The Fast Lane: Lounge rules — no Speedos

You will be redirected to an appropriate facility should you show up dressed ready for a Bikram session

The Fast Lane: The mundane reality of terminal decline

You resign yourself to fetching a coffee from an international vendor of dangerously hot beverages

The Fast Lane: Refuge from the storm warnings

Why have we allowed ourselves to become hostages to hysterical weather channels?

The Fast Lane: A premier city now second

Montreal was Canada’s leading lady. The view last Saturday couldn’t have been more different

The Fast Lane: Office over a flower shop?

I want something untouched by the wand of a talentless decorator and that has character

The Fast Lane: taking on the world

Answers to some of the biggest problems lie within the boundaries of Davos and many Swiss hamlets

The Fast Lane: Twitter and condolences

It’s almost 21 years since two rounds from a Kalashnikov ripped through my arms in Kabul

The Fast Lane: Of dietary dilemmas and bathroom proliferation

En-suite bathrooms are often so close to the bed as to offer no privacy if you are sharing a room

The Fast Lane: A bird’s eye view of the year ahead

If you think hard enough, you will spot fresh business opportunities across all continents

The Fast Lane: A whistle-stop tour of my favourite things

What you really need is something to inspire you for the year ahead, filling your mind with fresh ideas

The Fast Lane: All I want for Christmas is . . . 

A good jolt of humour will conquer the growing tide of intolerance that is creating a society of killjoys

The Fast Lane: My ‘guaranteed to please’ Christmas list

For the gent who wants a bit of Alpine tailoring in his wardrobe — an olive or navy boiled wool vest

The Fast Lane: an un-festive future

Your favourite restaurant has gone buffet and its cosy candles have been replaced by ugly fake LED ones

The Fast Lane: The fast show

A Fast Lane Video Diary would prove to all the non-believers that I really do travel this much

The Fast Lane: Unexpected arrival

This was a good example of tax dollars well spent with an arrival experience that not only makes the visitor feel welcome but also that the US is up for innovation and a few smiles

The Fast Lane: Inordinate surveys

Who thought it was a good idea to chase after busy guests and ask them for large chunks of time?

The Fast Lane: The diode at the end of the tunnel

I get how efficient LEDs are but should it really mean a massive aesthetic step backward? Surely not

The Fast Lane: Make the most of being a G20 host

Brisbane lacks a good hotel to cater for those who like a little bit of city-life to go along with their sunlounger – and vice versa

The Fast Lane: A silent scream for the quiet majority

My attention was diverted to a bright light across the dining room that seemed completely out of place

The Fast Lane: A terminal that fails to take off

I walked past the sculpture wedged into the atrium space – it looked like the mangled wreck of a jetliner


Tyler BrûléTyler Brûlé writes the weekly Fast Lane column for the FT Weekend Life and Arts section.


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