Smoked haddock doughnuts
©Patricia Niven

Recipe: smoked haddock doughnuts

‘These little nuggets are perfect party food — savoury and just salty enough to get you reaching for your drink; easy to pass round and pick’

©Andy Sewell

Recipe: Swiss chard tian with peas and peppers

‘Think of it as a kind of quiche with more vegetables, stronger flavours and no pastry’

Chocolate financiers with coffee cream
©Patricia Niven

Recipe: chocolate financiers with coffee cream

‘These little cakes were served with a glass of good cold milk. A perfect pairing, everyone agreed’

Crispy quails with cannellini bean hummus, pepper and chilli butter
©Patricia Niven

Recipe: crispy quails with cannellini bean hummus, pepper and chilli butter

This succulent and easily prepared dish brings to mind an evening feast under a starry desert sky

©Andy Sewell

Recipe: lamb cutlets ‘milanese’

‘I like to put a little Parmesan in the crumb — a trick that might be frowned on in Italy — to give extra umami to the proceedings’

Lobster rice with oloroso sherry
©Sophie Green

Recipe: lobster rice with oloroso sherry

What makes a perfect Spanish rice, or arroz? Sam Clark found it on Spain’s Atlantic coast

Summer cocktail, raspberry jellies and yoghurt cream
©Patricia Niven

Honey & Co: here comes the sun

Desserts crammed with luscious ripe berries and sumptuous stone fruit, plus a fruity gin cocktail — the perfect way to kick off our summer food special

©Andy Sewell

Recipe: Gnocchi Romana, baked artichoke

‘Though usually made from potato, gnocchi are even easier to master using semolina flour’

©Patricia Niven

Recipe: chicken shish with pea, freekeh and feta salad

‘At this time of year we celebrate the humble pea, the green queen of the spring’

Southern spread by Brad McDonald
©Andy Sewell

Recipe: jambalaya and other Southern dishes

US Deep South cuisine puts deliciousness first, while its cultural history continues to add flavour

Recipes: easy Japanese food

It’s healthy, refined, balanced — and perceived as difficult. But it can be much simpler to prepare than you think

Recipe: sesame bagel, with radish tzatziki and zaatar

‘This is a great pre-dinner treat, served with some dips’

Recipe: Beef soup rice and cabbage roll

The trio behind Bao in Soho talk about their operation and expansion

Recipe: crab cakes with Thai slaw

‘They are made with excellent little packets of white and brown meat, freshly caught in my local supermarket’

Recipe: steak fattoush

This is one of the quickest, smartest and tastiest things you can do to a steak

Recipe: rhubarb, pomegranate and labneh cheesecake

‘This extravagant cake came about as an exercise in frugality’

Recipe: asparagus and tomatoes with tonnata sauce

‘Cooking tuna to the same melting consistency and cooked all the way through is not so easy. But I think I’ve cracked it’

Baked artichokes

‘We cannot think of a better way to start a meal than steaming artichokes with something simple to dip them in’

Hogget heaven

An early Easter feast of shoulder of lamb, followed by ginger custard tart with rhubarb

Recipe: potato and apple fritters with apple compote

‘Salty and sweet, crisp and tender, slightly naughty but plenty nice, and they possess the magical ability to make my wife happy’


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