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MBA jobs and salaries on the rise in 2015

GMAC says more companies to hire MBAs, particularly in the US

Business school videos

Building entrepreneurship
Business schools can help entrepreneurs, says Sunil Kumar, dean of Chicago Booth
Job interview survival tips
Show problem-solving and good communication skills. Find out more about case interviews
Understand data analytics
Andrew Ainslie, Simon School’s dean at Rochester says theory must be backed by data
Big Data
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Leaders need data analysis skills

Business school content is being adapted to suit market needs

Lawyer's wig and mortar board

Students lose faith in professional disciplines

Applications are down in both the legal and MBA sectors

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Retiring executives signal a need for talent

EMBA programme aims to set the gold standard in mining management

Job market for MBAs to remain strong

Latest GMAC recruiter survey is good news for business graduates

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How to write a tailored CV

Reflect the recruiter’s priorities rather than your own

Start your own business

MBA Jobs Clinic Q&A: Entrepreneurship

Are you an MBA looking to start your own business? Read advice from our panel of experts

How to manage job interview nerves

How to manage job interview nerves

Remind yourself of your strengths and why you want the role

Multi-ethnic casual people interacting together

Networking can leave you down and dirty

Negative feelings can hinder career progress

Ask the Expert pfeatures

Ask the Expert: MBA Jobs Clinic

Are you an MBA graduate looking for a job? A panel of experts answered your questions

Tips for switching careers

Highlight transferable skills in your profile and learn the language of your targeted role

How to achieve a work-life balance

Learn to delegate and let managers know your constraints

Web chat: Jennifer Whitten and Jared Barlow

Experts from WP Carey School answered career-related questions

Web chat: Bryn Panee Burkhart

MIT Sloan career expert answered questions on looking for a job

Universities should work with SMEs

Students with work experience will be more employable after graduation

Ask the Expert: MBA Jobs clinic – July 2014

Are you an MBA looking for a job? Read careers advice from our panel of experts

Is name dropping a savvy strategy?

Mentioning your well-placed contacts in a tactful way can help you get ahead in the job search

How to leverage the value of your MBA

Think why a company does something and what results it measures

How to network as a career strategy

The best networkers are those who listen and offer help first

How to use LinkedIn for career success

Create a summary showing your strengths and areas of expertise

Tips for getting a consulting job

Develop your networking skills and build lasting relationships

How to stand out in a job interview

Do your research on the interviewer and the organisation

How to succeed at assessment centres

Show you have problem-solving skills and commercial acumen

Career fairs: dealing with awkwardness

Stay and ask questions if a recruiter gives you the brush-off