Sense of gender lacking in MBA programmes

Men and women experience working life differently but schools tend to adhere to a male outlook

Out of failure springs innovation

Aspiring entrepreneurs must learn to understand the importance of getting it wrong

Radical not incremental innovation needed

Business schools can help foster open-mindedness in the higher education sector

Academics divorced from real life

Business schools have failed to develop curriculums that satisfy the needs of employers

Globalisation risk to liberal traditions

Academic freedom must be safeguarded and included in business school accreditation standards

Caught between a rock and a hard place

Universities must recognise they cannot continue to operate using their current business model

Della Bradshaw
©Ed Robinson

From the editor: A strategy rejected

Thunderbird’s plight will be watched closely by other US schools

Teaching of human rights is ignored

Business schools are ignoring the emergent role of companies in modern society

Moocs: Accreditation will be key to their success

Business needs assurance that managers are achieving knowledge

Academic sector rewards selfishness

Female academics bear brunt of undervalued tasks such as pastoral care or teaching administration

Male stereotype of a leader persists

Business schools must take responsibility for perpetuating the same image of a chief

Moocs may force business school closures

Unless business schools adapt there may well be legions of unemployed teaching faculty

Putting an end to the gender wage gap

Negotiating skills are needed, and can be developed

Research has a tarnished reputation

Academics need to leave their ivory towers and spend time inside companies

Business education can bridge cultures

China has a strong presence in Africa

Networking becomes a dirty word

MBA students need to view their contacts as people rather than things

China needs entrepreneurship education

The country’s business schools should adopt western tactics and have start-up labs

The dawning of the age of biology

Innovations in the application of biology will transform the 21st century

Let bright brains cross the border

The UK’s immigration policy towards non-EU graduates is damaging to European business

The fading lustre of the MBA

The degree is becoming more of a commodity and real innovation and marketing is now needed