The Fast Lane: New London perch, same neighbourhood

I used to be able to go from threshold to desk in seven minutes, 30 seconds. Now it’s less than three minutes

The Fast Lane: To Paris, with love

The French economy needs the euros of travellers and tourists. Its medical system has an enormous task

The Fast Lane: Iceland warms up for Christmas

‘Reykjavik is just the place to spend two nights eating grilled puffin and knocking back birch-sap schnapps’

The Fast Lane: The fine (and dying) art of making an effort

‘Do you cancel a meeting using the newly launched ‘Blow Off ’ app that, in an instant, selects one for you?’

The Fast Lane: Clouds, connectivity and curses

‘Travellers often find a network, then hit a wall that keeps emails from dropping into the inbox’

A wishlist for Mr Trudeau Jr

Disheartened Canadians around the globe are feeling optimistic, if a tad cautious, about our new leader

Book fairs are not for the faint-hearted

A smart marketeer might have called the 6.51 to from Munich to Frankfurt the ‘Editor’s Express’

The Fast Lane: ‘Virtual fieldwork’ is no substitute for travel

‘If you’ve been tasked with giving a view on what’s over the horizon, get on your bike, on the train or on a plane’

The Fast Lane: Keep it fresh with today’s news and no-show socks

‘Some whizz thinks that everyone wants to get their news on a digital device. How wrong he or she is’

The Fast Lane: Ageing, Japanese-style

‘Japan speaks to people in their ‘silver years’ without making them feel like they need to be in a rocker’

The Fast Lane: Be extraordinary — lose the smartphone

‘There are even people in their early twenties residing in G7 nations who choose not to be on email’

The Fast Lane: On the migrant train to Munich

I’m not sure Ali and Leila from Aleppo were quite ready for Oktoberfest, let alone deerskin shorts

The Fast Lane: Goodbye Sweden, I’m selling up

Was my little patch of rock, moss, pines and birch going to proper parents who would look after it?

The Fast Lane: Why did Bangkok feel different?

Why was I still en route to catch my flight but doing everything I could ‘accidentally’ to miss it?

The Fast Lane: Happiness rankings are the talk of the village

‘It’s curious that five of the top 15 villages are more Germanic in make-up than your typical Tuscan spot’

The Fast Lane: Flying and shopping in the back garden

‘Attention consumer! This is the god of service efficiency! I can only slash and cut costs!’

Beijing is too off-piste for the Winter Olympics

‘If I think back to Games that captured the Olympic spirit, the logo of Lake Placid comes to mind’

The Fast Lane: a quiz to banish your travel blues

‘Tell the manager that he or she must take up the fight for thousands of guests fed up with sickly scents’

The Fast Lane: Sunshine and social capital in Zurich

‘It’s Zurich’s relationship with the lake and its rivers that creates a particularly enviable summer scene’

The Fast Lane: Bring back national service for a can-do spirit

Bored youth have lost a sense of real community and have little scope for adventure in their lives


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