Roads to recovery

Twenty years after he reported on the Troubles, Martin Fletcher returns to Northern Ireland to enjoy country lanes, cliffs and castles on a 200-mile cycle along the Antrim coast

The bike that pedals itself

The use of tiny hidden motors — so-called ‘mechanical doping’ — could transform amateur cycle events and holidays

Fatbike tour along Oregon’s coast

A new type of mountain bike is broadening the horizons of adventurous cyclists. Tim Neville puts a ‘fatbike’ to the test along the beaches and byways of Oregon

The tour de Bhutan

A new cycling trip through the remote Himalayan kingdom provides the ideal way for visitors to immerse themselves in its traditions and culture

Heli-biking in New Zealand

The latest offering from the ‘Lord of the Rings’ territory for thrill seekers has ‘all of the gain, none of the pain’

A ride into the past

As the 100th Tour de France begins, a rather gentler cycling event, a wine-fuelled vintage festival in the Loire valley, is enjoyed by ‘retro-cyclists’

Mud, sweat and gears

The FT editor joins a group of ‘mamils’ – middle-aged men in Lycra – for a gruelling weekend ride through Tour de France territory in the Pyrenees