English cake
©Patricia Niven

Recipes: pistachio and cranberry cake and dried fruit and spice cake

The Honey & Co chefs grew up on ‘English cake’ but not quite as the English know it — a cherry and orange loaf perfect for exotic spice and fruit

Anglo-Chinese pheasant dumplings
©Tamin Jones

Recipe: Anglo-Chinese pheasant dumplings

Filled with game and pork belly, these English twists on ‘jiaozi’ dumplings are a wintry delight

Celeriac mafroom
©Patricia Niven

Honey & Co: celeriac mafroom

An innovative version of the north African dish

©Andy Sewell

Rowley Leigh: simple pot-au-feu

‘This is the sort of dish one returns to like an old friend’

Israeli couscous or orzo in tomato and feta
©Patricia Niven

Honey & Co: Israeli couscous or orzo in tomato and feta

When all about you is grey and miserable, this dish is a welcome reminder of the sun

Pear and saffron salad with walnut tahini
©Patricia Niven

Honey & Co: Pear and saffron salad with walnut tahini

A dose of sunshine colours in your food is an ideal January antidote

Bread pudding with ceps and radicchio
©Andy Sewell

Recipe: bread pudding with ceps and radicchio

Mushrooms, cloves, shallots . . . who said bread puddings had to be sweet — or made with leftovers?

Rabbit stifado
©Patricia Niven

Recipe: rabbit stifado

The taverna had breathtaking views. So the last thing the Honey & Co chefs expected was good food

Steamed pudding
©Sophie Green

Steamed puddings make a comeback

The indulgent nursery favourite is perfect for cold winter evenings

Honey & Co's hors d’oeuvres recipe
©Tamin Jones

Start the feast: Honey & Co’s party pieces

Chefs Sarit Packer and Itamar Srulovich create canapés with a Middle Eastern slant

Recipe: chicken, sweetbread, ham and artichoke pie

‘Robust foods like this and prodigious eating are hardly in fashion’

Recipe: stuffed chicken with cracked wheat, apples and fenugreek

The Honey & Co chefs give an all-American holiday a Middle Eastern twist

Nigella Lawson: morning made easy

Why new days are best begun with a treat

Honey & Co’s roasted spiced pumpkin and pickled apple salad

Pumpkins evoke autumn like nothing else, especially when spiced and roasted in this salad

Roasted spiced pumpkin and pickled apple salad

Photographs by Patricia Niven

Recipe: pigeon, beetroot and blueberry salad

‘If you want to sell a dish, tagging it to the word salad does no harm whatsoever’

Honey & Co’s chocolate slice with pecan and orange

You work hard. You go to the gym. You deserve a great dessert

Day of the Dead recipes

At Mexico’s magnificent Day of the Dead banquets, corn takes its place among the most prized foods

Fruits of the fig

Recipes flavoured with the honeyed sweetness and giving flesh of a fig by Honey & Co’s Sarit Packer and Itamar Srulovich

Recipe: BBQ aubergine with jewelled rice salad

Honey & Co’s aubergine with a savoury crust is a delicious combination, and one that’s too good to keep to yourself


Martin Sandbu

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