The sludge report

In the era of coalition, the political tie is becoming more and more muddy coloured, says Charlie Porter

Syrian visions that exclude each other

From Mr Erik Tollefson. Sir, Hugh Goodacre presents a curious and, one might dare say, equally naive criticism of Paddy Ashdown and his co-signatories

Such a standpoint on Syria is naive

From Dr Hugh Goodacre. Sir, The letter on Syria signed by Paddy Ashdown and others represents a standpoint of naivety and one that is opposed to that of Kofi Annan

We urge UN Security Council to revoke Assad’s licence to kill

From Lord Ashdown, Mr Lloyd Axworthy, Mr Fernando Henrique Cardoso and others. Sir, One year after the start of the Syrian uprising, we are saddened to see divisions in the UN Security Council prevent a unified and proactive international response to the crisis