So, how’s business (really) going?

‘Bellboys walking five per cent faster are a good indication that a hotel is at over 85 per cent capacity’

Bavarian dignity at face value

‘How rare to see people past middle age looking happily sun-kissed and not lifted, pulled and blandly perfect’

To Austria, for a few of my favourite things

Just outside Kitzbühel, the views from the Rehkitz inn are almost as delicious as its Grüner Veltliner

The Fast Lane: Uninvited guests

Is it acceptable to walk into a company and steal ideas, so long as you come clean and say you’re hacking?

Part of the furniture

‘There were new concepts devoted to helping the world’s more affluent wash away urban grime’

Who’s the fairest of them all?

A pair who seemed like sure bets for Milan’s design fair were sporting identical tortoise-shell eyewear

The Fast Lane: Dancing in the aisles

Thailand’s operators are keen on elevating the retail experience from predictable to inspiring

Some neighbourhoods are streets ahead

Toronto’s Roncy district was so brimming with local life that it was almost tricky to stay on the sidewalk

The Fast Lane: Fear of flying? Me too

Were other passengers as glued to their phones as I was? Were they discussing the cause of the crash?

The Fast Lane: Ready for udon bolognese?

When was the last time you tucked into a dish and found you haven’t been able to stop thinking about it?

The Fast Lane: Top-flight treatment

As I neared the aircraft door, I was taken aback by a very chirpy greeting from the in-flight manager

The Fast Lane: Deodoriser and dusty carpets

The duvet is folded under the mattress so tightly that you feel you might wake up with dainty little hooves

The Fast Lane: Lounge rules — no Speedos

You will be redirected to an appropriate facility should you show up dressed ready for a Bikram session

The Fast Lane: The mundane reality of terminal decline

You resign yourself to fetching a coffee from an international vendor of dangerously hot beverages

The Fast Lane: Refuge from the storm warnings

Why have we allowed ourselves to become hostages to hysterical weather channels?

The Fast Lane: A premier city now second

Montreal was Canada’s leading lady. The view last Saturday couldn’t have been more different

The Fast Lane: Office over a flower shop?

I want something untouched by the wand of a talentless decorator and that has character

The Fast Lane: taking on the world

Answers to some of the biggest problems lie within the boundaries of Davos and many Swiss hamlets

The Fast Lane: Twitter and condolences

It’s almost 21 years since two rounds from a Kalashnikov ripped through my arms in Kabul

The Fast Lane: Of dietary dilemmas and bathroom proliferation

En-suite bathrooms are often so close to the bed as to offer no privacy if you are sharing a room


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