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Experimental feature

Dozens of new words and phrases appeared in articles for the Financial Times during 2014. This cloud shows some of the most used words and phrases during the past 12 months, as voted for by the FT’s worldwide network of correspondents. The bigger the word, the more mentions it has had on FT.com.

Below read all the articles in our series that have selected some of the top words of the year.

Vlogger: The latest route to stardom for teenagers

Peak: The humble word has become a fully-fledged ‘thing’

Inequality: An old problem given new exposure by an improbable academic blockbuster

Ice bucket challenge: What appeared a publicity stunt was a lesson for the social web

Northern powerhouse: UK now has its best chance in years at having a Chicago to add to its New York

Caliphate: A surreal rigmarole that exacerbated the power struggle in the Middle East

Double Irish: The loophole proves that governments will always try to lure footloose businesses

Populism: Those who claim to speak for the common people had a good 2014

Novorossiya: Vladimir Putin’s use of the word led many to fear Russian expansionism

Read the FT’s series from the past two years at FT.com/words2013 and FT.com/words2012

Graphic by David Blood

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