Pro-Russia militia in the eastern Ukrainian town of Kramatorsk
©Andrew Jack

Ukraine: ‘War without war’ rumbles on

The country’s east remains a tinderbox at risk of a lethal spark

Joe Cummings illustration of Gerrie Nel

Gerrie Nel, Pistorius’s pit bull prosecutor

South African lawyer, renowned as a battler in the cause of justice, who shuns the limelight

Putin: Russia’s great propagandist

Putin’s use of Soviet-era symbolism has alarmed those already fearful for the country’s democratic institutions

Biofuels: Wasted energy

Muddled EU climate policies are threatening to push pioneering waste-to-fuel companies away from the continent

CN0R4X Jewelers shop offering good prices for gold bullion in 1932 when the value of gold increased.
©Hilary Morgan/Alamy

Gold: In search of a new standard

The London fix has been in place for almost a century but critics say the system needs reform

The developing world’s fragile middle class

Data show 2.8bn people in the developing world sit just above the poverty line, at risk of slipping back as economic growth in emerging markets slows

The Fragile Middle

A slippery ladder: 2.8bn people on the brink

The precarious rise from poverty of millions in the emerging world

Big pharma: Storehouse of trouble

A raft of lawsuits and probes has reinforced criticism that the industry puts profits before public health

Boutique banks: Lex in-depth

Moelis & Co’s public offering next week follows a good run for the small, specialist operations

Sir Win Bischoff, Chairman of Lloyds
©Charlie Bibby

British business: The Schroders network

A tightknit group of former executives at the UK merchant bank dominates City boardrooms

Nato: Northern exposure

Russia’s militarism has caught the alliance with its guard down after years of defence cuts

World Bank: Man on a mission

An ambitious restructuring programme by Jim Yong Kim, bank president, has attracted both admiration and criticism – but can it deliver results?

Rwandan genocide: Lingering legacy

Events of 20 years ago remain pivotal to the Kagame regime’s efforts to build a post-ethnic nation

Financial Conduct Authority: A gift to the City

A year after it was created, the UK’s swaggering new regulator has wreaked havoc in the stock market

Afghanistan: Into the unknown

The country is entering a new era but many Afghans fear renewed violence and foreign interference

China property: In search of shelter

A stuttering housing market outside the country’s biggest cities represents a grave threat to the economy

South African mining: Stuck in the past

Critics warn that the migrant labour system threatens the stability of important gold and platinum producers

Captured in a Chinese tiger hunt

The demise of one of China’s most powerful men has as much to do with politics as with graft

Sanctions: War by other means

Curbs on Russia reflect growth in targeted measures, which have a mixed record of success

Technology: All eyes on the future

Apple, Facebook and Google aim to create and control the next crucial technological platform