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Financial engineering, blockchain and activist investors are not only shaking up the business world - but also how financial training is carried out

Judge and HEC top finance masters tables

Cambridge Judge Business School
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Cambridge course deemed best for those already in sector, Paris school keeps crown for younger students

Industry’s dark days are good for schools

Experiences of the 2008 crisis have led to more interest in financial training

Activist investors enter the classroom

Corporate conflicts are helping academics bring finance theory to life

Rise in demand for courses on blockchain

Finance executives are flocking to courses that cover digital currencies

Engineering reborn: MIT Sloan professor Andrew Lo has pioneered the use of modern portfolio theory on drugs research
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Financial engineering helps fight cancer

Academics are reviving the discipline’s tarnished reputation

Schools strive to produce entrepreneurs

Pressure to repay student debt limits launch of ventures

Asian schools produce few female leaders

Course programmers will have to factor in women’s lifestyle patterns

Students must learn purpose of finance

Masters of finance graduates need to understand basic technical subjects, but also other viewpoints

Accountancy course attracts learners

ACCA wants to open its programme to a wider audience and boost financial literacy

Masters in Finance rankings methodology

How the Financial Times ranks business schools

Moocs round-up: top low-cost courses

Cost, effort and certification requirements of several leading programmes

Key to weighting of ranking factors

Guide to information in the tables


Business schools adapt to changing times

Ethics and risk management take centre stage following financial crisis

HEC Paris and LBS on top

Schools dominate FT rankings of Masters of Finance programmes

The MiF can offer an edge over the CFA

Degree programme is becoming increasingly popular

Diverse jobs on offer in finance sector

Prospects lie in regulation, IT, investment banking, private equity, risk and wealth management

Opinion: chiefs should support their staff through testing exam periods

The CFA’s courses are extremely demanding, says Paul Smith, head of the institute

Moocs keep students coming back for more

Providers set sights on improving online study metrics

Post-crisis nerves drive demand for financial fitness

Institutions have growing incentives to develop a better-trained workforce

Pick a career path then the right qualification

The more tech-savvy candidates are, the more valuable they are to a fund