Why logos are back in fashion

Luxury brands have rediscovered bold 1980s-style branding. Is it irony, nostalgia, or just a rehash?

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A security guard stands on duty at the Patek Philippe SA booth during the Baselworld watch fair in Basel, Switzerland, on Wednesday, April 24, 2013 ©Bloomberg
Market expectations for Baselworld are likely to be subdued
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‘Having a great book idea is one thing, and writing a great book another, but having a great image helps’

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Rose-scented perfumes

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Left to right, from the spring/summer 2014 collections of Alexander McQueen; Givenchy; Dries Van Noten

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A whistlestop tour of tribal influences, from Zulu skirts to Navajo fringing

Spa at Four Seasons

Everyone’s new best friend

‘Beauty columnist might not rank highly on many people’s lists of jobs with a strong social purpose, but I beg to differ’

Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck in ‘Roman Holiday’ (1953); Richard Gere in ‘American Gigolo’ (1980)
©The Kobal Collection/Corbis

Italian fashion at London’s V&A

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What happens when the fashion world takes a risk and plays for laughs on the catwalk

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