The Fast Lane: A bad nose for business

Monocle’s editor-in-chief answers some of the frequently asked questions by the readers

The Fast Lane: Let’s save a masterpiece

The Okura, in Tokyo, the last great 1960s original in that city . . . is to be ripped down

The Fast Lane: Blueprint for perfection

Perhaps your perfect hotel is dainty, with familiar faces who greet you by name on arrival

The Fast Lane: Print takes flight

Do they really, really, think that all people want are luxury bags, sunglasses and whisky?

All back to my place

I tried to think of the last time a hotel had encouraged me to invite people back for a party

Sailing into the unknown

I confess I’ve long been both fascinated and horrified by the idea of going on a cruise

My tips to boost Japan

The country should bin the hokey tourism campaigns and offer the world a more modern view

Praise for a proper country

Consider the benefits of being recognised as a nation that does things properly

A Kyoto protocol for perfection

‘Few hotels master the business of offering a pleasant environment and excellent service’

Room for improvement

‘Guests aren’t looking for an “interesting” hotel experience – just good service and smart design’

That’s the way to do it

‘You don’t need much more than sun and some good tunes to shake away the cobwebs’

A lesson in Japanese

‘It was hard not to envy social codes that keep the private and public distinct and separate’

Overheard at breakfast

‘Four or five idiots, dotted around the room, can ruin an otherwise quiet, pleasant morning’

With a view to improvement

‘Being at 1,800 metres in the Alps helps give me a broader view of what’s going on in the world’

Furniture movers and shakers in Milan

‘The Salone is a curious beast, bringing together companies trying to sell the exact same thing’

A hub on the edge of Europe

‘I should know Lisbon better and feel insecure, as if I’m missing out on a very decadent party’

Where to bag a spot in the sun

‘As the clocks go forward, my inbox fills up with requests for tips on places to jump-start summer’

Great flying, wrapped up

From check-in, dapper older gentlemen in well-cut suits whisk you to, and through, security

Pack smart, travel light

‘You really can do two weeks with carry-on bags if your hotels have stellar laundry service’

Homing instincts

‘As well as having a degree of elegance, my ideal apartment will also get the basics right’


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