America’s white backlash

Poor whites have long been derided and disenfranchised in their own country — as have their black counterparts. So why can’t they find common ground?

Squaring the circle

Andrea Palladio’s Villa Rotonda is probably the most influential house ever built, becoming the inspiration for famous buildings across the world

American pastoral

There’s a casual sophistication to Charlottesville, where vineyards and country estates are attracting big-city buyers looking for a rural lifestyle

Reconsidering vitality of right to bear arms

From Mr. Dennis Oveis. Sir, I’m somewhat amused that while William Shivell offers to refer us to a raft of literature, he instead chose to ‘offer a timeless quote from Thomas Jefferson’

Right to bear arms is a vital US liberty

From Mr William Shivell. Sir, How relieving it must be for David Gowans to possess the wisdom of knowing that all America needs is a ‘sustained, focused campaign’

Open season

‘The Yellow Book’, the directory listing 3,800 gardens across England and Wales, unlocks beautiful private plots visitors

Feelings of forgiveness

Germaine de Staël, the free-thinking heiress, novelist and essayist, viewed understanding not only as a faculty of the intellect but also of the soul

Harry Eyres

Anything goes

Brad Gregory’s ‘The Unintended Reformation’ is an erudite account of how the 16th-century religious upheaval paved the way for modern capitalism

Don’t count Mitt’s wealth against him

From Mr Les Gapay. Sir, Regarding Mitt Romney’s wealth: I am a Democrat and am poor, but I am glad we didn’t rule out George Washington because of his wealth