©Andy Sewell

Recipe: crab cakes with Thai slaw

‘They are made with excellent little packets of white and brown meat, freshly caught in my local supermarket’

Steak fattoush
©Patricia Niven

Recipe: steak fattoush

This is one of the quickest, smartest and tastiest things you can do to a steak

Rhubarb, pomegranate and labneh cheesecake
©Patricia Niven

Recipe: rhubarb, pomegranate and labneh cheesecake

‘This extravagant cake came about as an exercise in frugality’

Asparagus and tomatoes with tonnata sauce
©Andy Sewell

Recipe: asparagus and tomatoes with tonnata sauce

‘Cooking tuna to the same melting consistency and cooked all the way through is not so easy. But I think I’ve cracked it’

Baked artichokes
©Patricia Niven

Baked artichokes

‘We cannot think of a better way to start a meal than steaming artichokes with something simple to dip them in’

Easter lunch
©Andy Sewell

Hogget heaven

An early Easter feast of shoulder of lamb, followed by ginger custard tart with rhubarb

Potato and apple fritters with apple compote
©Patricia Niven

Recipe: potato and apple fritters with apple compote

‘Salty and sweet, crisp and tender, slightly naughty but plenty nice, and they possess the magical ability to make my wife happy’

Lamb and tomato tagine
©Patricia Niven

Recipe: lamb and tomato tagine

‘On a rooftop in Marrakech at dusk, you begin to understand what a tagine is all about’

Leek and pancetta lasagne
©Andy Sewell

Recipe: leek and pancetta lasagne

‘Early March is hardly the peak time for vegetables but leeks are superb at the moment and worth a dish in their own right’

Green eggs, no ham
©Patricia Niven

Recipe: green shakshuka (or green eggs)

The Honey & Co chefs on how to turn eggs and whatever green leaves and herbs you have lying around into a tasty treat

Recipe: lentil stew with burnt aubergine and zehug

Simple and sustaining, this assembly of warm lentils and healthy toppings is welcome at any hour

Recipes: steamed brill with romanesco, roast pineapple with pain perdu

Perfectly paired for Valentine’s night: a steamed fresh fish and a very rich pud

Recipes: pistachio and cranberry cake and dried fruit and spice cake

The Honey & Co chefs grew up on ‘English cake’ but not quite as the English know it — a cherry and orange loaf perfect for exotic spice and fruit

Recipe: Anglo-Chinese pheasant dumplings

Filled with game and pork belly, these English twists on ‘jiaozi’ dumplings are a wintry delight

Honey & Co: celeriac mafroom

An innovative version of the north African dish

Rowley Leigh: simple pot-au-feu

‘This is the sort of dish one returns to like an old friend’

Honey & Co: Israeli couscous or orzo in tomato and feta

When all about you is grey and miserable, this dish is a welcome reminder of the sun

Honey & Co: Pear and saffron salad with walnut tahini

A dose of sunshine colours in your food is an ideal January antidote

Recipe: bread pudding with ceps and radicchio

Mushrooms, cloves, shallots . . . who said bread puddings had to be sweet — or made with leftovers?

Recipe: rabbit stifado

The taverna had breathtaking views. So the last thing the Honey & Co chefs expected was good food


Martin Sandbu

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