The Fast Lane: A silent scream for the quiet majority

My attention was diverted to a bright light across the dining room that seemed completely out of place

The Fast Lane: A terminal that fails to take off

I walked past the sculpture wedged into the atrium space – it looked like the mangled wreck of a jetliner

The Fast Lane: A break from routine? I should be so lucky

Black garments are a no and the colour purple does not appear in my home and work environments

The Fast Lane: The UK high street crisis hits home

Residents can’t live on a diet of scented candles and skinny tailoring from quirky fashion chains

The Fast Lane: Nips, tucks and a personal redesign

I think we should assemble all readers of this page to see how different (and how similar) many of you are

The Fast Lane: The high price of low-cost

Inside the check-in area, at a part of the airport I had never been to, it was borderline chaotic

The Fast Lane: how to make an entrance

With 17 people voicing their design fantasies, everyone thinks a new lobby is a top priority

The Fast Lane: Where the hell are we?

The confectionery and T-shirt bins are now covered in what were once possible purchases

The Fast Lane: Fly high but stay grounded

Our leading economies fail to develop as much respect for a builder as there is for a lawyer

The Fast Lane: a Swedish road trip

Older Swedes are happy to go naked but younger ones are more prudish and prefer to cover up

The Fast Lane: In the heat of the city

Imagine a sparkling Thames or East River with floating swimming platforms. Why not?

The Fast Lane: Let’s make our own sanctions bite

What if a group of hotel owners decided to cancel reservations from Russian guests?

The Fast Lane: Closed for the summer holidays

From Bristol to Vienna, there is a hardworking ‘middle band’ that keeps Europe ticking over

The Fast Lane: A bad nose for business

Monocle’s editor-in-chief answers some of the frequently asked questions by the readers

The Fast Lane: Let’s save a masterpiece

The Okura, in Tokyo, the last great 1960s original in that city . . . is to be ripped down

The Fast Lane: Blueprint for perfection

Perhaps your perfect hotel is dainty, with familiar faces who greet you by name on arrival

The Fast Lane: Print takes flight

Do they really, really, think that all people want are luxury bags, sunglasses and whisky?

All back to my place

I tried to think of the last time a hotel had encouraged me to invite people back for a party

Sailing into the unknown

I confess I’ve long been both fascinated and horrified by the idea of going on a cruise

My tips to boost Japan

The country should bin the hokey tourism campaigns and offer the world a more modern view


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