Stephen Hawking and Richard Dawkins

Clive Cookson finds some surprising similarities between Britain’s two most famous scientists. A review of ‘My Brief History’ and ‘An Appetite for Wonder’

The facts of life

An authoritative yet accessible ‘prequel and sequel’ of evolution. Clive Cookson reviews ‘Creation’, by Adam Rutherford

A life scientific

The Italian author and Auschwitz survivor’s radical chemistry-inspired memoir ‘The Periodic Table’ paved the way for popular science writing

Why nothing matters

‘A Universe from Nothing’ by Lawrence M Krauss provides an entertaining and engaging introduction to the expanding cosmos

Byronic lesson in moderation

From Prof Alok Bhargava. Sir, The FT rightly referred to the views on religion of Baroness Warsi and Richard Dawkins as being ‘hysterical’

Order of gospels is not important

From Dr Christopher Bliss. Sir, In your editorial ‘Britain does God’ you take Richard Dawkins to task for his claim that many of the British who say they are Christian are no such thing

The Diary: Simon Sebag Montefiore

Sipping margaritas with Richard Dawkins on the sideline of a Sri Lanka literary fest, a glorious Albania book tour and the sequel to ‘Sashenka’

Atheism in America

Godlessness is the last big taboo in the US, where the non-believers face discrimination and isolation. Julian Baggini reports from the Bible Belt

The God gap

Stephen Cave reviews works exploring this question including Alain de Botton’s ‘Religion for Atheists’ and Alex Rosenberg’s ‘The Atheist’s Guide to Reality’

EU understands innovation link

From Mr Michael Jennings. Sir, Andre Geim’s criticism of the first European Union Innovation Convention is misplaced

Morphic man

Although he is a robust and eloquent defender of science, Rupert Sheldrake presents a challenge to its core beliefs in ‘The Science Delusion’