Entrepreneurship — the bitter truth

Business schools should teach what they are supposed to teach — best managerial practices

The MBA is losing its magic

Is a management degree the right type of investment for students today?

Academia must collaborate with industry

Changes must be made to the way b-schools are structured and the skills demanded of their staff

The importance of leadership culture

Business schools must understand the value of collaboration

MBAs need to understand the human factor

B-schools populate financial system with quasi-engineers, a more practical approach is needed

B-schools must champion UK entrepreneurs

Business schools must overcome their ivory tower image and work closely with local business

Don’t call me a leader

Those in power should accept no one person has all the answers

Uncertain future for business schools

Technology embedded in Moocs poses the real threat to MBA programmes

The psychology of business plans

When potential entrepreneurs perceive a high risk they often rationalise the start-up decision

What makes an entrepreneur?

The grand vision and the great idea are overrated, it is the execution that counts

EMBAs not providing a global education

Often curriculum offers single ‘global model’ with strategies applied the same way to all markets

Women absent from senior academic roles

Higher education career structure may be partly to blame for absence of female leaders

Insurance analytics – the missing link

The insurance sector lacks data scientists and business schools need to offer specialised courses

A dilemma for China’s business schools

Should schools become locally reactive or globally proactive?

The future is green for business schools

Education sector is reluctant to embrace economic models of durability and sustainability

Getting the measure of university

Student experience would improve if expectations were managed from the outset

The roadblock to commercialisation

University technology transfer offices act as bottlenecks and focus on financial returns

Time to stand out from the crowd

To be truly distinctive, business schools need to look at how they deliver management education

B-schools and businesses must collaborate

Working together on research projects ultimately benefits both sides and needs to become the norm

Danger of missing the innovation moment

Companies fail to identify future opportunities because they do not have fresh business models