After Lowry

Ahead of Tate Britain’s exhibition, the British landscape photographer John Davies took a series of pictures in northwest England inspired by the work of LS Lowry

Now we know what ‘embedded’ means

From Mr John Davies. Sir, I remember being slightly surprised when I first heard of journalists being ‘embedded’ with troops in Iraq and then Afghanistan

Vicious circle of Indian corruption

From Dr Gautam Pingle. Sir, While Bala Sugavanam has made correct, albeit superficial, observations of endemic corruption in India and John Davies is not altogether right about its causes, I am afraid the main reason is even more serious

Maybe officials had good reason to take their cut

From Mr John Davies. Sir, Bala Sugavanam (Letters, March 13) refers to ‘money being siphoned from the system’ in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, citing the examples of police officer and railway ticket clerk behaviour

Norway’s resilience

The massacre of 77 people last July has strengthened rather than broken the country’s system of democracy

Beating cancer

Barcelona’s Eric Abidal claimed his ‘revenge on life’ two months after undergoing surgery to remove a liver tumour