Jonathan Wareham, Esade

Jonathan Wareham

An expert in knowledge management has chosen to define technology ecosystem

David Walters

David Walters, ITLS, University of Sydney

An expert in value chain management defines Mittelstand

Loick Roche, dean and director of Grenoble Ecole de Management

Loïck Roche, Grenoble Business School

An expert in management, performance and wellbeing at work defines the term slow management

Simon Evenett, Professor of International Trade and Economic Development at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland.

Simon Evenett, St Gallen

An expert in international trade defines the term global financial crisis

Dr. Dennis Quinn, professor at the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University poses for a portrait in Washington, DC, on February 3 2012.

Dennis Quinn: McDonough School

An expert in international political economics defines economic globalisation

INSEAD Global Business Leaders Conference Europe : Converging on Competitiveness 28 june 2013 How do multinationals look at Europe ? Rajesh Krishnamurthy, Vice President, Global Head, Consulting and Systems Intergration, Retail, CPG, Logistics and Life Sciences, Infosys, Ltd Nick Leeder, MBA'95D, Managing Director, Google France Nunzio Mirtillo, Senior Vice President, Head of Region Mediterranean, Ericsson Presenters & Moderators : Javier Gimeno, Academic Director, INSEAD Charles Galunic, Aviva Chaired Professor of Leadership and Responsibility INSEAD

Charles Galunic, Insead

An expert in organisational behaviour defines the term social capital

Constantin Zopounidis, Professor of Financial Engineering and Operations research, Technical University of Crete and research professor at Audencia Nantes School of Management

Constantin Zopounidis, Technical University of Crete

An expert in financial engineering defines the term multiple criteria decision analysis

Ansgar Richer

Ansgar Richter, University of Liverpool Management School

An expert in strategy, organisation and governance defines complementarity

Bill Mayew, Fuqua School of Business at Duke University

Bill Mayew, Fuqua School of Business

An expert in accounting defines earnings conference call

Miruna Radu Lefebvre, chair of Family Entrepreneurship and Society at Audencia Nantes Schools of Management

Miruna Radu Lefebvre, Audencia Nantes

An expert in entrepreneurship and marketing has chosen to define family business

Laura Empson, Cass Business School

An expert in professional service firms defines the term leadership constellation

Hélène Michel, Grenoble Ecole de Management

An expert in innovation management has chosen to define the term serious games

Alberto Gimeno, Esade

An expert in family business and general management has chosen to define the term ‘social leader’

Debora Thompson, Georgetown McDonough

An expert in marketing and consumer behaviour has chosen to define the term scepticism identification model

Paul Bracken, Yale School of Management

An expert in global competition in business and defence has chosen to define red team

Yesh Nama, Aston Business School

An expert in management control has chosen to define sociology of finance

Matthias Seifert, IE Business School

Prof Seifert defines the term intuition

Ingo Bobel, International University of Monaco

The professor has chosen the term jugaad innovation

Caroline Gatrell, Lancaster

An expert in the sociologies of health, work and family defines the term pregnant presenteeism

Bernhard Schwetzler, HHL Leipzig

An expert in financial management defines the term tax shield for FT Lexicon

Adrian TH Kuah, James Cook University

An expert in policy and competitiveness defines the term externalities for FT Lexicon

Héctor Izquierdo, IE Business School

An expert in the field of management control defines business intelligence for FT Lexicon

Christopher Kummer, Webster University

The expert in the field of strategy and mergers and acquisitions has selected the term equity carve-out to define for FT Lexicon

Terence Tse, ESCP Europe

The expert in the field of corporate finance and management has selected the term ‘competitiveness’ to define for FT Lexicon

Mike Grandinetti, Hult

Entrepreneurship expert chooses the term ‘super angel’ to define for FT Lexicon

Darwin Choi, HKUST

Finance expert defines key terms including ‘convertible bond arbitrage’ and ‘disposition effect’ for FT Lexicon

Leslie Marx, Fuqua School of Business

Collusion expert defines terms including ‘but-for price’ and ‘buyer resistance’ for FT Lexicon

Roger Steare, Cass Business School

Ethics expert defines terms including ‘integrity’ and ‘business narrative’ for FT Lexicon

Pablo Triana, Esade

Finance expert defines ‘value at risk’, ‘trading book’ and more for FT Lexicon

Peter Augsdörfer, Grenoble Ecole de Management

Technology strategy expert defines terms including ‘slack’ and ‘path dependence’ for FT Lexicon

Eloy Garcia, IE Business School

Finance expert defines terms including ‘bottom of the pyramid’ and ‘micro-insurance’ for FT Lexicon

Mehmet Asutay, Durham Business School

Islamic finance expert defines key terms including ‘sukuk’ and ‘takaful’ for FT Lexicon

Omneya Abdelsalam, Aston Business School

Islamic finance expert defines key terms for FT Lexicon including ‘ijarah’ and ‘mudaraba’

Daniel Broby, Strathclyde

Fund management expert defines key terms including ‘index’, ‘attribution’ and ‘benchmark’ for FT Lexicon

Cedomir Nestorovic

International marketing and geopolitics expert defines key Islamic finance terms including ‘riba’ and ‘gharar’ for FT Lexicon

Kristiaan Helsen, HKUST

Marketing expert defines terms including ‘made-for-China’ and ‘brand crisis’ for FT Lexicon

David Schmittlein, MIT Sloan

Business school dean defines terms on the topic of ‘action learning’ for FT Lexicon

Raymond Reilly, Michigan Ross

Business administration expert defines terms including ‘mindfulness’ and ‘sense-making’ for FT Lexicon

Gregory Unruh, Thunderbird School of Global Management

Business ethics expert defines terms including ‘global leader’ and ‘global citizen’ for FT Lexicon

Aaron Chatterji, Fuqua School of Business

Entrepreneurship expert defines terms including ‘elevator pitch’ and ‘disruptive innovation’ for FT Lexicon