An issue that predates Communist rule

From Mr Jonathan Fenby. Sir, Jamil Anderlini notes the first drop in new membership of the Chinese Communist party for a decade coinciding with the current anti-corruption campaign

Chinese well aware of purged Bo’s shortcomings

From Mr Jonathan Fenby. Sir, Minxin Pei says that the ability of the fallen Chinese politician Bo Xilai to ‘easily galvanise public opinion with his leftist rhetoric and antics should give the [Communist] party another cause for concern’

‘Capitalism’ alive and well in China

From Mr Jonathan Fenby. Sir, John Kay’s acute critique of the use of ‘capitalism’ to describe today’s economies could do with one important caveat in the form of the state whose continuing growth potential Martin Wolf rightly identifies in the accompanying article

Sensitive arias

A new opera about Sun Yat-sen has displeased the authorities in Beijing