‘From the Ruins of Empire’

Pankaj Mishra’s book explores how intellectuals sought to unite Asia against European imperialism. Review by Mark Mazower

Italian free-to-air TV: well-balanced diet

From Mr Fedele Confalonieri. Sir, It is an insult to the entire sphere of Italy’s free-to-air television for Tony Barber to label Mediaset and Rai’s offerings as ‘unimaginative, not to say imbecilic’

The old buccaneers

‘Silver’, Andrew Motion’s sequel to ‘Treasure Island’, captures something of the old magic amid Caribbean waters

Forgotten treasures

Years of Burmese isolation have left Rangoon with streets of perfectly preserved colonial buildings, but just as the tourists begin to return, the city’s rich architectural heritage is coming under threat

Lives of the Novelists

John Sutherland’s idiosyncratic and erudite compendium of fiction writers’ biographies

Guilt and glory

As the west counts the costs of foreign adventurism, nostalgia for the British empire gives way to a renewed sense of shame

The Last Pre-Raphaelite

Fiona MacCarthy’s Edward Burne-Jones biography makes the case for the Victorian artist as a painter for our times, writes Jackie Wullschlager