Creative differences

Orson Welles, Nicolas Roeg, Roman Polanski: three great film directors offer a glimpse into the complex life and work of the auteur

Audiobooks find popularity in a return to the past

From Mr Jonathan P. Kahn. Sir, Everything new is old again. A good case can be made that the popularity of the digital audiobook company Audible is nothing more than a reverse re-creation of those thrilling days of yesteryear

Tragic comedy

As the American independent filmmaker releases his latest work ‘Dark Horse’, the FT’s film critic asks: did Solondz say it all too early?

A dose of pho for Soho

A good-value café on Dean Street could be the start of something new for London, which has too few Vietnamese restaurants

The mark of ‘Kane’

Seventy years after the premiere of Orson Welles’s movie debut, the FT’s film columnist asks if it still merits the title of ‘the best film ever made’