Rowley Leigh's Torta Pasqualina
©Andy Sewell

Torta Pasqualina

‘Whether in chocolate or in paint, Easter has always celebrated that potent symbol of rebirth’

Rose Carrarini's sesame scones
©Kate Fichard

The Paris baker: sesame scones

‘The nutty flavour of roasted sesame seeds works well in scones – just add tea and honey’

fresh spring roll
©Bakas Algirdas

The real spring roll

In proverbial Chinatown, the deep-fried spring roll is the archetypal appetiser. But the authentic item is a fresh, doughy springtime delicacy

Gregory Marchand's roasted carrot, orange and avocado salad
©Roberto Frankenberg

Recipes: French polish

There’s no stopping Gregory Marchand. Having turned a Parisian street into his very own gastro empire, the young chef has now produced a book of stylish ‘new bistro’ recipes

Rowley Leigh's chicken with morels
©Andy Sewell

Recipe – chicken with morels

‘You either love morels or you don’t. I have known people not to get the point, despite their succulence and long, savoury flavour’

The Paris baker: wholewheat & buckwheat shortbreads with chocolate topping

‘Nutty, chocolatey shortbread? It’s actually quite difficult to imagine anything more delicious…’

Rowley Leigh's risi e luganeghe
©Andy Sewell

Recipe: risi e luganeghe

‘Sausage and rice may sound pedestrian but the result is remarkably light and extremely palatable’

Slices of almond and cranberry biscotti
©Kate Fichard

The Paris baker: almond and cranberry biscotti

‘Let’s do as the Italians do, and reacquaint ourselves with these crisp, delicious and super-dippable little biscuits … ’

Rowley Leigh's spaghetti with bottarga
©Andy Sewell

Recipe: spaghetti with bottarga

‘The best bottarga is made with the roe of an unfashionable fish, the grey mullet’

Rowley Leigh's Goan fish curry
©Andy Sewell

Recipe: a Goan fish curry

‘For British cuisine truly to come of age, we must come to terms with our Indian diet and work it into our repertoire’

Recipe: sea bass en papillote

‘I blame the telly – the way a dish looks has become much more important than the way it smells or tastes’

The Paris baker – lemon meringue tart

Its slippery top layer can make the classic lemon meringue pie tough to master. Here is a simple but flavourful cheat . . .

Recipe – la sauce au vin du Médoc

‘Elizabeth David described it as an act of faith to continue with the recipe as it was written’

The Paris baker: pear & polenta tart

Crisp on the outside, soft within: a shapely and easy-to-make fruit pudding

The history cook: Great Dishes of the World

American food writer Robert Carrier was the Liberace of domestic kitchens, persuading the housewives of postwar Britain that cooking was fun

The rise of the soufflé

One of the most delicate of French dishes looks set to be the dessert of the year in London

Recipe: Seville orange tart

‘If you are to follow today’s recipe you have to act now. Seville oranges have a very, very short season’

The Paris baker: ginger & lemon steamed puddings

There is no lovelier dish for a chilly winter’s day than this sweet and syrupy pud

Recipe: steak au poivre

‘If a fried egg was the 11-plus of cookery, I think a peppered steak might be a good GCSE or even A-level’

Recipe: firecracker poussin with chillies

The Chinese New Year comes in with a bang when you make this traditional hot and peppery feast from Sichuan province