Vegetarian recipes

From roast aubergines to baked artichokes, here is a selection of our best vegetarian recipes

‘We love their crazy colours… it’s like our own private Yayoi Kusama exhibition’

‘Give this pie centre stage as a main course on a chilly night’

‘The vegetarian gauntlet had been thrown down; the vegetarian gauntlet had been picked up’

‘Kohlrabies look a bit like aliens — but these are aliens worth knowing’

A Balkan dish with lots of greens, cheese and herbs, cut through with zingy buttermilk

‘The peaches bake beautifully in the wood oven, juice melding with cheese, hot and salty like the summer evening’

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‘The simplest of dinners, perfect for tomato season when it’s almost too hot to eat anything’

‘A trip to Mexico City opened us up to corn’s infinite possibilities’

‘If sloth is the mother of invention, then this dish was devised by the laziest of cooks’

Turn your vegetable leftovers into a crispy treat

‘A dish of gently stewed spring vegetables – one that requires little cooking and a light hand’

‘If it sounds a bit much for breakfast, it could make a great brunch or lunch’

‘The aubergine has a slowly evolving richness of flavour that makes it endlessly fascinating’

‘With its delicate but distinct flavour and hearty, almost meaty bite, broccoli is a real kitchen hero’

Ingredients are wrapped with roasted red peppers — a bright red dress for this party girl

A simple dish cooked with bread, onions and garlic that has an addictive savoury quality

‘A Middle Eastern celebration of the finest British produce’

‘All the ingredients come together beautifully, with the aubergines acting as little flavour sponges’