Topic Tracker

Introducing a new way to track and boost your knowledge on topics that matter to you.

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What is Topic Tracker?

A new way for you to stay on track of the topics you care about most

Topic Tracker measures how much of a topic you have covered and suggests the best articles for you to stay on top.

How does Topic Tracker help you?

Get up to speed on any topic and explore it in detail

Topic Tracker helps you stay on top by analysing every article published on the FT in the last year. As you read articles on a given topic, it shows how much of that topic you’ve covered and suggests your next best reads.

You can expect to see higher scores for reading articles on topics that we write less about and lower scores for reading articles that we write lots about. Topic Tracker will always guide you to the most knowledge-rich articles for you.

How does it work?

Topic Tracker measures key themes within a topic and those yet to be discovered

Topic Tracker measures your coverage of key themes within any topic. It quantifies your coverage by evaluating how many of the key themes within that topic you have already covered. It estimates how well each article represents the full FT coverage of this topic and measures how new the content of each article might be for each reader.

Topic Tracker’s twin focus on representation and novelty ensures you are first exposed to deep, explanatory articles providing topic fundamentals, and later to those most likely to tell you something new. Follow the Topic Tracker recommendations to stay on top.

Topic Tracker is a collaboration with :CRUX, made possible by the Google Digital News Innovation Fund.

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