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Bad news for business schools in Britain and Belgium

Ask the Expert

Masters in Management 2014

Interested in studying for a masters in management? Read advice from our panel of experts

Della Bradshaw
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Uneasy alliances

With corporate mergers so prone to failure, should business schools be so keen to pair up?

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Masters in Management

Business schools are adapting to a rapidly changing market

Simon Caulkin
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Liberating incentives

An era of management-led growth is currently held hostage by old ideas that refuse to die

A united front

Kofi Annan constantly demonstrated essential elements of leadership throughout his career, writes Robert Helsley

Christian Marti, Global Sales Director of Aston Martin. Photographed at their Gaydon factory, Warwickshire
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Road warrior

Christian Marti reflects on how his international business education armed him with the skills to work with different cultures

Dear Lucy
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Am I better off going to a bigger-brand school with more of a reputation?

Lucy Kellaway on whether location matters when studying

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Powerful incentives

Students increasingly see a master’s degree as a basic requirement

Class of 2015 MA class at WFU School of Business orientation activities
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The art of management

How the 2008 crisis opened business programmes in the US up to more graduates

A viable alternative

The difference between a MiM and an MBA

Love Inc

Paean to companies puts too much faith in the elite. A review of ‘The Key’, by Lynda Gratton

Tech review: Data protection in the age of consent

People must be careful about how far they allow apps to tap into their lives

Upfront business school news and views

Alumni networks; poverty studies; banking and finance jobs