‘Funny Girl’, by Nick Hornby

In his first novel for five years, the author turns his attention to swinging London and 1960s light entertainment. Review by Henry Hitchings

Matchday, 2012

On-pitch drama at a London derby sparks a global Twitter frenzy. Technology is changing the way we watch football

To the wire

Peter Aspden reviews ‘Pray’, a pithy ebook about an extraordinary football season chronicled with wit and empathy by Nick Hornby

Why football is in a fix

Partly because of Chinese betting, and partly because the world now wagers online, the sums gambled on European games have soared

My monster idea

Writing exclusively for the FT, Nick Hornby reveals why he’s selling ‘human snot’ as part of a literacy project for children inspired by writer Dave Eggers

Mirage Men

Mark Pilkington’s narrative explores the twilight world of UFOs