Greece: A fragile calm

Two years after the country defaulted, there are signs that the economy has turned a corner

Luxembourg tax regime: Under siege

The low-tax system that has brought great prosperity to the Grand Duchy now threatens to become a liability

Coal cars lined up at Lamberts Point.
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US railways: Back on track

Train operators are cashing in on shale gas but their improved fortunes could be undermined

Asean: Long on optimism

Foreign investors and a growing consumer class are driving the rise of southeast Asian nations

US jobs: Slim pickings

Despite rising employment and productivity, wages remain stubbornly static, slowing the recovery

Technology: Wear your medicine

New wearable digital devices could signal a radical shift in medical practice

Immigration: Life on the line

As the US grapples with a border crisis, FT reporters speak to the immigrants and the Americans who are torn over their fate

Emerging economies: Taking a stand

The Brics are creating their own development bank. But critics warn the group is bound by frustration

Energy: The indispensable country

The US shale revolution has averted the threat of a global oil crisis caused by growing levels of conflict and instability

Des Bois
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A world without water

In the first instalment of a series on the threat of water scarcity, Pilita Clark reveals the cost to companies

Private equity: A fee too far

Regulators are probing conflicts of interest and high fees charged by fund managers to the companies they own

US-China relations: Head to head

Tensions over hacking and territorial claims are threatening to undermine the goodwill forged by financial links

Lego: King of the castle

Focus on detail and digital expansion have helped the Danish toymaker thrive in a tough market

EU energy market: Pipe dream

Pan-European flows would boost efficiency and independence but progress is slow

Pimco: Lex in-depth

Allianz has done well out of Bill Gross’s firm but after 15 years should consider spinning it off

Iraq: A divided future

As sectarian violence spreads, more ordinary people are beginning to feel that break-up is the only solution

Unemployment: Labour pains

Despite signs of a recovery, economists fear the crisis has left a permanent scar on the job market

Hong Kong: Change in the air

As Beijing seeks to ‘clarify’ the level of autonomy in the former British colony, a mood of rebellion is growing

Dodging bullets while investing in Africa

Investors chasing high returns are ready to overlook real danger, weak governance and poor infrastructure

Recep Tayyip Erdogan: Supreme ambition

The Turkish prime minister’s presidential quest will have reverberations for the nation and region