Year in a Word 2018

From novichok poisoning to toxic masculinity; a techlash against the titans of Silicon Valley to the baffling Brexit backstop, here are the Financial Times’s words of the year for 2018, suggested by our editors and correspondents.

The cold war ‘rookie’ reveals its deadly strength

Britons were appalled at the harassment and wrongful deportation of immigrants

The deadly surge in serious blazes in 2018 has seen them dubbed as the ‘new abnormal’

It is still early days for the EU’s new data protection regulations

Thousands sought safety in numbers on a long and perilous journey to enter the US

Britain’s bright future out of the bloc is being tarnished by the will of Brussels

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In 2018, politics, society and the environment were suffused with poison

The reputation of big tech faltered as scandals emerged over the past months with regularity