Wild rabbit stew with onions and ramsons
©Andy Sewell

Recipe: wild rabbit with onions and ramsons

‘As a young farmer in East Sussex, I had a sufficiency of wild garlic and wild rabbits. It seemed obvious to cook them together’

Lobster green curry
©Andy Sewell

Recipe: lobster green curry

‘Dispatching the lobster yourself needs a little resolve but it is more humane and yields much better results’

Lamb ribs with chilli and spring onion
©Andy Sewell

Recipe: lamb ribs with chilli and spring onion

‘Fattier lamb cuts, such as breast and shoulder, lend themselves well to the spicier cuisines of the Chinese mainland’

Clockwise from top left: Morning Cocktail; The Balthazar; Vermouth and Cassis; Barry Cocktail; Jai Alai; Vermouth Cocktail
©Felicity McCabe

Smooth vermouth: cocktail recipes

The cocktail ingredient’s bittersweet flavours are making a comeback

Nuno Mendes’s Japanese condiments and 'crazy olive oils'
©Richard Nicholson

Top chefs open their kitchen cupboards

Fergus Henderson, Michel Roux Jr and others reveal their store-cupboard standbys and rustle up favourite recipes

An illustration by Lauren Rolwing of recipe ingredients
©Lauren Rolwing

Anne-Sophie Pic’s favourite childhood dishes

Petits pois velouté with horseradish cream; stuffed tomatoes; chocolate pots

Rowley Leigh's chocolate truffle cake
©Andy Sewell

Recipe: chocolate truffle cake

‘My mother’s idea of dessert was a few squares of dark chocolate in a baguette liberally daubed with unsalted butter’

Warm chicken liver mousse
©Andy Sewell

Recipe: warm chicken liver mousse

‘I own an old, blunt-bladed food processor and, when I can find it, a hand-held blender. My mouli-legumes gave up the ghost a year ago’

Pappardelle with artichokes
©Andy Sewell

Recipe: pappardelle with artichokes

‘Many home cooks do not understand the fact that pasta must be rolled and re-rolled to get a really silky result’

Rowley Leigh's leekie pie
©Andy Sewell

Recipe: Leekie pie

‘I have looked to the leek as part of my customary on-off-on Lenten abstinence from meat and alcohol’

Recipe: Civet de lotte à la camarguaise

‘I was surprised to find this Camargue recipe, partly because I had never come across it before, partly because it is so very good’

Recipe: raw salmon with avocado, lime and green peppercorns

‘The peppercorns in the punchy lime dressing only enhance the intrinsic sweetness of the fish‘

Dominique Ansel: life after cronuts

The creator of the treat that even New Yorkers queue for is now opening a ‘bakery restaurant’

Boiled beef and carrots

Poaching the meat at low temperature produces a beautifully clear ‘bouillon’

Seafood linguine with cherry tomatoes

‘This year it will be a quiet dinner at home — no poached oysters or heart-shaped chocolate confections’

Lemon drizzle cake

‘This cake, I have now learnt, is a staple in the cafés of National Trust properties’

Fuchsia Dunlop’s red-braised venison stew and more

‘Chilli bean paste yields a dark savouriness and belly-warming heat, and lends the oil a gorgeous ruby colour’

Apple galette

‘Pudding at this time of year is not a lemon tart from a pâtisserie or a pile of fruit and tubs of ice cream’

Pork cheek vindaloo

Unlike British ‘curries’, adapted from Indian originals, vindaloo is a true hybrid

Steamed beetroots and turnips with lentils

‘Espying the steamer among the usual detritus of a west London flea market, it was love at first sight’