The Fast Lane: Why did Bangkok feel different?

Why was I still en route to catch my flight but doing everything I could ‘accidentally’ to miss it?

The Fast Lane: Happiness rankings are the talk of the village

‘It’s curious that five of the top 15 villages are more Germanic in make-up than your typical Tuscan spot’

The Fast Lane: Flying and shopping in the back garden

‘Attention consumer! This is the god of service efficiency! I can only slash and cut costs!’

Beijing is too off-piste for the Winter Olympics

‘If I think back to Games that captured the Olympic spirit, the logo of Lake Placid comes to mind’

The Fast Lane: a quiz to banish your travel blues

‘Tell the manager that he or she must take up the fight for thousands of guests fed up with sickly scents’

The Fast Lane: Sunshine and social capital in Zurich

‘It’s Zurich’s relationship with the lake and its rivers that creates a particularly enviable summer scene’

The Fast Lane: Bring back national service for a can-do spirit

Bored youth have lost a sense of real community and have little scope for adventure in their lives

The Fast Lane: Britain must not cut corners on airports

Look around Gatwick and Heathrow, and you see how they are patched together like traveller encampments

The Fast Lane: Time for Her Majesty to move up in the world?

‘Never mind that the Queen could be moving, she was now doing state visits in an aircraft made in Brazil’

The Fast Lane: A new kind of beach therapy

There could be counselling sessions for holidaymakers struggling with the looming return to work

The Fast Lane: The world’s best cities to call home

‘For the record, we like cities that are noisy but easy to navigate, with bars that are open into the wee hours’

The Fast Lane: Sit comfortably and slip into some summer solutions

‘My no-slip shoes keep me secure on terrazzo floors and jumping from jetty to speedboat on Lake Garda’

The dark side of the boom

London, along with other leading capitals, needs to get a firm grip on what makes a city attractive

So, how’s business (really) going?

‘Bellboys walking five per cent faster are a good indication that a hotel is at over 85 per cent capacity’

Bavarian dignity at face value

‘How rare to see people past middle age looking happily sun-kissed and not lifted, pulled and blandly perfect’

To Austria, for a few of my favourite things

Just outside Kitzbühel, the views from the Rehkitz inn are almost as delicious as its Grüner Veltliner

The Fast Lane: Uninvited guests

Is it acceptable to walk into a company and steal ideas, so long as you come clean and say you’re hacking?

Part of the furniture

‘There were new concepts devoted to helping the world’s more affluent wash away urban grime’

Who’s the fairest of them all?

A pair who seemed like sure bets for Milan’s design fair were sporting identical tortoise-shell eyewear

The Fast Lane: Dancing in the aisles

Thailand’s operators are keen on elevating the retail experience from predictable to inspiring


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