Russia’s new art of war

Nato has struggled to counter Moscow’s tactics in conflict where traditional might is only a part

Kunskapsgallerian M7 is something new in the education area. The building is situated in Nacka, south of Stockholm in Sweden. photo: Johan Jeppsson
©Johan Jeppsson

Free schools: Lessons in store

The merits of Sweden’s friskola are being questioned after the country plunged in the OECD rankings

US shale: What lies beneath

An innovation boom is bringing lower costs and higher productivity, but how long will it last?

Abenomics: Off target

After the excitement about the BoJ’s stimulus, the economy has shown virtually zero real growth

Malaysia Airlines: Long haul

After two tragedies the national carrier faces wholesale restructuring

US race relations: Days of rage

The fatal shooting of Michael Brown has reopened the debate about how the police treat young black men

C6AEKP Dried riverbed of Zayandeh river with Khaju Bridge in background, Isfahan Iran.

Iran: Dried out

Poor planning, populist policies and drought have contributed to a critical water shortage

02 Jul 2014, Chicago, Illinois, USA --- Bill Gross, co-founder and co-chief investment officer of Pacific Investment Management Company (PIMCO), speaks at the Morningstar Investment Conference in Chicago, Illinois, in this June 19, 2014 file photo. Gross' Pimco Total Return Fund, the world's largest bond fund, posted $4.5 billion in net outflows in June, marking its 14th straight month of investor withdrawals despite improving performance, Morningstar data showed on July 2, 2014. REUTERS/Jim Young/Files (UNITED STATES - Tags: BUSINESS) --- Image by © JIM YOUNG/Reuters/Corbis

Morningstar: Force to be reckoned with

The research firm’s rating system gives it great power to influence the $30tn mutual fund industry

Ukraine’s economy: Broken down

The country’s finances have worsened, raising pressure on the International Monetary Fund

Apps: Growing pains

Once a thriving cottage industry, bigger players are now dominant and profits are squeezed

Air safety: Flying blind

The downing of flight MH17 has revealed gaps in the policing of air space that could endanger passengers

Book wars: Amazon’s page turner

The online retailer is accused of bullying publishers but argues its plans will aid the industry

Isis: Armed and dangerous

Although US air strikes have stalled the jihadi group, there is no consensus on how to beat it

Asset tracing: Follow the money

Efforts to track and recover stolen funds are gaining ground but obstacles remain

US housing: Battle scars

An improvement in the sector is crucial to the economic recovery but is being jeopardised

Finance: The FICC and the dead

Banks’ once-mighty trading businesses are humbled. Will a return of volatility to the markets revive them?

Brazil’s Petrobras: Tarred by corruption

An investigation into the state oil company has tarnished political reputations

Scotland: Between heart and head

Support for independence in next month’s referendum is driven more by sentiment than economic arguments

Israel: Worlds apart

Hardened attitudes towards Gaza and a long-term shift to the political right reflect the failure of past peace efforts

Argentina: Unresolved debts

Default creates uncertainty over the nation’s economic prospects and future sovereign debt cases