The Fast Lane: Excessive baggage

Brown paper lunch bag isolated on white

‘Those bags are not for medical purchases,’ he told me. ‘You can only get paper when you buy food’

The Fast Lane: Steer clear of driverless cars

Automated vehicles will aid and abet an abdication of responsibility for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians

The Fast Lane: turning that business idea into reality

Given a good pair of Lederhosen go for about €1,000 I think it’s time to invest in deer

The Fast Lane: A mystery destination

Westerners here look like they’ve given up on life when compared with this city’s well-preened locals

The Fast Lane: Decency, respect and the digital world

Where are the activist voices questioning the morality of what passes for acceptable, ‘public interest’ footage?

The Fast Lane: The ties that bind

Take a walk with me down into the village where people still interact in the street . . .

The Fast Lane: Summer issues

If there is not a proper plan, leading Brexiters should be put on trial and, if guilty, have to live in the suburbs of Leipzig or similar

The Fast Lane: all play and no work

How nice to be able to start your day lakeside, then head to your desk job at the cantonal bank

The Fast Lane: Lessons for London from Montreal’s fall

It didn’t happen overnight but Montreal started to hollow out, and a trickle soon became an exodus

The Fast Lane: It’s about freedom at the edges

Thanks to the EU, in Germany you can go naked in a park; in Madrid you can stay out late and drink

The Fast Lane: A cautionary referendum tale

The issue is also about the hundreds of thousands of talented, clever people who will leave the UK

The Fast Lane: Have you met a millennial?

‘Smart casual’, car grilles and ‘millennials’ — your questions answered

The Fast Lane: When Finnishness matters

You can invest in hardware and nice design yet still lose out if you don’t take human feelings into account

The Fast Lane: back on home turf

The bank governor and I settled in for a breezy chat about French leadership, sharp haircuts, and Brexit

The Fast Lane: an autostrada adventure

Turin, like Berlin, sprawls with a sense that there is an abundance of good things hidden from view

The Fast Lane: What makes a nation?

‘Leather shorts and boob-enhancing dresses are a simple issue of people expressing their heritage’

The Fast Lane: Arriving in style in Vancouver

‘Don’t be alarmed when you see fire trucks alongside as we taxi in,’ explained the captain

The Fast Lane: where’s the safest haven?

I pictured myself living on Hokkaido, maybe running a ‘ryokan’ with a nice collection of goats

The Fast Lane: the twist in the tail

Which types of animals might be happy living in the garden? ‘Peacocks could be nice,’ said Max

The Fast Lane: A sitting-room refresh

Sofas have been downsized to appeal to consumers with fewer square metres in the heart of the city


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