With a view to improvement

‘Being at 1,800 metres in the Alps helps give me a broader view of what’s going on in the world’

Furniture movers and shakers in Milan

‘The Salone is a curious beast, bringing together companies trying to sell the exact same thing’

A hub on the edge of Europe

‘I should know Lisbon better and feel insecure, as if I’m missing out on a very decadent party’

Where to bag a spot in the sun

‘As the clocks go forward, my inbox fills up with requests for tips on places to jump-start summer’

Great flying, wrapped up

From check-in, dapper older gentlemen in well-cut suits whisk you to, and through, security

Pack smart, travel light

‘You really can do two weeks with carry-on bags if your hotels have stellar laundry service’

Homing instincts

‘As well as having a degree of elegance, my ideal apartment will also get the basics right’

The weekend starts here

‘The simple fact is that people are unlikely to take their tablet out with them for a run’

A world of good service

‘La Grand Epicerie foodhall is so tempting that I fantasised about moving to Paris’

Let them watch snow

‘It is bad enough that the World Cup is also heading to Russia in 2018 and then to Qatar’

Business on the run

‘It is that time of year when many wake up, stare at the ceiling and take stock of their career’

Air rage, on the ground

‘Warm words of welcome are of little use if the message doesn’t trickle down to airports’

Rethink the rebuilds

‘Every interior, be it a sandwich bar or nail salon, has turned into an overlit showroom’

Spend more than a penny

‘Shouldn’t there be a rethink on saloon-style toilet doors that offer next to no privacy?’

From defence to offence

‘Maybe the ships can go on missions wherever dangerous, offensive and annoying items lurk’

Trends and tips for 2014

‘While “onshoring” is nothing new, watch for the flight from China to pick up pace this year’

Look more – and share less

‘The art of just letting the world flow by in a grand café should be practised by all’

Merry Tokyo Christmas

‘The Japanese have turned it into a shopping festival that makes the tills tinkle’

From beach to high street

‘The big skies and tropical breezes were so attractive that I almost called off Christmas’

Globetrotter’s gift guide

‘I have drawn up a Christmas shopping list for you to peruse and hope it covers everyone’


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