Lead story in UK general election

15 days to go: security is top of the agenda

Top stories in UK general election

The FT’s election analyst explains why the results can confound predictions

Party says politicians should have acted ‘long ago’ on radical Islam

Alarm at protectionist slant of May’s manifesto and promises of intervention

Prime minister’s working style under attack after hasty retreat

PM insists policy ‘unchanged’ but Tory candidates warn issue hitting party hard

How a group of political misfits changed British history, and then, at the moment of their greatest victory, imploded

Henry Mance on why the UK is having a general election and how it works

Brexit Briefing James Blitz

Reversal raises wider questions of how PM will fare at general election and after

Manifesto pledge to shake up social care system devised by a tight-knit group

A parental health lottery is no way to pay for long-term social care

What does Theresa May’s U-turn mean in effect?

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