Shoulder of venison with bacon and celeriac
©Andy Sewell

Recipe: venison with bacon and celeriac

I have enrolled on my own Aga anger management course. It involves alcoholic self-medication

Salmon en croûte
©Andy Sewell

A fish called wonder: Salmon en croûte

‘I was playing with the idea of this dish and got a little carried away… and came up with a very festive affair‘

©James Ransom

Food 52 recipe: cinnamon scone bread

How two food obsessives brought America’s culinary knowledge alive online

Radicchio salad with Stilton
©Andy Sewell

Recipe: radicchio with Stilton, quince and walnuts

Nowadays pickles exist to make things taste more interesting – as good accompaniments to meat or cheese

Jared Brown, master distiller, making sloe satsuma punch
©Rosie Hallam

Cocktails: winter drinks

It’s easier than you think to be your own bartender. These quick holiday drinks recipes show you how

Oyster buns
©Andy Sewell

Salsify and Parma ham rolls and oyster buns

A borrowing here, a tweak there . . . a little culinary plagiarism has gone into these Christmassy snacks

An illustration by William Grill depicting people enjoying the snow
©William Grill

Gourmet pub recipes

Pub dining used to mean a begrudging bit of grub alongside your tipple. This season’s fare is polished and hearty

Victorian Christmas pie, with turkey, duck and forcemeat, cooked by Ivan Day
©Sophie Gerrard

The History Cook: the hosts of Christmas past

Polly Russell toasts three centuries of Christmas food

Veal kidneys in mustard sauce
©Andy Sewell

Veal kidneys in mustard sauce

‘I saw myself as Leopold Bloom, padding the streets of Dublin with a precious kidney bought from the “ferreteyed pork butcher”’

Rowley Leigh in Hong Kong
©Kurt Tong

Shopping and cooking in Hong Kong, part two

In his final report from Hong Kong, Rowley Leigh goes in search of some poultry

Shopping and cooking in Hong Kong, part one

In the first of two reports, Rowley Leigh hits the city’s bustling ‘wet’ markets

Fish pie

‘I like tomatoes in my fish pie. My mother put them in and I have never seen fit to contradict her’

Mexican recipes by Margarita Carrillo Arronte

A taste of the country’s explosively diverse cuisine, from rustic tacos to ‘Day of the Dead’ bread

Baked apples

‘Some apples stay firm when cooked, and some collapse, but only the Bramley positively explodes’

Chickpea and spinach soup

The Languedoc is infused with favourite ingredients – anchovies, ceps, truffles and did I say anchovies?

Peppered rack of venison with pears

‘I used fallow deer on this occasion, its meat having a rich fondant quality’

The new ‘bistronomique’ generation of restaurants

Old tropes of Parisian dining are being updated. To kick off our special issue, four leaders of the movement share their recipes

Onglet à l’échalote

I wonder sometimes what happens to the rest of the animal, so ubiquitous is the unusual cut of ‘onglet’ on the tables of Paris restaurants

Soufflé suissesse with tomato and anchovy sauce

The ‘soufflé suissesse’ is exceptionally light in texture – but do not let this deceive you

Griddled scallops with chestnut purée, shiso leaves and lemon

‘I treated the scallops like lamb and served them with a pea purée and a version of mint sauce’