Eurozone: Draghi’s new deal

The ECB president’s call for a fiscal and monetary compact has won a mixed reaction from observers

The fight for ‘China’s sorrow’

Can Beijing prevent the Yellow River running dry, asks Lucy Hornby

Germany: In a spin

With growth slowing, the problems facing the economy – from the Ukraine crisis to rising energy costs – will have an impact beyond its borders

France: Rock bottom

Hollande’s travails highlight the difficulty of trying to put an end to a chronic economic crisis

Russia’s new art of war

Nato has struggled to counter Moscow’s tactics in conflict where traditional might is only a part

Kunskapsgallerian M7 is something new in the education area. The building is situated in Nacka, south of Stockholm in Sweden. photo: Johan Jeppsson
©Johan Jeppsson

Free schools: Lessons in store

The merits of Sweden’s friskola are being questioned after the country plunged in the OECD rankings

US shale: What lies beneath

An innovation boom is bringing lower costs and higher productivity, but how long will it last?

Abenomics: Off target

After the excitement about the BoJ’s stimulus, the economy has shown virtually zero real growth

Malaysia Airlines: Long haul

After two tragedies the national carrier faces wholesale restructuring

US race relations: Days of rage

The fatal shooting of Michael Brown has reopened the debate about how the police treat young black men

Iran: Dried out

Poor planning, populist policies and drought have contributed to a critical water shortage

Morningstar: Force to be reckoned with

The research firm’s rating system gives it great power to influence the $30tn mutual fund industry

Ukraine’s economy: Broken down

The country’s finances have worsened, raising pressure on the International Monetary Fund

Apps: Growing pains

Once a thriving cottage industry, bigger players are now dominant and profits are squeezed

Air safety: Flying blind

The downing of flight MH17 has revealed gaps in the policing of air space that could endanger passengers

Book wars: Amazon’s page turner

The online retailer is accused of bullying publishers but argues its plans will aid the industry

Isis: Armed and dangerous

Although US air strikes have stalled the jihadi group, there is no consensus on how to beat it

Asset tracing: Follow the money

Efforts to track and recover stolen funds are gaining ground but obstacles remain

US housing: Battle scars

An improvement in the sector is crucial to the economic recovery but is being jeopardised

Finance: The FICC and the dead

Banks’ once-mighty trading businesses are humbled. Will a return of volatility to the markets revive them?