Hake with potatoes and paprika
©Andy Sewell

Recipe: hake with potatoes and paprika

‘When it is fresh and the meat has an almost translucent, rosy whiteness, it is magnificent’

Apricot and almond tarte fine
©Andy Sewell

Recipe: apricot and almond tarte fine

‘You must cook these mealy and dry fruits, and they will indeed become melting’

Jacob Kenedy in the kitchen at Bocca di Lupo
©Felicity McCabe

Perfect picnic planning

Jacob Kenedy, chef-patron of Bocca di Lupo, offers some picnic recipes in the first of an occasional series of guest columns

Belly pork with fennel
©Andy Sewell

Recipe: belly pork with fennel

‘There is porchetta in most parts of Italy, even if there seems little agreement on what goes into it’

Strawberry rosé jelly
©Andy Sewell

Recipe: strawberry rosé jelly

‘I would smuggle packets of condensed jelly — dense, sweet and chewy — out of my mother’s larder’

Petits pois à la française
©Andy Sewell

Recipe: petits pois à la française and petits pois à l’anglaise

‘Tinned or frozen ones never dilute the pleasure, nay excitement, to be had from a bag of fresh peas’

A prawn cocktail
©Andy Sewell

Recipe: Prawn cocktail

‘I have never been crazy about Marie Rose sauce’

Chicken risotto with nettles
©Andy Sewell

Recipe: chicken risotto with nettles

‘The feral and ferrous quality of nettle leaves is a good counterpoint to dairy ingredients’

White asparagus with carrot purée and sorrel
©Andy Sewell

Recipe: white asparagus with carrot purée and sorrel

‘I do not particularly want to see Twitter pictures of blueberry muffins or eggs Benedict that somebody is about to enjoy’

Wild rabbit stew with onions and ramsons
©Andy Sewell

Recipe: wild rabbit with onions and ramsons

‘As a young farmer in East Sussex, I had a sufficiency of wild garlic and wild rabbits. It seemed obvious to cook them together’

Recipe: lobster green curry

‘Dispatching the lobster yourself needs a little resolve but it is more humane and yields much better results’

Recipe: lamb ribs with chilli and spring onion

‘Fattier lamb cuts, such as breast and shoulder, lend themselves well to the spicier cuisines of the Chinese mainland’

Smooth vermouth: cocktail recipes

The cocktail ingredient’s bittersweet flavours are making a comeback

Top chefs open their kitchen cupboards

Fergus Henderson, Michel Roux Jr and others reveal their store-cupboard standbys and rustle up favourite recipes

Anne-Sophie Pic’s favourite childhood dishes

Petits pois velouté with horseradish cream; stuffed tomatoes; chocolate pots

Recipe: chocolate truffle cake

‘My mother’s idea of dessert was a few squares of dark chocolate in a baguette liberally daubed with unsalted butter’

Recipe: warm chicken liver mousse

‘I own an old, blunt-bladed food processor and, when I can find it, a hand-held blender. My mouli-legumes gave up the ghost a year ago’

Recipe: pappardelle with artichokes

‘Many home cooks do not understand the fact that pasta must be rolled and re-rolled to get a really silky result’

Recipe: Leekie pie

‘I have looked to the leek as part of my customary on-off-on Lenten abstinence from meat and alcohol’

Recipe: Civet de lotte à la camarguaise

‘I was surprised to find this Camargue recipe, partly because I had never come across it before, partly because it is so very good’