Apr 25: US releases video of Syrian nuclear reactor

The US government released a video in a narrated format that it says shows how North Korea helped Syria build a secret nuclear reactorSyrian ambassador Imad Moustapha denied the US charge. He said Washington had a record of fabricating evidence of nuclear activity in its allegations against Iraq.A stunning allegation by the White House ----North Korea helped Syria build a covert nuclear reactor facility within its borders.The disclosure comes seven months after Israel bombed the suspected nuclear site in Syria's eastern desert...but Washington had never confirmed those suspicions until now. During an intelligence briefing with lawmakers, US officials played a narrated video showing what they said were photos of the nuclear reactor.Before and after aerials of the facility showed structures officials said were key parts of a nuclear reactor capable of producing plutonium and "not for peaceful purposes".The video also included an image of what the U.S. said was a North Korean nuclear expert in meeting in Syria with a key Syrian atomic official. Syria has denied the US charge, calling it quote "a fantasy."