• FT Foodies: David Shrigley

    ‘I like things that look like really minimal abstract paintings on the plate - but you need a bowl of pasta beforehand’

  • FT Foodies: Chris Galvin

    ‘My father won on the horses and drove us through France for two weeks. That was when I got hooked ’

  • Barometer: Design

    Welcome the arrival of spring with flora and fauna fabrics, and beautiful timber pieces. Winter, begone!

  • Chef talk: Heston Blumenthal

    The maverick chef supervises a new menu of Olympics-themed meals for British Airways

  • FT Foodies: Andrew Fairlie

    ‘I remember eating beef chasseur, with a taste I didn’t recognise: tarragon. I still call it my tarragon moment – it made me want to become a chef’

  • FT Foodies: Vivek Singh

    ‘When I was still in my formative years I came across a rock star called Marco Pierre White. His total self-belief changed everything for me’

  • Kitchen stories: Cordon Bleu

    The culinary school’s new home in Bloomsbury Square marks an expansion fuelled by London’s foodie revolution

  • FT Foodies: Darina Allen

    ‘It’s lovely when people are present in the moment, rather than gobbling down their food’, says the founder of Ballymaloe cookery school. Plus, four traditional Irish recipes

  • FT Foodies: David Eyre

    ‘Bread is my Proust’s Madeleine. Every day, at about 3pm, my mother used to make it’

  • FT Foodies: Lord Redesdale

    The Liberal Democrat life peer talks about his dream dinner party and his pancake race techniques. Plus five special pancake recipes

  • The Paris baker: Rose Carrarini

    To begin a new series, the woman who taught Parisians to love carrot cake prepares a teatime treat. Plus a special recipe for chocolate scones

  • FT Foodies: Mark Hix

    ‘I fell into food by default really. For a laugh I did domestic science in school’

  • The trend: culinary artists

    Pop-up restaurants, staged by everyone from industrial designers to Turner Prize-winning artists, are creating a vogue for the foodie exhibition

  • FT Foodies: Mary Berry

    The food writer talks about home economics, her food heroes and the joys of making marmalade. Plus, three special recipes

  • FT Foodies: Tom Aikens

    ‘Who is the most difficult person I’ve cooked for? Pierre Koffmann – it was nerve-wracking to be cooking for my former head chef. He was proud’

  • FT Foodies: Ole Hansen

    Ole Hansen tells Natalie Whittle that running a smokehouse is similar to being an artist

  • FT Foodies: Giorgio Locatelli

    ‘What do I consider bad manners at the table? Not to be thankful to the person who cooked the meal’

  • Abi Morgan, screenwriter

    She is feted for writing ‘The Iron Lady’, but the only time she saw Margaret Thatcher, she was a waitress

  • Chefs at Christmas

    Ten top culinary minds, from Ferran Adrià to Nuno Mendes, reminisce about Christmases past and reveal what’s on the menu this year

  • The Inventory: Erin O’Connor

    ‘I wanted to put George Michael to sleep so that when I grew up we could marry’

  • The professionals: Apollonia Poilâne, baker

    The young French bread-obsessive and businesswoman talks about her new London restaurant – and why a tough crust isn’t bad

  • FT Foodies: Yianni Papoutsis

    The owner of The Meatwagon, #Meateasy and now MEATLiquor talks to Natalie Whittle

  • FT Foodies: Mark Sargeant

    How would I describe my food ethos? Simplicity is best. Let the produce speak for itself and do not do too much to it

  • FT Foodies: William Curley

    Do I believe the saying ‘never trust a thin chef’? No. I eat about a dozen chocolates a day, but I keep myself thin through nervous energy

  • Something completely magical

    Opera tells us about what it is to be human. David Leventi photographs the view from the stage, Andrew Clark explores its architecture and Natalie Whittle interviews the stars