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The power of yellow

The colour of daffodils and Easter sunshine, yellow is now being worn to stand out in the workplace

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A security guard stands on duty at the Patek Philippe SA booth during the Baselworld watch fair in Basel, Switzerland, on Wednesday, April 24, 2013 ©Bloomberg
Market expectations for Baselworld are likely to be subdued
A model presents a piece from Prada collection ©Getty
Detailed coverage from the catwalks of this season’s fashion shows
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Short-cut to summer shirts

The crop-sleeved shirt has a mixed reputation but this season’s looks are cool and sophisticated

Various sunglasses

Out of the shade

Small sunglasses labels are offering craftsmanship and creativity

The Marylebone Tech

Power in the handbag

‘A self-charging bag seemed too good to be true. Did it have solar panels concealed on the side? I decided to find out’


Why logos are back in fashion

Luxury brands have rediscovered bold 1980s-style branding. Is it irony, nostalgia, or just a rehash?

Collars and dollars

Women’s hemlines rise and fall with the times – but do men’s shirts reflect the economic climate too?

Bestsellers’ jackets

‘Having a great book idea is one thing, and writing a great book another, but having a great image helps’

Rose perfumes
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Rose-scented perfumes

The pick of a new crop of sophisticated new fragrances smelling of roses

Simon Cowell
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The smooth success of ‘Bro-tox’

Advice on getting it right

Left to right, from the spring/summer 2014 collections of Alexander McQueen; Givenchy; Dries Van Noten

The nomad look

A whistlestop tour of tribal influences, from Zulu skirts to Navajo fringing