BBQ aubergine with jewelled rice salad
©Patricia Niven

Recipe: BBQ aubergine with jewelled rice salad

Honey & Co’s aubergine with a savoury crust is a delicious combination, and one that’s too good to keep to yourself

Dover sole with shrimps and tomato
©Andy Sewell

Recipe: Dover sole with shrimps and tomato

For the purist, a voluptuous cream sauce is the time-honoured embellishment to sole

©Patricia Niven

Recipe: chicken maklouba

A one-pot showstopper that is dramatically unveiled at the table

Pizza marinara
©Emli Bendixen

Pizza ‘al taglio’

Crispy, crusty and chewy, the pizza that Italians hold in their hands and eat on the go tastes just as good at home

Lamb and beef kofta with roasted vegetables
©Patricia Niven

Comforts and joys: recipes from Honey & Co

Our new cookery writers join the FT with a no-fuss feast

Stir-fried squid
©Tamin Jones

Recipe: quick stir-fried squid

Squid doesn’t have to be tricky — or rubbery. Just criss-cross with a knife, stir-fry speedily with a few aromatics and enjoy

Sea bass in lotus leaf
©Tamin Jones

Recipe: baked sea bass in a lotus leaf

In China, the lotus plant signifies fertility but it also has abundant possibilities and a bewitching fragrance for the cook. By Fuchsia Dunlop

An illustration for Sicilian kitchen
©Luke Best

Sicily and Rome: two journeys, two kitchens

Living with a Sicilian in Rome, Rachel Roddy‘s immersion into Italian food culture was flavoured with fennel, figs and salted ricotta. Returning to the island itself, they found glorious ingredients but fading traditions

A composite image of recipes using wine
©Katerina Kalogeraki

Food from the vineyards

Former harvester Rosi Hanson shares some rustic favourites

Cotechino and mostarda soup dumplings
©Emli Bendixen

Dumpling recipes

All over the world, the best things come in small packages, says Bocca di Lupo’s chef-patron Jacob Kenedy

The à la car menu

Research for his new book ‘The DIY Cook’ involved deconstructing all kinds of classic dishes

Recipe: Moroccan chicken salad with fennel, cherry tomatoes and salt lemons

Till discovering this dish, I had not found a chicken salad I really liked

Modern translations of classic Spanish dishes

Barrafina’s executive chef shares more ways to put a mouth-watering spin on traditional Spanish fare

Gutsy recipes from Barrafina

Lunch ideas from Basque-born chef Nieves Barragán Mohacho

Honey & Co: Six recipes for baking bliss

Brighten up your mornings with breakfast treats from Itamar Srulovich and Sarit Packer

Recipes with leftover bread

Among the pleasures of a good loaf is the chance to cook with it even when it’s past its peak

Recipe: hake with potatoes and paprika

‘When it is fresh and the meat has an almost translucent, rosy whiteness, it is magnificent’

Recipe: apricot and almond tarte fine

‘You must cook these mealy and dry fruits, and they will indeed become melting’

Perfect picnic planning

Jacob Kenedy, chef-patron of Bocca di Lupo, offers some picnic recipes in the first of an occasional series of guest columns

Recipe: belly pork with fennel

‘There is porchetta in most parts of Italy, even if there seems little agreement on what goes into it’


Martin Sandbu

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