Bricks and morality

Two very different 19th-century homes, which had an immeasurable effect on modernism, are explored in the first of a series on influential houses

Paper trail

Wallpaper has often been associated with outdated interiors but it is undergoing a revamp as the demand for period patterns and intricate designs increases

To preserve and protect

Safeguarding a nation’s heritage can make a bold political statement, while a single-building project is often a personal labour of love

The William Morris of Nepal

Architect John Sanday, the Global Heritage Fund’s regional director for Asia, has put a British stamp on his restoration of monuments in Kathmandu

The Last Pre-Raphaelite

Fiona MacCarthy’s Edward Burne-Jones biography makes the case for the Victorian artist as a painter for our times, writes Jackie Wullschlager

Beauty queens

The aesthetic movement marked a key shift in English sensibility. The FT’s art critic visits the V&A’s flamboyant new show