a chancellor who has suffered much abuse, George Osborne is only giving what he has received

Caution is the byword for squeezed UK

Tory optimism about growth is unlikely to cheer the vast majority of households

Current MPC members
©Bank of England

Rescue the BoE tapes from the dustbin

Mark Carney should exert his executive power to stop the routine destruction of records

Britain’s recovery is rooted overseas

The sale of multimillion-pound London flats to foreign billionaires ranks as an export success

Bank of England governor Mark Carney
©Charlie Bibby

Carney must avoid more unforced error

The BoE hitched its wagon to unemployment when what it really cared about was recovery

BoE in need of more enduring policy

Rates plan undone by poor forecast of unemployment

Carney is dressing old policy in new clothes

The big question is whether declining unemployment has been a false omen of economic recovery

Global economy faces productivity riddle

Hopes for living standards in rich and poorer states may be dashed

Carney must consider raising rates

The Bank of England has been proved wrong over its forecasts on unemployment

Consumption is not just for Christmas

It is deeply patronising to fret that the little people are buying too much for their own good

The young are being squeezed by the old

Employers forced to make good on final salary promises are having to find the money from somewhere

Accurate forecasts suit Osborne for once

Expect a warts-and-all account of the OBR’s inability to see the recovery

Labour’s switch can damage the coalition

The focus on the cost of living is likely to pay political dividends

Time for real guidance from the BoE

The risk is that households and companies will think rock-bottom rates are guaranteed

Confidence takes welcome turn

Unexpected upswing in growth gives rise to reflection on whether ‘fog of crisis’ is lifting

Forget fiscal policy – supply matters

When we understand the issue better, it will determine how much more austerity is needed in the UK

Scant choice in UK’s 2015 election

However much they talk about clear differences, the parties have rarely been closer on economics

UK hopes it’s recovering like it’s 1995

The economy might have turned the corner but nominal growth is too slow and too fragile

Carney could kick-start UK economy

The BoE must spend some of its monetary policy credibility in search of a more robust recovery

Will the royal baby buoy UK economy?

FT assesses the impact of the prince’s birth


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